Accidental Presidency
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
Author Brandon Schoepf
License Free
Asphalt appearances
Games Asphalt 8: Airborne
Asphalt Overdrive
Usage Latin main font
Examples Aston Martin Vantage 2018
RANK 1605 / 1653
Beat a Race Time of 01:19:000


Accidental Presidency is a condensed semi-bold font used as the main font of Asphalt 8: Airborne and Asphalt Overdrive. It comes in one font weight only and features a characteristic ampersand which may be familiar to many Asphalt 8 players from the well-known term “Research & Development”:



Accidental Presidency is used for every Asphalt 8 in-game text except for the racing screens where displays and notifications are rendered in Monkirta Pursuit NC.

Missing characters

Accidental Presidency does not have an em dash (—) or en dash (–). This is the reason why the A8Box 1 Part - D Box 1 Part -- D Box and A8Box 1 Part - C Box 1 Part -- C Box of Asphalt 8 have a double hyphen in their name which is often used when dashes are not avaiable. The two boxes were added later to the game than the other 1-Part-Boxes which all have only one hyphen in their name. This inconsistency may be due to different authors responsibe for the naming. Curiously, the English language version is the only one to show this glitch:

Box English German French Russian
A8Box 1 Part - B Box 1 Part - B Box 1 Teil - B-Box 1 pièce - Boîte B Набор B - 1 деталь
A8Box 1 Part - D Box 1 Part -- D Box 1 Teil - D-Box 1 pièce - Boîte D 1 деталь - набор D

The Russian version has consistent hyphens, but the parts of the name have been swapped for the more recent boxes, perhaps also due to different translators. Some time-limited boxes like the A8Box Special Offer F12 Engine Special Offer -- Racing Engine Box also have double hyphens. Besides, the phenomenon reappears in Asphalt Overdrive, for example in mission descriptions like "Final Stunt Run -- Prove your jump stunt skills".

Font size

As the font is very condensed, it is often difficult to read, especially when texts in other language versions are automatically rendered smaller to fit in the intended space. Furthermore, Accidental Presidency does not have a Cyrillic character subset, so the developers chose Cuprum Bold, a slightly less condensed font, which is by default rendered even smaller than the Latin font.

Font comparison

Comparison of English, German, French and Russian in-game texts all rendered in different font sizes due to different lengths

The name of the A8Box Limited-Edition Mid-Tech Limited-Edition Mid-Tech box, for example, is translated as follows (in standard font):

  • Limited-Edition Mid-Tech (English)
  • Limited Edition Mittel-Technik (German)
  • Technologie intermédiaire en édition limitée (French)
  • Лимитированное издание: Средний технабор (Russian)

Spacing and shadow

Font shadows

Example: All texts except those on white background have shadows.

As not only the characters themselves are condensed, but also the spacing between them is extremely narrow, the game almost always adds a shadow to increase contrast and readability. The only exceptions are buttons and menu bars with a naturally high contrast, like dark blue letters on white background.

Asphalt Wiki

Accidental Presidency can also be used on Asphalt Wiki. As it is rendered smaller than standard text, it is set to a font size of 120 % by default so that it has roughly the same size as standard text. Rendering text bigger than normal requires font sizes larger than 120 %.

Class: font-a8, font-ao or accidental-presidency
Example: <span class="font-a8">Example</span>Example
Template: {{Font}}
Example: {{font|a8|Example}}Example

To add a shadow to text on non-white background, the shadow-a8 class can be added. Example:

{| class="background-a8"
| class="font-a8" | Low contrast, no shadow
| class="font-a8 shadow-a8" | Higher contrast, shadow


Low contrast, no shadow
Higher contrast, shadow

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