With its performance map based on that of the McLaren MP4-31, the 2018 McLaren X2 excels in top speed, handling, and acceleration, with a maximum real total speed of 316.8 mph/510.1 km/h at PRO with Tuning Kit boost on that can be reached in as fast as 2.3 seconds. It is slightly improved in the nitro efficiency department, with 7/13/16, also again compensated for with a higher raw top speed compared to its closest rivals. Just like the MP4-31, though, the X2 skids frequently and can often spin uncontrollably while exiting ramps, but with a much higher frequency than normal, making it even more of a "high risk + high reward" vehicle than others. The X2's very high instability is due to its extremely sharp steering radius, allowing it to take many corners without drifting. Its drift radius is noticeably wider than those of its rivals. With all statistics considered, the X2 currently ranks as the best car in the game, ahead of the Apollo Intensa Emozione, McLaren MP4-31, Aston Martin Vulcan, and Arrinera Hussarya GT. It is fiercely rivaled by the Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4. As of the Halloween Update, the X2 is now safer and more stable to drive than before.

With a starting rank of S1480 and a PRO rank of S1816, the X2 is the highest-ranked vehicle in the entire game with Elite Tuning out of the question; this, just like with the MP4-31, makes the X2 have a significant advantage over its main rivals, and it goes without saying that its performance mostly eclipses those of its closest rivals.

With a much lower starting rank compared to the MP4-31, the X2 has a larger Tuning Kit bonus of only +42 yet still manages to have the sixth-highest total speed of all cars in the game (316.8 mph/510.1 km/h) while still having the fastest acceleration to 311 mph/500 km/h, which is reached in under 2.3 seconds. As with the MP4-31, the X2's extreme total speed is due to its extreme raw top speed, which (in real speed terms) is 288.4 mph/464.4 km/h at PRO with Tuning Kit on. In most situations where a vehicle has a superior raw top speed over its rivals (e.g. Devel Sixteen Prototype, Ferrari 488 Pista, Zenvo TS1 GT 10th Anniversary Edition, HTT Pléthore LC 750), the actual acceleration is slowed down greatly due to a smaller nitro boost, but as a Formula One car, the X2's acceleration is artificially increased compared to its rivals but even more so compared to the MP4-31, which actually negates its small nitro enough to boost its acceleration above even the Apollo IE and AM Vulcan. As mentioned above, the X2 accelerates from a standstill to full speed in 2.3 seconds (Level 3 Nitro), faster than the Apollo IE, AM Vulcan, and Hussarya GT.

With the McLaren X2 tied with the Apollo IE as the fifth-fastest car in the game (316.8 mph/510.1 km/h) and the fastest acceleration among vehicles capable of reaching 311 mph/500 km/h or higher, the X2 stands as the fastest car on almost every track. It faces fierce competition from the Apollo IE, which is slightly better on a single tank due to its increased nitro efficiency and has a sharper drift radius. On longer tracks like Tokyo, the X2 is only inferior to the Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG Special Edition, which still remains the fastest car in the game and the fastest car around Tokyo (esp. Tokyo Reverse). On Sector 8, the X2 may need to be specially handled around the 495° spiral helix section to get through it as cleanly and quickly as possible, while the Apollo IE can simply drift through it. However, to achieve such lap-times requires extreme skill; the over-sensitive handling must be utilized to its fullest ability, and the nitro must be managed exceptionally well. As previously stated, the McLaren X2's closest rival (barring the Apollo IE) is the Lambo Centenario, which has a higher total speed by 1.3 mph/2.1 km/h and superior drifting and nitro efficiency.

NOTE: The lap-times described above apply mainly to 1-lap races. With 2-laps or more, the X2 is at a slight disadvantage, albeit not as much as the MP4-31. In such a scenario, like a 3-lap race in Tokyo or Patagonia, the Devel Sixteen, Centenario, Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport, and M-B SLK SE can even overtake the X2, assuming equal driver skill for each of the vehicles.

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