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Amateur League Kit Box
Amateur League Kit Box
"Grants 5 Cards. At least 1 will be Rare or Legendary!"
Official info
Last checked Jun 9, 2020
Description Correct
Sample space ? Incomplete
Drop rates ? Incomplete
Price -
Drop rates Common: 67.63 %
Rare: 28.35 %
Legendary: 4.02 %
Availability Multiplayer league reward

The Amateur League Kit Box is a Pro Kit Box in Asphalt 8: Airborne that is granted for finishing in Amateur League in the Multiplayer system.

With the introduction of the Fifteenth Anniversary Update it was announced that Pro Kit Boxes would be leaving the game. However the Amateur League Kit Box continued to be awarded as a Multiplayer League reward.

During the Wild Cards Update the Amateur League Kit Box was no longer awarded as a Multiplayer League reward. The last multiplayer season it was awarded was the Summer Smash Multiplayer Season

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