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The 2021 Spring Update is the 48th update of Asphalt 8: Airborne.


Pull up to the starting line of a new era in action! Discover fresh multiplayer features and rewards that are sure to get your engine going for the long run.

Challenging other players is now quicker and more balanced, with greater prizes than ever thanks to the newly overhauled matchmaking system.

Rack up Multiplayer Badges by defeating rival players. They can be redeemed for loads of cool new items found exclusively in the Multiplayer Store!

SPRING SEASON STARTS Make this season sensational with the gorgeous Ferrari 599XX Evo! And be sure to check the Calendar for even more events approaching fast.

SPEEDY DELIVERIES The updated Inbox lets you store or exchange every item waiting within with just a tap!

New Vehicles

Most of these cars are Festival-Unlockable only, with the exception of the Renault Zoe e-Sport Concept, which was a free giveaway car.

The KTM X-Bow GTX has introduced a new "Hybrid" system of upgrades. This system mixes the PRO upgrades of Festival cars with the PRO upgrades of Legacy cars. There are still no MAX upgrades for these cars, as is the case with all Festival cars.

The new cars will need the following cards:

Renault Zoe e-Sport Concept Kit Renault Zoe e-Sport Concept Kit – Last checked: Jun 20, 2020
Price: Tokens 10, Sale value: Fusion Coins 200
Rarity: Optimal (Class D)
Vehicle: Renault Zoe e-Sport Concept (220 to upgrade)
Availability: Tuning section Multiplayer Store
Bugatti La Voiture Noire Kit Bugatti La Voiture Noire Kit – Last checked: Jun 19, 2021
Price: Tokens 750, Sale value: Fusion Coins 300
Rarity: Superb (Class S)
Vehicle: Bugatti La Voiture Noire (220 to upgrade)
Availability: Festival, Tuning section
Ferrari F8 Tributo Kit Ferrari F8 Tributo Kit – Last checked: Apr 26, 2021
Sale value: Fusion Coins 250
Rarity: Prime (Class A)
Vehicle: Ferrari F8 Tributo (220 to upgrade)
Availability: Festival
Bugatti Chiron Sport 110 Ans Kit Bugatti Chiron Sport 110 Ans Kit – Last checked: May 15, 2021
Sale value: Fusion Coins 300
Rarity: Superb (Class S)
Vehicle: Bugatti Chiron Sport 110 Ans (220 to upgrade)
Availability: Festival
McLaren Speedtail Kit McLaren Speedtail Kit – Last checked: May 22, 2021
Sale value: Fusion Coins 300
Rarity: Superb (Class S)
Vehicle: McLaren Speedtail (220 to upgrade)
Availability: Festival
Koenigsegg Gemera Kit Koenigsegg Gemera Kit – Last checked: May 31, 2021
Sale value: Fusion Coins 300
Rarity: Superb (Class S)
Vehicle: Koenigsegg Gemera (220 to upgrade)
Availability: Festival
Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 Kit Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 Kit – Last checked: Jun 11, 2021
Sale value: Fusion Coins 250
Rarity: Prime (Class A)
Vehicle: Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 (220 to upgrade)
Availability: Festival Premium reward
Lamborghini SC20 Kit Lamborghini SC20 Kit – Last checked: Jun 22, 2021
Sale value: Fusion Coins 250
Rarity: Prime (Class A)
Vehicle: Lamborghini SC20 (220 to upgrade)
Availability: Festival Premium reward
KTM X-Bow GTX Kit KTM X-Bow GTX Kit – Last checked: Jun 27, 2021
Sale value: Fusion Coins 200
Rarity: Optimal (Class C)
Vehicle: KTM X-Bow GTX (160 to upgrade)
Availability: Festival Premium reward

Game Changes

Gameplay Changes

  • Multiplayer
    • Races now allow for up to 12 players.
    • Ticket limit has been increased to 10 from 4, and are restored daily.
      • The limit was later increased to 25, then to 99 with hotfixes.
    • Voting for race mode, track and lap count have been removed.
      • All races are now set to Classic mode with 1 lap and the track layout is randomly selected
    • Access to performance tiers is now based on the player's league:
    • New currency type: Multiplayer Badges.
    • New subsection: Multiplayer Store.
    • Daily challenge rewards have been added:
      • Amateur, Challenger & Pro League: 3 boxes.
      • Champion League: 4 boxes.
      • Elite League: 5 boxes.
    • League tiers have been removed and the rewards for reaching a new league have been revised.
    • The percentage-based bonus of the VIP system for multiplayer XP has been replaced.
    • The pre-race booster screen has been removed.
      • Boosters can still be accessed by pressing the booster icons in the top-right hand corner of the main Multiplayer page.
  • Gauntlet
    • The ticket limit has been increased to 10 from 5.
  • The Inbox now has "Store All" and "Exchange All" buttons.
  • A new tutorial for Wild Cards has been added.
  • New item type: Coupons
  • VIP system
    • Tokens, Pro Kit cards, the Volkswagen Beetle Turbo, the Range Rover Evoque Coupe HSE Dynamic, the Ferrari Testarossa, and the McLaren 570S are removed as VIP level rewards; the removal of the former is consistent with Gameloft's intention to move away from the use of Tokens as a premium currency.
    • The Ariel Atom V8 is now unlocked for purchase in the Garage with Fusion Coins Fusion Coins upon reaching VIP level 1.
    • New rewards:
      • One each of 3-day Nitro Starter Nitro Starter, Tuning Kit Tuning Kit, and Extra Tank Extra Tank are rewarded upon reaching every VIP level.
      • Ariel Atom V8 Kit Ariel Atom V8 Kit cards are given to players upon reaching VIP levels 2-4, with 220 Ariel Atom V8 Kit Ariel Atom V8 Kit cards in total—the exact amount required to fully upgrade the Atom V8—rewarded upon reaching VIP level 4.
      • Wild Cards are rewarded to players upon reaching VIP levels 5-15. A total of 125 Wild Card - Optimal Wild Card - Optimal, 295 Wild Card - Prime Wild Card - Prime, and 900 Wild Card - Superb Wild Card - Superb will be obtained by the time VIP level 15 is reached.
      • Players who are already at higher VIP levels post-update are given VIP Points 800 - 1,600 in lieu of all the rewards stated above.
    • The bonus credits multiplier for VIP levels in career, car mastery races, limited-time events, and multiplayer has been increased:
      • Career & car mastery
        • +5% for level 1
        • +10% for level 3
        • +15% for level 7
        • +20% for level 11
        • +25% for level 13
        • +30% for level 15
      • Limited-time events
        • +5% for level 2
        • +10% for level 5
      • Multiplayer
        • +5% for level 4
        • +10% for level 6
  • Other
    • Obstacles and traffic now appear regardless of Effects settings.
    • Motorcycle stability is now more consistent across all Effects settings.
    • On Windows, Alt key menu navigation has been removed.
    • Sound & Display options
      • Certain Effects toggles are now disabled based on system hardware limitations; the game also defaults to the "Low" setting if this was set to a disabled toggle pre-update.
      • A "High Frame Rate" toggle has been added.
      • On Windows, the Graphics Adapter setting has been removed.
    • The ability to set key binds for keyboards has been removed.
  • Vehicle-specific cards for the Exotic Rides W70 and BXR Bailey Blade GT1 Special Edition are now available for Wild Card (Optimal, Superb) conversion.
  • The Credits Credits payout for races in Multiplayer has been reduced to less than Credits 1,000 per race; this is consistent with the reduction of credits payouts for Mastery Challenge, Career Mode, and Event races implemented over the course of previous updates.



  • The following cars have been rebalanced:
    • McLaren 720S
      • Stock top speed changed from 340.1 km/h to 341 kmh
      • Stock rank changed from 1364 to 1367
    • Porsche 911 GT3 RS
      • MAX PRO top speed reduced from 393.9 km/h to 379 km/h
      • MAX PRO nitro boost reduced from 42.9 km/h to 42.1 km/h
      • MAX PRO rank reduced from 1649 to 1590
    • Porsche 959
      • MAX PRO top speed reduced from 316.1 km/h to 293.0 km/h
      • MAX PRO nitro boost reduced from 35.0 km/h to 32.6 km/h
      • MAX PRO rank reduced from 1327 to 1232
    • Porsche 718 Boxster S
      • MAX PRO top speed reduced from 345.0 km/h to 335.7 km/h
      • MAX PRO nitro boost reduced from 37.9 km/h to 37.3 km/h
      • MAX PRO rank reduced from 1447 to 1410

April 15

On April 15, the ranks for the following cars were changed:

Technical Changes

  • Windows Phone devices are no longer supported.
  • Resolved an issue on iPhone SE which caused improper HUD display.
  • Resolved an issue which caused a graphical glitch in the Terra 9 track tunnels.
  • Resolved an issue with some in-race texts not properly fitting the screen in French, German, Portuguese, Korean and Indonesian languages.
  • On Windows, the game no longer automatically pauses during a race if its window loses focus.

Cosmetic Changes

A8 v5.7 splash screen.png

  • The splash loading screen has been reverted to the one with the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 in Dubai.
  • Wild Cards now animate between their original image and the images of kit cards they can be converted into. This feature might not be available for players on devices with low graphics.
  • The inventory now lists Wild Cards and vehicle-specific kit cards first.
  • Pre-race cutscenes now have an additional camera angle that shows a "1 billion downloads celebration" billboard.
    • These were removed on May 3, 2021 after all the One Billion Downloads cups ended.
  • The ONUK Sazan LM was renamed to ONUK Sazan S.

Other Changes

  • The entire Official Gameloft Forums (for all Gameloft games, including Asphalt 8) were permanently retired on July 7, 2021.

Exclusive Vehicles

These vehicles are not normally purchasable in the Garage.

These vehicles are not normally purchasable in the Garage.


  1. Bugatti La Voiture Noire Festival (April 19 - April 29, 2021)
  2. Ferrari F8 Tributo Festival (April 30 - May 10, 2021)
  3. Bugatti Chiron Sport 110 Ans Festival (May 10 - May 20, 2021)
  4. McLaren Speedtail Festival (May 21 - May 31, 2021)
  5. Koenigsegg Regera R&D (May 28, 2021 - June 11, 2021)
  6. Koenigsegg Gemera Festival (May 31 - June 10, 2021)
  7. Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 Festival (June 11 - June 21, 2021)
  8. Rimac C_Two R&D (June 21, 2021 - July 3, 2021)
  9. Lamborghini SC20 Festival (June 21 - July 1, 2021)
  10. KTM X-Bow GTX Festival (July 2 - July 12, 2021)


The Billion Km Prize Drive

The Billion Km Prize Drive was a community event held between April 12-April 25, 2021 as part of the 1 Billion Downloads Celebration. Players would contribute to the event by participating in TLEs with every kilometer driven counting towards a community total. The event had 3 milestones with the following rewards:

In addition to the rewards, 2 time-limited events were held on each day between April 26 - May 2, 2021. The TLEs alternated between a Multiplayer cup and a Bikes cup for one day while the other had a Showdown cup and a Celebration cup.

The events gave a free Nitro Starter, Tuning Kit and Extra Tank for each race and the booster screen was replaced by a promotional screenshot of the 1 Billion Downloads Celebration. Single-player events had unique nitro pick-ups in the form of yellow "1B" and purple "vape" in place of the nitro bottles. The yellow "1B" would give the equivalent of a blue nitro bottles while the purple "vape" would deduct the same amount.

Bugs / Glitches

  • No available ads: On iOS and Windows, the "Play Ad!" button for Daily Milestone Ads may be greyed out even if the limit of fifteen ads per day has not been reached.
  • Extra Ads: Some players have reported being able to play more ads than the daily limit of 15.
  • Unrendered decals: If a car has a decal that has color customization, selecting a different color will remove the decal even if the original color is chosen again. A temporary fix is to select another customizable decal or no decal at all, select the intended color, and change back to the intended decal. While the fix can be done with some uncustomizable decals, most are not as the game will select a pre-determined body color when a customizable decal is selected.
  • The following Windows-specific issues have been observed:
    • Forced fullscreen mode: The button to switch the game from fullscreen to windowed mode may not appear, even if the player hovers their cursor over the top of the screen (which should show the button between a minimise and close button on the top-right corner under normal conditions).
    • Fullscreen lag: If the game is played in fullscreen, it lags quite often during multiplayer races, even when the Effects setting is set to Low. The lag also seemingly has the effect of increasing the likelihood of glitches happening throughout the race, such as spontaneously wrecking on uneven or curved surfaces, and performing incomplete barrel rolls and wrecking as a result. A partial workaround is to play the game in windowed mode, which reduces the frequency and duration of lag but does not completely eliminate the problem.
    • GUI scaling limitations in windowed mode: If the game is switched to windowed mode, and its window is resized to the smallest extent (around 1/6 of a maximised game window), the game's GUI will stop scaling down after a certain point, causing the right side of the in-game screen to be cut off.
    • Nitro/Steering input conflict at race start: If nitro is activated immediately upon starting a race, there is a small time delay, lasting for about 1 second, where pre-race steering inputs are not recognised, with the typical result being that the player would ram headlong into any opponent(s) placed in front of them on the starting grid. Conversely, pre-race steering inputs are recognised if nitro is not activated immediately when the race starts, but the additional waiting time before the player activates nitro may partially reduce its effectiveness, especially when overtaking slower opponents in front. A workaround is to button mash both nitro and desired steering inputs at the start of a race.
    • Persistent Festival button highlight: If the blue selection box is highlighting a Festival challenge on a particular day, and the Festival Coins for a challenge on another day are claimed (such as through the use of touch inputs or a mouse), the selection box will force a switch back to the day that lists the challenge it is highlighting. A workaround is to use the keyboard's arrow keys to move the selection box between the list of challenges for each day and highlight each completed challenge when they are about to be completed.
    • Missing red mouse cursor: On Windows, it shows a white cursor instead of a red mouse cursor.
  • Missing Renault ZOE e-sport Concept model: If the game's graphics setting is set to Very Low, the Renault ZOE e-Sport Concept's shadow will only appear while the car itself does not. This is fixed by setting the graphics to Medium or High.
  • Incorrect Ferrari 599XX model: If the game's graphics setting is set to Very Low and the player has the "Rosso Corsa" (first red color) selected on the Ferrari 599XX Evo, the car will appear as a Ferrari 599XX with distorted textures. This is fixed by setting the graphics to Medium or High.
    • Choppy frame rate(s): On Android, as a result of playing with the Ferrari 599XX Evo on the Very Low graphics setting, the game will experience severely low frame rates, even when the setting is raised to Medium or High. This issue also affects mid to high-end devices and renders the game almost completely unplayable. In most cases, the only way to fully fix the issue is to reinstall the game.
  • Erased Gauntlet racing log: If the player sets a new best time on their home track after challenging other players, the racing log will not show any race results.
  • Gauntlet synchronizing error: If the game fails to synchronize a race result, the gauntlet race mode becomes inaccessible to both the challenger and defender as it will remain on the "Updating Information" loading overlay. If the challenger attempts another race without leaving the game mode, all of the opponents given will have a score of 0.
    • At the end of a season, the game would state that the player finished in 0 place and gave the rewards for finishing in 201-500th place.
  • Random Game Crashes: On Windows, the game can crash randomly regardless of performance setting. This mostly occurs after watching a post-race ad or from clicking too quickly between menus.
  • Grid placement issues: On Android, some players have reported instances of vehicles being spawned in irregular positions on the starting grid during the countdown for online Multiplayer races that feature 9 players or more. This can range from vehicles being placed up to 1 or 2 car lengths ahead of the Start Line, to vehicles being placed 1 to 2 car lengths further than the second-to-last opponent if starting in last place, vehicles being "boxed in" between their opponents, and in certain cases, several gaps in the middle of the grid can be seen in place of their respective vehicle's spawn positions.
    • In the most egregious cases, the "boxed in" vehicles can be especially vulnerable to near-instant knockdowns at the start of a race due to them spawning within the "hitboxes" of other vehicles.
  • Impossible Star Requirement: The star requirements for the Porsche Carrera GT's Season 9 race at The River Fort were increased to a race time of less than 00:58:000 and 00:55:000. This makes getting 5 stars in the race impossible as the Carrera GT will require at least 1 minute to finish the race.
  • Missing icons for limited time events: There are no icons that indicate there are new events to play and claim rewards.
  • Inaccessible Lamborghini SC20: A soft update on June 25 would hide the Lamborghini SC20 on the first boot-up. The SC20 would not be viewable in the garage, its festival was not accessible, the SC20's kit card would not apear on the leaderboard rewards for the 2021-06-22 Festival Kits Cup and 2021-06-23 Festival Kits Cup, and the 2021-06-24 Festival Coins Cup would allow for any of the player's owned vehicles to be used and the event's leaderboard would list the SC20 as "Unknown vehicle". This is fixed by rebooting the game.

Post-update screen

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