These are the official Update 37 Patch Notes for the 2019 Holiday Update authorized by Gameloft.
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A8 UPD37 PatchNote

Hello Racers! Is this time of the year yet again! A time for surprises, warm blankets and a lot of fun playing Asphalt 8! To celebrate the winter season we have prepared an awesome update that will cheer you right up. Let’s get into it!

Winter Holiday Festival

Celebrate the holiday season with a 2 weeks long event full of fun activities and rewards! The special Winter Festival will feature not one, but two guest stars—the Lotus Elise Cup 260 and the mighty Koenigsegg Jesko!

And even more events to come, including Italdesign Zerouno!

Ultimate status!

Welcome the new vehicle status! Ultimate vehicles don't require any upgrades; they are already perfect to compete for track supremacy!

In our efforts to improve matchmaking, we will be turning some of the most powerful vehicles in the game to Ultimate status! Their actual behavior during the race will be the same as their current MAX/PRO. They won’t be changed in any way!

You will receive a compensation for all the currency and Pro Kits spent to upgrade these vehicles. The compensations might take some time to reach your account so please be patient.

Here are the vehicles that will become Ultimate the moment the update launches:

Vehicles with Ultimate status

Buy missing Pro Kits

All currently available vehicles will feature the Buy & Apply option to have its missing Pro Kit cards purchased directly in the Tuning section.

Vehicles unlocked in Festivals will be excluded from this option as their cards are meant to be acquired through their dedicated Festival and Time-Limited Events.

New currency: Fusion Coins!

All your Fusion Points will transform into Fusion coins full a8 Fusion Coins once the update lands. This new type of currency will replace Credits when applying Pro Kit upgrades and it can be acquired by fusing your extra Pro Kit cards (as usual) or purchased in the shop!

There will be a new Fusion Box available in the shop that can be purchased with Fusion Coins to get more rare parts!

We are rebalancing the exchange rates for Pro Kit cards so you can expect to receive a slightly different amount of Fusion Coins from now on.

Tuning Kit adjustments! Class S vehicles

The Tuning Kit will now provide equal performance increase to all the remaining vehicles in the game.

You can find the full list of Class S vehicles affected in the appendix at the end of the notes.

Last wave of BP to Non-BP

Once the update lands the last wave of vehicles leaving BP status will activate. As in previous updates you will be able to find special discounts for vehicles that you possess Blueprints for.

The list of vehicles moving to Non-BP status can be found in the appendix at the end of the patch notes.

Incorrect speed displayed fixed

No more “Fake Speed”! We are tweaking the last few vehicles' information so that they display the correct speed.

You can find the list of vehicles in the appendix at the end of the notes.

Moto Blitz seasons adjustments

We are making sure that no unavailable-to-acquire bikes can lock you from progressing on this game mode anymore.

Dual purchase pricing removed

Dual pricing will be removed from all vehicles’ options of purchase. From now on they will only be able to be purchased through either Credits or Tokens in each case.

Apple Sign-in

Sign in with Apple to synchronize your progress among all your devices and never worry about your privacy. It's reliable and fast, just like our top premium vehicles.


Class S vehicles with Tuning Kit adjustments

Last wave of vehicles becoming non-BP

New: Last vehicles with “Fake speed” removed
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