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Map 1[]

  • Race 1: Home of Carnival, Rio de Janeiro is all about fast-paced action! Let's see what you got out there.

  • Race 2: You gotta make each second count out there. Don't give up!

  • Grand Finale: The pinnacle of all racing -- the Grand Finale. If you don't bring your A-game here, you'll be left in the dust!

Map 2[]

  • Race 1: Tenerife is a beautiful island for some high-speed racing. Great honeymoon destination, too.

  • Race 2: The goal for Elimination is to not end up in last place. If you think about it... that's the goal for everything in life.

  • Race 3: Keep your wits about you -- the Apollo N can guide you only so much. If you're going to beat the time, you have to improve yourself!

  • Grand Finale: Here we are: the final lap. You've shown a lot of growth with the Apollo N -- but you can always do more!

Map 3[]

  • Race 1: The Apollo N is named for the notorious Nürburgring, but you're putting it to the test in sunny Barcelona.

  • Race 2: A lot of other racers wanna get a piece of the Apollo N. Don't let them. The faster you drive, the harder it will be for them to keep up!

  • Race 3: Apollo is a Greek god of healing, and the Apollo N can heal your blues. We could go on, but you have a race to attend.

  • Grand Finale: Don't get caught sleeping at the wheel during this Grand Finale. In fact, avoid sleeping at the wheel wherever you are, OK?

Map 4[]

  • Race 1: The French Riviera! Some say it's the most beautiful place in the world. You say, "I don't know what it looks like because I'm driving too fast!"

  • Race 2: You didn't expect us to just throw a bunch of timed trials at you? No! Break some dreams! Eliminate some riders!

  • Race 3: I'm going to sit by the sea and drink something nice and cold. That's my job. Your job is to get back before I'm finished. GO!

  • Race 4: The Apollo N goes zero to sixty in three seconds. So if you can't beat the clock, don't blame the car.

  • Grand Finale: The Grand Finale! Or as the cars call it, "VROOM, VROOM!" Oh -- do you not speak Car-ish?

Map 5[]

  • Race 1: Welcome to London, home of the Queen and her corgi dogs. We've got no time to drop in for afternoon tea, though. Beat the clock!

  • Race 2: The Apollo's carbon-fiber body makes it as light as a feather. With no excess weight, you can beat any time we set for you.

  • Race 3: "Misunderstood" is a word that comes to mind when I think of most of the other racers here. THEY'VE misunderstood that you're faster than they'll EVER BE.

  • Race 4: Testing your skills with a time trial is the only way to see if you're improving. Let's see what you got!

  • Grand Finale: This isn't one of those participation-trophy grand finales. This is THE Grand Finale! Leave it all out there!

Map 6[]

  • Race 1: Marhaba! That's how they say "Hello" in Dubai. We're still trying to figure out how to translate, "Go fast, win the race!"

  • Race 2: Practice makes perfect -- and there's no better way to practice than racing against the clock. Show us where you're at!

  • Race 3: It doesn't matter how many racers get in your way -- you just need to keep your eyes on the prize!

  • Race 4: We've seen a lot of cars -- but none as sleek as the Apollo N. Take good care of it!

  • Race 5: With each race you complete, you get that much closer to your goal. Don't give up!

  • Grand Finale: Win and you're a hero. Lose and... you're a loser. No one wants to be a loser, so win!

Map 7[]

  • Race 1: The beautiful mountains of Patagonia don't scream "racing"... but honestly, what does? (Besides us, sometimes...)

  • Race 2: You're racing yourself out there! We don't want you falling apart, kid. Keep your head in the game and don't let your foot off that pedal!

  • Race 3: A bunch of people stormed the track demanding to race you. Just keep yourself out of last place and you should be fine!

  • Race 4: We never said this would be easy! Don't forget to use your nitro when you need that extra boost!

  • Race 5: You've been doing great out there; we're all really proud of you. Now -- keep your head in the game, because we got a Grand Finale coming up.

  • Grand Finale: How many people can say they've competed in a Grand Finale? You earned this -- now claim your title!

Map 8[]

  • Race 1: Most people go skiing down the Alps. But you're not like most people, are you? Time to show the locals what four-wheel drive can do.

  • Race 2: The Alps are cold... but the Apollo's speed can start a fire anywhere it wants to. Let's make some flames!

  • Race 3: The Apollo N reaches a top speed of 224 mph. That's enough power to beat any time, as long as you can handle the heat!

  • Race 4: Vagabonds and villains have stormed the track demanding to race the best. YOU'RE the best -- don't let us down!

  • Race 5: The Alps would be a great place to propose to your significant other... that 90 mph should be the new standard speed limit.

  • Race 6: The Apollo N is that much closer to being yours. Focus on the race and get the win!

  • Grand Finale: This Grand Finale is the big finish a racer like you deserves. Time to show those jokers who's the best racer out there!

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