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Limited-Time Events  (April 2021)
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Contents Status: Incomplete: Not all days are listed, and listed days may be incomplete.

This page gives the history of the Limited-Time Events in Asphalt 9: Legends for April 2021.

Apr 26, 2021: Daily Car Loot

Edit Duration 24 hours
Entry Tickets 1
Type Solo
Status Expired Expired
Track Railroad Bustle
Mode Classic
Vehicles All
Solo rewards
3x Finish race Chevrolet Camaro LT Blueprint Chevrolet Camaro LT Blueprint
3x Beat 35s with a Class-D car Nissan 370Z NISMO Blueprint Nissan 370Z NISMO Blueprint
3x Beat 30s with a Class-D car Dodge Challenger SRT8 Blueprint Dodge Challenger SRT8 Blueprint
2x Beat 28s with a Class-C car Porsche 911 GTS Coupé Blueprint Porsche 911 GTS Coupé Blueprint
Beat 27s with a Class-B car Aston Martin Vulcan Blueprint Aston Martin Vulcan Blueprint
Beat 25s with a Class-A car Lamborghini Centenario Blueprint Lamborghini Centenario Blueprint
Club rewards
Beat 25s with a Class-S car
(10 members)
Ferrari FXX K Blueprint Ferrari FXX K Blueprint

Apr 26, 2021: Coliseum Games "Corsa"

Edit Duration 10 days
Entry Tickets 1
Type Solo + Leaderboard
Status Expired Expired
Track Islet Race
Mode Classic
Solo rewards
x5 Finish race Credits 7,500
Nitro Bottles: 25 Credits 25,000
Barrel Rolls: 12 Credits 25,000
Leaderboard rewards
Top 1% x3 Class S+ Pack, x3 Class-S Rare Parts Pack, Credits 300,000
Top 5% x3 Class A+ Pack, x3 Class-A Rare Parts Pack, Credits 200,000
Top 25% x3 Class B+ Pack, x3 Class-B Rare Parts Pack, Credits 100,000
Top 50% x3 Class C+ Pack, x3 Class-C Rare Parts Pack, Credits 75,000
Top 100% x3 Class D+ Pack, x3 Class-D Rare Parts Pack, Credits 50,000
Club rewards
Win the race
(5 members)
Credits 5,000
Win the race
(15 members)
Credits 15,000