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Lab .001.[]

  • Test .001.: The engineers from our Turbo Division are in town, and they're ACHING to test the Alfa Romeo 4C's twin-clutch transmission. Go help 'em out!

  • Test .002.: The 4C's launch control means quick acceleration right out of the gate! Which means you should have no trouble staying in first place...

  • Test .003.: To get the 4C's transmission humming, we gotta see how quick it can shift gears after sudden stops. Go out there and stop some other cars! Suddenly!

  • Test .004.: Let's amp up that last performance by a factor of 1,000! Really put that prototype through its paces!

  • Test .005.: We've got nearly all the data we need on the 4C's transmission -- go bring us one last test result, and we'll put you up against our custom racing AI!

  • Test .006.: Time to test your skills against our simulated Alfa Romeo! Remember: Stay limber, and stay FAST.

  • Test .007.: We're making the 4C as light as we can, for extra speed -- this thing'll be built like a supercar. Let's start out with a quick baseline test!

  • Test .008.: Kick it up a notch for this test! We're using a carbon fiber tub for the chassis in this prototype, and we want to see it SING.

Lab .002.[]

  • Test .009.: That car feels a lot lighter now, doesn't it? Drift around the track for a bit, and see how it handles!

  • Test .010.: Okay. This time, go for speed -- for aggression! You're a fireworks display ready to explode, and there's a lit match incoming!

  • Test .011.: All right: That spiffy new carbon-fiber chassis is just BEGGING for a field test against our in-house AI. Bet you can't beat the computer...

  • Test .012.: That fireworks metaphor a couple tests ago got us thinking... A small package with lots of bang -- maybe we could streamline the ENGINE without sacrificing POWER! Help us test it!

  • Test .013.: ... What's that? Another test? We're still working overtime on that lighter engine design! Just... go out there and don't come in last, okay?

  • Test .014.: It took a LOT of doing, but the Turbo Division and our team cooked up a lighter-than-ever engine -- and it's still 237 horsepower! Put it through its paces!

  • Test .015.: Bet the 4C's feeling even quicker than before, now! Ease off the nitro for this test -- we want as clean a run as we can get.

  • Test .016.: We've done it! The 4C's weight-to-power ratio is now officially INSANE. If you can take down our ultimate AI, we'll call this a victory!

  • Test .017.: For this last lab session, we're amping up every last performance indicator on the 4C... Speed! Acceleration! Handling! And speaking of handling -- show us your best drifts!

  • Test .018.: Good, good! But you can do BETTER. We just installed Race Mode on this baby -- fire it up and smoke the competition!

  • Test .019.: Bet you're feeling like a real Formula 1 driver now, aren't'cha? Let's see if you can handle THIS!

Lab .003.[]

  • Test .020.: We've given you a little... extra incentive to navigate around other drivers in this next handling test. Have fun...

  • Test .021.: Our Turbo Division just put in a request for another handling test! Gotta love that Turbo Division.

  • Test .022.: Oh man... we MAY just have gotten 258 pound-feet of torque out of this thing. We need a clean test to make sure, though -- no boosters on this run!

  • Test .023.: Yes. YES! We DID hit our torque goals! We've programmed our Ultimate AI to match that -- it'll be a challenge, but see if you can take it down!

  • Test .024.: All right -- next, we tackle acceleration! And to SEE how fast you can accelerate from a standstill, we'd like you to crash the prototype into a few cars. ... Safely, of course.

  • Test .025.: Sweet job on that last test! That twin-clutch transmission is really pulling its weight... We need clean numbers to compare it to, so don't use nitro this time around.

  • Test .026.: Once more around the track -- and pay attention to how quick the 4C feels off the line!

  • Test .027.: Know what's the cornerstone of automotive engineering? Repeated testing. It's SCIENCE. ... All of which is to say that we'll need you to crash into some more cars right now.

  • Test .028.: We're getting a great crop of acceleration readings on this round of tests! Give us a no-nitro round, just for completion's sake.

  • Test .029.: You know, the Turbo Divison was thinking that red should be the 4C's signature color... you know, for luck! Now why don't you prove you don't NEED luck to win?

  • Test .030.: Wait a sec... was that... did you just go zero-to-sixty in 4.1 seconds?! QUICK, CRASH INTO SOME MORE CARS SO WE CAN MAKE SURE!

  • Test .031.: They're real! THE TEST RESULTS ARE REAL! Okay, okay... just... race against the AI and we can proceed to the final test sequence. (This is soooo awesoooome...!)

  • Test .032.: Handling's done, acceleration's sorted... Now on to the final test: POWER! We're gonna see if the 4C can do 160, and we are SUPER pumped about it.

  • Test .033.: That last test... that last test was FANTASTIC! Are you some kind of... speed wizard, or something? Do it again! Do it faster!

  • Test .034.: Not gonna lie, the Turbo Division and our lab are SERIOUSLY rooting for you now. But we need one last clean test before the grand finale...

  • Test .035.: You've done it... hit all our projections, busted through our expectations... this really is a sports car that drives like a supercar. Just beat this AI, and the 4C is all yours!

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