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Lab .001.[]

  • Test .001.: Welcome to Lab 1 -- and, wow, it's a real dream to witness the Apollo Intensa. It's such an elusive creature -- I hear it's a blur in action!

  • Test .002.: This machine is the apex predator of the track. Get back out there and hunt down the rest of the pack!

  • Test .003.: No distractions, racer. Just you, the Intensa, and the streets and beaches of Barcelona. Come in first.

  • Test .004.: Still reckon you can stay ahead of the pack? In this race, last IS least and losers are eliminated.

  • Test .005.: The Apollo Intensa is the sleekest beast, but it needs a driver who can tame its power. Have you got what it takes?

  • Test .006.: For this next sprint, you're going to have to push the car to its limits... and make sure it doesn't push you beyond yours.

  • Test .007.: There's a sickness going around. Outrun the infected and don't let the Intensa get wrecked. You're the predator, not the prey!

  • Test .008.: There's another apex predator on the prowl. It's an AI we built -- and it's trying to claim your crown. But you gotta win this one first!

  • Test .009.: Here it is: lion vs. tiger -- Ultimate AI vs. You. Show this challenger that the Apollo Intensa is the undisputed King of the Concrete Jungle!

Lab. 002.[]

  • Test .010.: Welcome to Lab 2. I am our newest Robo-Scientist Model 2.2. I like to watch you go fast. Vroom, vroom. Acquire first place.

  • Test .011.: Science dictates that survival of the fittest is the only route to proper motor vehicle evolution. Take down the challengers.

  • Test .012.: Hypothesis: You will not win the race without the use of nitro. Commence the test. Prove me wrong. For science.

  • Test .013.: Our data shows that the clock is not the only ultimate competitor. Win the race and we will receive valuable data from it.

  • Test .014.: Area 51 is a location full of secrets. I was programmed with the answers. I will divulge them if you win the race. This is a lie to increase motivation.

  • Test .015.: Successful drifting requires top-notch skills or it may result in casualties. Check your insurance policies and drift. For science.

  • Test .016.: Racing against time can improve the functionality of the Apollo Intensa by 248%. Prove science right by beating the clock.

  • Test .017.: Experiments are important, but we must not forget the basics. For this next task, simply win the race. Go.

  • Test .018.: For some subjects, a sense of urgency can increase productivity. Do not finish last or you will be eliminated.

  • Test .019.: We understand almost everything about the Apollo Intensa thanks to your testing. Success in this time trial will complete the data.

  • Test .020.: You are nearing the end of our science experiment. We would like you to focus on winning from here on out.

  • Test .021.: Explosions are the best part of science, which is why we have rigged the car to detonate on impact. Research is fun.

  • Test .022.: Your assistance with these tests has been invaluable. To show my gratitude, I have used the data to create an Ultimate AI that will crush you. Accept my insincere apologies.

Lab. 003.[]

  • Test .023.: Greetings from Lab 3. We used to have Robo-Scientists like Lab 2, but there was an... incident. I'm the actual human being who runs the tests here. Let's race!

  • Test .024.: In this next race, you're supposed to eliminate the competition. The Robo-Scientists took that too literally. I can still hear the screams.

  • Test .025.: This one is simple. Finish first. That doesn't mean you need a time machine; you just need to go fast, OK?

  • Test .026.: Welcome to Tokyo. This is where the Robo-Scientists were invented, but don't worry about them. They're all gone now. Concentrate on the race.

  • Test .027.: Some kind of disease is infecting the drivers out there. It's infecting the cars as well. I wonder if it could infect a robot?

  • Test .028.: You're doing great and I'm really enjoying gathering all of the data from these tests. We make a pretty good team -- keep going and I'll let you in on a secret.

  • Test .029.: The clock is ticking, so there's no time to chat. You beat the race time and I'll be here in the lab, running some very important simulations.

  • Test .030.: I had to strip the nitro boost out of your car. Sorry about that. I need it to finish a project I've been working on. You'll be fine -- I believe in you!

  • Test .031.: This is it. Prove that you're the master of the Apollo in this next race and I'll tell you what's really going on around here.

  • Test .032.: Surprise! I've been tracking your skills and I've created an Ultimate AI based on your abilities. It's the Robo-Racer 2.7. Drive.

  • Test .033.: Wow. You've proven that an actual flesh-and-blood human can beat the best AI ever built. Keep racing to show these machines who's boss.

  • Test .034.: We haven't tested drifting yet. We should really do that. It's the perfect move to use during escapes from robot uprisings.

  • Test .035.: Time really isn't on our side. You've got to beat the clock in this race AND that new Robo-Racer is rampaging around the lab. I'll be fine. Just keep winning.

  • Test .036.: The Robo-Racer AI has gone rogue. Who could have predicted any of this? Beat those racers while I try to fix this.

  • Test .037.: Bad news. The rogue AI is taking control of the cars in this next race. You're going to have to take them down.

  • Test .038.: Do you want the good news or the bad news? The good news is, you're going to Rio! The bad news is, the entire lab is in lockdown and I'm trapped here.

  • Test .039.: The AI was programmed to be the best. Prove that it isn't and we might short-circuit its tiny cyber-mind. You know what to do -- DRIVE!

  • Test .040.: Last chance. If you beat the Ultimate form of the AI here, the whole facility will shut down. I'll lose my life's work, but I might just keep my life.

Lab. 004.

  • Test .041.: Welcome to Lab 4. You're in safe hands here. Haven't had any incidents since the day we opened. That was a week ago. Let's hit the track.

  • Test .042.: The cars probably aren't supposed to be glowing green like that, are they? Let me find my safety manual. In the meantime, try to keep out of their way.

  • Test .043.: Remember when the cars had that horrible infection? No? Me neither. It never happened. Eyes forward, racer. Look to the future.

  • Test .044.: Ah, Venice. They say the whole city will be underwater one day, so it's always a race against time here. With that in mind... GO!

  • Test .045.: They told me you were the best and now I believe them. Stay calm out there. We're hitting the streets of London next.

  • Test .046.: It's time to test your drifting skills while I keep on top of our safety procedures here in the lab and make sure we don't "drift" into any danger.

  • Test .047.: I'm getting a little worried about how fast you've been driving. Seems dangerous. I'm going to take your nitro away for this next race.

  • Test .048.: My boss isn't very happy about that last race and he told me I have to give the nitro back. Be careful, though. You're up against the clock.

  • Test .049.: You might think it's dangerous out there, driver, but you should see some of the equipment in this lab. Even the crash test dummies look scared.

  • Test .050.: This goes against every safety protocol in the book, but my superiors told me you have to take out the other cars in this race. Please try not to hurt anyone.

  • Test .051.: Do I look nervous? Well I AM nervous! We've rigged your car to explode if you wreck it. Don't ask me why. This is above my pay grade.

  • Test .052.: You're the only racer who came through that last test intact, but we're not out of the woods yet. You've got to beat the lab's Ultimate AI. Good luck!

  • Test .053.: I told my boss I'd quit if they insisted on trying to blow you up or infect your car, so we're back to basics now. Everything is fine. Just beat the rest.

  • Test .054.: It's a new day and we're back to our perfect safety record. For the day. This is an elimination race, so stay out of last place!

  • Test .055.: I'm going to level with you. There was an accident last night on one of our test tracks and I'm real nervous. No nitro for you. Safety first.

  • Test .056.: Fasten your seatbelt, adjust your helmet, check your mirrors. Stay safe out there. It's a time trial.

  • Test .057.: Oh no. I was testing all the fire extinguishers in the lab, for safety purposes, and I accidentally sprayed a toxic gas directly onto the track. Don't get infected.

  • Test .058.: There's a problem. Remember the Ultimate AI you beat a few races ago? It's back. And it's been modified. I'll check it out while you beat it.

  • Test .059.: The AI has taken over the lab and now the vending machine keeps saying, "DELETE ALL HUMAN RACERS." I'll handle it. You just do what you do best.

  • Test .060.: I tried to keep us all safe, but I failed. The Ultimate AI has challenged you to a race. Win and it'll hand the lab back to us. Lose and we're toast.

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