Acura NSX Blueprint

Acura NSX Blueprint
Acura NSX blueprint as.png
Acura NSX Blueprint
Last checked Oct 22, 2021
Sale value 10,050  Cash small as.png
Rarity Blue (Class A)
Vehicle Acura NSX
– 8 to claim
Availability Gift Boxes
Relative frequencies Bronze Gift Box as.png Bronze Gift Box: 0.00 %
Silver Gift Box as.png Silver Gift Box: 1.56 %
Gold Gift Box as.png Gold Gift Box: 2.07 %

The Acura NSX Blueprint is a Blueprint in Asphalt Street Storm Racing. It is needed to obtain the Acura NSX.

Sale values

Item Sale value Total
Acura NSX blueprint as.png 8 x 10,050  Cash small as.png 80,400  Cash small as.png
Acura NSX icon as.png
Acura NSX
80,500  Cash small as.png

Selling 8 blueprints gives 100  Cash small as.png less Cash than claiming the car and then selling it. It is therefore recommended to first collect the blueprints, then claim the car and sell it, even if a player does not want the car.


Average drop rate

The Acura NSX Blueprint has an average statistical drop rate[note 1] of

0.83 %.

See infobox for drop rates per box.

Required trials

The car requires 8 blueprints to be claimed. To obtain these blueprints with a probability of 90 % from the 3 most common boxes, a player would have to open

739 boxes.

To decrease this number, it is recommended to first open the boxes with the highest drop rate for this blueprint (see infobox).


  1. Weighted average based on 5,799 items from the 3 most common boxes.


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