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The Abelion Corporation, also known as Abelion Global, is a fictional multi-national entity featured in Asphalt 8: Airborne. It operates in French Guiana, London, and the Port of San Diego.


The Abelion Corporation is an international, multi-purpose conglomerate that specializes in aeronautics, advanced technologies, space exploration, weapons manufacture and military defense.

In San Diego Harbor, the Abelion Corporation produces, co-owns and maintains much of the military and defense hardware such as fighter jets, aircraft carriers, armored vehicles and tanks in partnership with the United States Government and the State of California. It maintains and supplies military technologies for the United States Armed Forces, which includes the US Navy, US Air Force, US Marine Corps and the US Coast Guard. The conglomerate also co-owns one of the huge warehouses on the port, and operates under the name "Abelion Global Shipyard Corporation".

In French Guiana, specifically the Guiana Space Center, Abelion logos can be seen on the large white spherical water tanks that can be found near the hangar and the satellite dish array, as well as underneath the launch pad for the Ariane 5 rocket in partnership with the C.L.G.I. Corporation (formerly) and the I.R.G.S.T. Corporation (currently). It collaborates with real-life entities such as the ESA, CNES, and Arianespace. Here, it simply operates under the name "Abelion".

In London, the Abelion Corporation seems to operate on a much smaller scale than in the aforementioned locations. The company focuses primarily on weapons production here. Numerous small offices can be found throughout the city, such as near Buckingham Palace and near Trafalgar Square. Their front facades have blue paint schemes and wooden-themed logos with the name "Abelion" in black and "Weaponsmith" in red, between depictions of two lions.



Asphalt 8: Airborne
  • As the Abelion Corporation is a fictional conglomerate, it adds no promotional aspects or advertising to the game in any way; it can be best seen as one of Asphalt 8: Airborne's many Easter eggs.
  • At least two of the London offices are located next to a business called the "Nel-la Tea Shop".
  • The window texture maps suggest that both Abelion Weaponsmith and the Nel-la Tea Shop are actually clothing stores. Evidenced by the fact that hanging clothes and long coats can be seen through the windows. This may possibly be a texturing error.
  • "Abelion" could be a reference to BAE Systems plc, which is a British multinational defense, security and aerospace company. The first half of the name, (Abe) is an anagram of the acronym BAE. The last half (lion) could refer to the lion itself, which is the national symbol for England. This is supported by the appearance of lions in Abelion's London-based logo.
  • Occasionally in Quick Solo Mode or Heat races featuring S-Class cars, an AI racer named "Abelion" can be encountered.