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Absolute Armor
Absolute Armor
"Your car cannot be wrecked!"
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Game Asphalt Nitro
Price Tokens 225
Duration 1 hour
Availability Permanent offer
Daily Reward
Time-Limited Events

Absolute Armor is a booster in Asphalt Nitro.


Absolute Armor grants the player's vehicle complete immunity to wrecks for one hour, meaning that the player can crash head-on into traffic vehicles and do a Traffic Down, but will only suffer a major speed loss. Upon crashing into a wall, object, or other racer, or making a bad landing, the player's vehicle respawns immediately.

In Infected mode, the "Infection Overload" crash instead causes the player's vehicle to respawn immediately but without nitro. This still comes with the price of a major speed loss, especially with the loss of nitro, and could result in the player not finishing the race in first.

Furthermore, an Infection Overload still counts as a wreck, so No Wrecks subgoals of Career races in Infected mode are lost. In all other cases, No Wrecks goals are automatically fulfilled.

In Catch mode, mines dropped by opponents keep their effect. The car still turns and slows down, so they should be avoided.

The Absolute Armor can be replenished with the Daily Reward, Time-Limited Events, rewards from Kit Boxes or Tokens 225.

The McLaren F1 is automatically and always equipped with this booster, regardless of the booster being actually active or not.


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