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These are the official Update 36 Patch Notes for the 2019 Halloween Update authorized by Gameloft.
They are published on Asphalt Wiki as-is.


Autumn has officially arrived and we are ready to celebrate this frightful season with amazing stuff! Let’s get into it.

Trick or Treat!

Participate in the Halloween Festival event! Collect Festival Coins to earn sweet rewards, including the Ferrari FXX K!

We have also a spooky surprise for those that are not afraid to venture into Transylvania so stay tuned to the TLE section.

New cars and Special Events!

As usual you can expect amazing rides joining our massive car-collection. Cars like the Ferrari 812 Superfast, the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera and many others coming with their own dedicated Special Events.

More exciting new bonuses!

In the new Ad Rewards section, you can not only play ads to receive bonuses, but also progress through major milestones with even more awesome rewards!

Tuning Kit adjustments

The Tuning Kit value change from a fixed number to a percentage will be applied to a second wave of cars. You can find the full list of cars where the Tuning Kit has changed in the appendix at the end of the Patch Notes.

After some time testing how the Tuning Kit counting towards matchmaking performed we have decided to revert the changes.

Tuning Kit won’t count towards matchmaking anymore.

B and A class vehicles will become non-BP

The following list of cars will move away from BP status in the following update. As usual you can expect exclusive discounts for each BP you own of the car.

Vehicles becoming non-BP

“Fake Speed” fixes

These cars will from now on display the same Max speed in both garage and while racing with them.

Vehicles with “Fake Speed” removed

Reduced acceleration for following vehicles

To improve the fairness of Multiplayer races we are reducing the acceleration of the following list of cars. This change will make overall vehicles more balanced in MP and give players that do not own them a bigger chance in multiplayer races. This will also bring many new possibilities to your choice of rides in MP, so get on testing!

Vehicles with reduced acceleration

Showdown Mode - Comet & Pulsewave

After studying the performance of these two Power-Ups we have felt that they are not balanced enough when compared to the others, so we are giving them a buff.

The Comet will fly faster to chase down its target.
Pulsewave will now pulsate 6 times instead of 5.

Exclusive Deals

The exclusive deals section will no longer be available in the game.


Full ist of cars that will have Tuning Kit applying the new %