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The 2020 Spring Update (unofficial name) is an update of Asphalt Nitro.


Various bug fixes and improvements.

Game changes

Gameplay changes

  • Flat Spins have been improved.
    • The problem in previous versions was that an incomplete Flat Spin led to the car stopping in the wrong direction. The driver had to manually get the car back into the right direction and accelerate which made Flat Spins almost useless.
    • Now the car is turned back into the right direction and the last Flat Spin is left incomplete. As the car slows down a bit but keeps moving forward, Flat Spins can now be used again to gain Nitro on ramps.
    • Note that 1.5 Flat Spins result in 2 Flat Spins in Asphalt 8: Airborne ("autocompleted") but in 1 Flat Spin in Asphalt Nitro.
  • In May 2020, real money prices have been increased by 10 %.
    • To get ".99" prices, most numbers have been rounded up to fit the scheme.
    • However, VIP Coins VIP Coin rewards remain the same. This means that the exchange rate has dropped from VIP Coins 15 to VIP Coins 13.64 per €/US$, which is additionally blurred by the forced ".99" prices.


Persisting from 2019 Winter Update:

  • Rewards from ad videos cannot be claimed. The "Next" button only shows a turning gearwheel. However, in 2021, rewards were available again, including exponential Credits.