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The 2019 Winter Update (unofficial name) is an update of Asphalt Nitro. After December 6, 2019, a popup reminder appeared and players could not enter Time-Limited Events and Multiplayer races without updating.


Minor bug fixes.

Game changes

Gameplay changes

  • Box infos with drop rates for Kit Boxes have been introduced.
    • Drop rates are only available for Boosters and Fuel refill Fuel refills; no information about Cards is given. It is to be expected that this does not fulfil the legal requirements for loot boxes in some countries and will have to be expanded, for example by including drop rates for card rarity.
    • The drop rates can be displayed by tapping the Box info icon next to a box on the "Get Boxes" tab or in the shop on the "Boxes" tab.
    • As the shop and the "Get Boxes" Tab are the only place to access box infos, drop rates for all boxes not listed there remain unknown.
    • Caution: Unlike in Asphalt 8: Airborne,
      • tapping on the box instead of the Box info icon will not display the info but buy the box without further notice.
      • infos for unopened boxes in the inventory cannot be displayed. Tapping on a box will open it immediately.

Cosmetic changes

  • Graphics improvement on some devices. While it is still not possible to change graphics settings in the game options, details like the shiny reflecting floor in the garage are now automatically displayed on devices that previously had the matt floor. Plain color areas are now rendered without dithering.


  • The Specialist Kit Box Specialist Kit Box vanished from the shop on December 19, 2019. It reappeared after the next time-limited box was offered.
  • Rewards from ad videos cannot be claimed. The "Next" button only shows a turning gearwheel.
    • This may be the result of a an attempt to stop the Exponential Credits phenomenon.
    • Also, ad videos now start with a delay of ~2 seconds or only after several attempts.