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Lab .001.[]

  • Test 001: Space can be a dangerous place, but stick to the track and you'll be fine!

  • Test 002: Both rockets and racers prepare for takeoff in French Guiana. T-minus 5... 4... engines rev... 3... 2... grips tighten... 1... 0... and liftoff!

  • Test 003: They say no one can hear you in space, but if you're breaking the sound barrier, it doesn't matter anyway!

  • Test 004: We have a bug infecting the track. Keep yourself safe or you might get hit with the digital plague!

  • Test 005: You've got room to run out on this orbtital track. Don't be afraid to blast off!

  • Test 006: What's louder? The roar of your engines or the roar of the crowd from Rio's Maracana Stadium... Let's see!

  • Test 007: All your effects have helped develop our AI into something truly formidable. It will not lose easily. You must give it your all.

Lab .002.[]

  • Test .008.: Who needs a world record when you can break the GALACTIC record for speed?! Good luck!

  • Test .009.: When people come to Nevada, they either win big or lose their shirts. Do you have what it take to be a high roller?

  • Test .010.: Drifting is an art you would do well to master. Test your skills.

  • Test .011.: The hands of Big Ben tick and tick and tick once more. Time is precious. Don't waste it. Go as fast as you can in London!

  • Test .012.: Tenerife's track isn't just about how fast you can go, but the heights you can reach. Stay ahead of the competition!

  • Test .013.: Like the dragons of legend, the Great Wall twists violently to toss off any intruders. Turn hard and drift well. You will not be thrown.

  • Test .014.: You'll be a part of living history as you race through Transylvania. Keep your wits about you!

  • Test .015.: The #1 sport in Brazil is futebol -- but put on a show and you might just steal some fans!

  • Test .016.: Who's getting eliminated? Keep the pace and hopefully it won't be you!

  • Test .017.: Don't let this island paradise fool you -- this racetrack will demand the best of your abilities!

  • Test .018.: Our Ultimate AI waits at the starting line. It makes no mistakes. It has no flaws. Can you say the same for yourself?

Lab .003.[]

  • Test .019.: Sector 8 is the ultimate test track. Every inch will test you to your very limits. Survive, and you might just handle what's next!

  • Test .020.: Put on your sunglasses, racer! We're headed to the beaches of Barcelona for our next test. This is your time to shine!

  • Test .021.: How tough are you? Show the competition that you can knock 'em all out!

  • Test .022.: You'll know to show your competitors that you can race through this medieval track without stopping.

  • Test .023.: The only thing we're buying in Venice is you winning the race!

  • Test .024.: The Great Wall was built to halt enemy raids and invasions. It halted them, but can it stop you? Let's find out...

  • Test .025.: We've been hit with a virus. Keep yourself clear of anything infected and you should be fine.

  • Test .026.: Night or day, speed is your greatest ally on these Tokyo streets. Turn those headlights on and go!

  • Test .027.: The frosty mountain air pumps through your engine. Snowbanks surround the streets. Keep cool and ride hot. The Alps are yours to conquer.

  • Test .028.: Each curve, crack, and curb of this track has been converted into pure data for our Ultimate AI. It will not lose.

  • Test .029.: Sector 8 was designed to test each and every one of your skills. Do you have what it takes to master it?

  • Test .030.: This isn't going to be easy! Drift through the gates while keeping your speed up!

  • Test .031.: Deep in the heart of this metropolitan oasis, engines roar, hungering for gold. Feed your hunger, racer! Win big in Dubai!

  • Test .032.: Efficient nitro use is the key to victory in Iceland. Hit your turbo wisely, or be left in the icy dust.

  • Test .033.: The look in your eye... that determination... we must have it for our Ultimate AI! Show it your determination firsthand in this next race.

Lab .004.[]

  • Test .034.: Fighter jets reach supersonic speeds, sending echoing booms throughout San Diego Harbor. Harness that speed and outrun the competition.

  • Test .035.: Push yourself beyond your limits! Don't give them a reason to kick you out of the competition!

  • Test .036.: There are only two things astronauts can see from space: the Great Wall and your talent. But which is greater? We'll have to find ou...

  • Test .037.: This'll be one of the toughest races yet. If you crash, you're out. Simple, but not easy.

  • Test .038.: Area 51 is a home for science! Try to reach new speeds and whatever you do, don't take your foot off the pedal!

  • Test .039.: If you want the car, you're going to have to prove you can drift with it. Let's see your skills!

  • Test .040.: The San Diego Harbor features a lot more than just shipping crates. You can soar your way onto an aircraft carrier!

  • Test .041.: You're going to need to bring your "A" game for this one. One mistake and it'll cost you.

  • Test .042.: The track is infected, but the race must go on. Keep your speed up, bring some hand sanitizer, and you should be fine.

  • Test .043.: Hot air balloons color the beautiful blue Iceland sky. Unfortunately for you, you gotta keep your eyes on the road!

  • Test .044.: You've impressed us with your skills! The Ultimate AI will be the culmination of everything you've learned from this point on.

  • Test .045.: A perfect run and nothing less. Just make sure you don't sacrifice speed in your race to perfection.

  • Test .046.: The Great Wall features a number of ramps to give you a little boost on the track. Use them!

  • Test .047.: Flawless runs have beaten down the best racers. Don't let it bring you down!

  • Test .048.: You're bound to reach new heights in Patagonia, so keep that nitro handy and make that car soar!

  • Test .049.: You have to be nothing less than perfect to win this one. Good luck -- you might need it.

  • Test .050.: Everything you have done has led to this... our Ultimate AI! Its power is immense. Your defeat is inevitable. Prepare to lose, racer!
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