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The 2019 Holiday Update is the 37th update of Asphalt 8: Airborne.


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Ho, ho, ho! A coldsnap is blowing in at top speed. Are you prepared to warm things up with some holiday heat!

Celebrate the season with 2 weeks of cheerful challenges and great gifts. This event will star not one, but two amazing cars: the Lotus Elise Cup 260 and the mighty Koenigsegg Jesko!

A new vehicle type just rolled up! Ultimate cars don't require any upgrades; they're already perfect for dominating the track.

Dashing through the snow, over the fields you go, with the pure power of the Italdesign Zerouno, Pininfarina Battista, and the Ferrari SF90 Stradale!

Class-S vehicles no longer require Blueprints to acquire. They now can be obtained in special events or in the Shop. However, you can still use Blueprints for a discount when buying the corresponding vehicle!

Fusing spare cards now produces Fusion Coins, a valuable new currency that allows you to apply Pro Kit upgrades!

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New vehicles

From this update onwards, cars that are introduced in the new update have PRO-only upgrades with the exception of ULTIMATE vehicles.

From this update onwards, cars that are introduced in the new update are festival-unlockable only.

The new vehicles will need the following cards:

Lotus Elise Cup 260 Kit Lotus Elise Cup 260 Kit – Last checked: Jun 20, 2021
Price: Tokens 500, Sale value: Fusion Coins 50
Rarity: Common (Class D)
Vehicle: Lotus Elise Cup 260 (160 to upgrade)
Availability: Festival, Tuning section
Italdesign Zerouno Kit Italdesign Zerouno Kit – Last checked: Jul 3, 2021
Price: Tokens 600, Sale value: Fusion Coins 250
Rarity: Epic (Class A)
Vehicle: Italdesign Zerouno (220 to upgrade)
Availability: Time-Limited Events, Festival, Tuning section

Game changes

Gameplay changes

New upgrade system
Credits Credits
Tokens Tokens
Pro Kit cards Pro Kit cards
Fusion Coins Fusion Coins
  • New currency: Fusion Coins Fusion Coins.
    • Fusion Coins Fusion Coins replace the former Fusion Points Fusion Points and any Fusion Points Fusion Points the players had prior to this update are automatically exchanged (Fusion Coins 1 = Fusion Points 1).
    • They work like the former Fusion Points Fusion Points, but are now also required for Pro upgrades.
    • Pro upgrades cannot be applied with Credits Credits any longer.
    • Fusion Coins Fusion Coins can also be purchased for real money as Fusion Packs in the store.
    • See Currencies in Asphalt 8: Airborne § Fusion Coins for more details.
    • Exchange rates:
New exchange rates
Fused Card Fusion
Vehicle Kit Blueprint Engine Tech Part
Common Common Early, Common Class D Fusion Coins 500
Initial Class C Fusion Coins 750
Rare Rare Rare Class B Fusion Coins 1,000
Mid Class A Fusion Coins 1,250
Legendary Legendary Advanced, Pro Class S Fusion Coins 1,500
Extra Fusion Coins 2,000
Prime Fusion Coins 2,500
Superb Fusion Coins 3,000
Festival Fusion Coins 3,500
Old exchange rates
Fused Card Fusion
Vehicle Kit Blueprint Engine Tech Part
Common Common Fusion Points 500
Rare Fusion Points 1,000
Common Common Rare Fusion Points 1,500
Rare Fusion Points 2,000
Rare Legendary Legendary Fusion Points 3,000
Legendary Fusion Points 6,000
Legendary Fusion Points 9,999
  • The former "Buy & Apply" feature has been extended to all vehicles. Players who don't have enough Pro Kit or Vehicle Kit cards can buy and apply the missing cards with Tokens Tokens directly in the pro upgrade section. This can be seen as a hidden introduction of Token prices for Pro upgrades.
    • The new feature hides the Fusion coin upgrade prices when cards are missing.
    • VIP Players get discounts according to their VIP level, for example 50 % off for VIP levels 10 and above.
    • The Token prices are inconsistent and not proportional to the Fusion Coin exchange rates. For example, while a Class S Part card gives 3 times the amount of Fusion Coins for a Class D Part card, it costs ~4.5 times the amount of Tokens of a Class D Part card.
    • Exchange rates:
Card Tokens
Vehicle Kit Engine Tech Part
Early, Initial, Common Class D Tokens 21
Class C Tokens 32
Class B Tokens 53
Class A Tokens 74
Class S Tokens 95
Mid, Rare Tokens 105
Common Tokens 131
Legendary Tokens 210
Rare Tokens ?
Advanced, Pro Tokens ?
Level Factor
10 levels 5 levels car 5 levels bike
1 1 1 1
2 2 2 2
3 2.5 3 4
4 3.5 6.5 8
5 4 12.5 16
6 8
7 8.5
8 15.5
9 16
10 32
  • Pro upgrade prices:
    • Cards:
      • Festival vehicles need the same amount of Kit cards than before.
      • Pro Kit vehicles often need less cards than before, notably Mid-Tech, Advanced-Tech and often Engine cards.
    • Fusion Coins:
      • The conversion from Credit to Fusion Coin has introduced new price progressions. The price for a level 1 upgrade is multiplied with different factors for all further upgrades. See table to the right.
      • The new progressions have caused the pro upgrade prices for most vehicles to explode. The total costs are now around 3 to 12 times higher than before. Some example costs:








Super Fusion Box Super Fusion Box † 4 Fusion Coins 18,000 4,500 Grants 4 random non-Festival Cards! At least 2 will be Rare or Legendary! 42.27 51.48 6.25
Starter Fusion Box Starter Fusion Box † 2 Fusion Points 5,500 2,750 Grants 2 random non-Festival Cards! 84.53 12.93 2.54
Extra Fusion Box Extra Fusion Box † 4 Fusion Points 12,500 3,125 Grants 4 random non-Festival Cards! At least 1 will be Rare! 63.41 34.69 1.9
Ultra Fusion Box Ultra Fusion Box † 4 Fusion Points 22,500 5,625 Grants 4 random non-Festival Cards! At least 3 will be Rare or Legendary! 21.13 75.74 3.13

Cosmetic changes

A8 Jesko Loading Screen
  • New app icon of a Koenigsegg Jesko.
  • New loading splash screen of a Koenigsegg Jesko on Patagonia.
  • Iceland, Tokyo, and the Alps are decorated with Christmas scenery objects once again until January 2020.
  • Fusion Coins are now displayed at the top of the screen as a currency.
  • Pro Kit Boxes:
    • The rarity of Kit Cards in Festival Boxes has been changed from "Legendary" to a new fictitious "Festival". When selecting a Kit Card to fuse in the inventory, four new text colors appear, corresponding with the card design and the Fusion Coin price, but not necessarily with the vehicle class. This may be a hint to future rarity categories:
      • Fusion Coins 2,000: light copper
      • Fusion Coins 2,500: silver blue
      • Fusion Coins 3,000: light gold
      • Fusion Coins 3,500: gold-red
    • The three former Fusion Boxes have been renamed.
      • Starter Box → Starter Fusion Box
      • Extra Box → Extra Fusion Box
      • Ultra Box → Ultra Fusion Box
    • As of December 28, 2019, the word "cards" in the descriptions of the four Fusion Boxes has been changed to "non-Festival cards". It can be expected that the descriptions of other boxes will follow.

Exclusive vehicles


  1. Winter Festival December 19, 2019
  2. Apollo Intensa Emozione R&D December 30, 2019
  3. Italdesign Zerouno Festival January 7, 2020
  4. Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4 R&D January 12, 2020
  5. Black Ice Multiplayer Season January 13, 2020


  • The required ranks of the NanoFlowcell QUANTINO's mastery were swapped with those of the QUANT FE, thus making it impossible to progress through even with a MAX PRO QUANTINO if its mastery had not already been completed. This has since been fixed.
  • The Pagani Huayra has been sold as an Exclusive vehicle for Tokens 13,000, which is the price for the Pagani Huayra BC.
  • For some Android users, the green icon representing new content appears at the "Play" tab. The icon does not disappear even if Daily Tasks are accessed.
  • Even though the achievement, "S is for Superior" has a requirement of 15 Class S cars owned, it can be unlocked with 10 cars.

Post-Update Screen



Asphalt 8 A Fire Side Chat with Pepper!!-0




  • This update was not mandatory to continue playing on Windows until December 28, 2019.
  • This is the first update to feature a new splash screen.
  • This is the first update where new vehicles are only obtained through Festivals instead of Special Events (R&D, EDD, and Championship).
  • If the staggered release of the Sixth Anniversary Mini Update on mobile devices is taken into consideration, this is the first update since the Hot Wheels Update that saw a proper same-day release across all platforms.


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