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Anniversary Kit Box
Anniversary Kit Box
"This box grants 70 Rare and Legendary Pro cards."
Official info
Last checked Sep 20, 2019
Description Correct
Sample space ? Incomplete
Drop rates ? Incomplete
Price Tokens 6,400 (Tokens 91.43 per trial)
Drop rates Rare: 62.86 %
Legendary: 37.14 %
Availability Time-limited offer

The Anniversary Kit Box is a Pro Kit Box in Asphalt 8: Airborne. It is offered every year in August to celebrate the anniversary of the game.

The description of former box versions contained an additional "2 cards of each type!" which was already incorrect for the 2018 version as it did not contain Legendary Electric Engines.[1] Hence, it is probable that the description now was simply shortened while the box still grants 2 cards of each type, but no Legendary Electric or V12 MPI Engines.

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