Lab .001.

  • Test .001.: Welcome to the ##1 Lab at Asphalt Labs... Lab Number One! It's testing time -- let's put the Tuono through its paces.

  • Test .002.: Nice job! We're just starting out here, but seems like things are only going to get better!

  • Test .003.: Call us crazy, but we have this weird feeling this R&D sequence is gonna just go flawlessly! Keep it up and prove us right!

  • Test .004.: Wowee, this Azure Coast track's a doozy -- have you considered upgrading your bike for this one?

  • Test .005.: You. Are. Simply. Amazing! We're gonna have to do some serious work on your AI opponent to give you something that's competition-worthy.

  • Test .006.: The Tuono's handling well... not surprising given its 175 HP engine! Keep it up!

  • Test .007.: We're pretty happy with our brand-spanking-new AI programming improvements. Keep racing to find out what we've done!

  • Test .008.: You're the best! Only one more race to go and you'll have carved your name in the Lab-1 handbooks for generations.

  • Test .009.: GREAT NEWS! We've injected our new programming into the AI opponent! So without a stellar performance or an upgrade, you're in trouble! Good luck!

Lab .002.

  • Test .010.: Oh, look who's a big shot, getting to Lab 2 and all. Well, Lab 2 sure ain't no easy-breezy Lab 1. You best have your best driving boots on!

  • Test .011.: Well, squiddle-dee-dee, big shot. Look who managed to win a Lab 2 race. That doesn't mean SQUAT, big shot, unless you can keep it up!

  • Test .012.: You're beginning to make an impression on us. BEGINNING. Keep racing, big shot... and just maybe we'll share something you may not be aware of.

  • Test .013.: Apparently you can handle yourself on the roads. As to whether you can handle our secret info, we'll see. Keep racing for now.

  • Test .014.: It's just you on this course. Bring it home in the required time and we'll let you in on the secret.

  • Test .015.: OK, fine. Here's the deal. The programming "tweak" the previous lab put in the AI? That would be a "virus." Keep racing and we'll tell you more.

  • Test .016.: So the virus has made the AI go haywire. It's attacking our core systems while also masquerading as a simple AI competitor.

  • Test .017.: The thing about the AI is, it's cocky. The programmers encoded a self-destruct mechanism in it -- but only if it is defeated. Keep it up!

  • Test .018.: This is just you against time here, big shot. Gotta get past this stage to keep going!

  • Test .019.: We've got to stop the rogue AI from affecting our Lab's other core systems! You have to find it and beat it to destroy it!

  • Test .020.: Snow, rain, sleet or ICE, nothing's gonna stop this AI... other than you. You're so close -- keep it up.

  • Test .021.: One race away. Never thought I'd say this, but... you're worthy of Lab 2. Whether you succeed or fail, just remember the little guys, big shot.

  • Test .022.: Might wanna consider an upgrade here, big shot. The fate of Asphalt Labs is on your shoulders! Finish before the AI and you'll defeat it for good!

Lab .003.

  • Test .023.: You've made it to Lab 3, racer. Before you get too comfortable, we've good news and bad news. Race to find out more.

  • Test .024.: The good news is... you successfully defeated Lab 2's AI and eliminated that part of the virus. Keep racing!

  • Test .025.: The bad news is... the virus somehow cloned itself before you defeated it -- and THAT clone is in THIS lab. Now race!

  • Test .026.: The clone in this lab is determined to bring down not just Lab 3 -- but ALL of Asphalt Labs! Race to make sure that doesn't happen!

  • Test .027.: You'll need to train and upgrade to be in top condition to bring this AI down.

  • Test .028.: You'll be able to stop the clone only by defeating the AI. Keep racing to keep your game up!

  • Test .029.: This Tokyo track will really put your Tuono to the test -- but we've got faith in you!

  • Test .030.: We're getting closer, racer. The final race to save all of our labs approaches soon. Keep up the training for now.

  • Test .031.: You've got to defeat the clone AI in order to save Asphalt Labs -- we're counting on you, racer!

  • Test .032.: Try your hand against the AI now, racer -- but first you may want to consider an upgrade for this challenge!

  • Test .033.: Amazing work, racer! The AI is weakened now. One more AI challenge and you'll finish it off. Let's keep up the training to get there.

  • Test .034.: You're doing great! Next stop -- China. This is a gate drift challenge, so make sure you don't miss any gates, get my drift?

  • Test .035.: We're racing in China twice to get you in the very best shape possible against the AI! Make sure to use what you learn!

  • Test .036.: This Barcelona track is particularly nasty -- you may want to consider an upgrade before you head out.

  • Test .037.: Off to the Azure Coast. Try to stay away from any casinos -- it's enough of a gamble that we'll all get through this in the first place!

  • Test .038.: OK, we're so close to having you face off against the AI -- finish first here in Guiana and we're practically there!

  • Test .039.: You are one race away from tackling the AI aggressor! Wrap this up in Tenerife and we'll be at the final battle!
  • Test .040.: This is it! The battle for Asphalt Labs! Defeat the AI clone opponent here in Dubai... and save Asphalt!

Lab .004.

  • Test .041.: Well done, racer. Asphalt Labs is safe... for now. We still have to clean the last of the virus from Lab 4's system. Keep racing and I'll explain.

  • Test .042.: The part of the virus that remains is the part that's able to produce clones of itself. Now play along and get racing.

  • Test .043.: We just need to identify where the last remnants of the virus are located in the system -- and your racing will draw it out. Keep going!

  • Test .044.: This limited-time track in Tenerife will hone your skills in your lead up to racing the last clone.

  • Test .045.: We've pinpointed a unique signature in the code but it keeps moving around... Could this be the clone maker?

  • Test .046.: If we can keep all its energy focused on defeating you, we can figure out a way to hack in, find the virus, and delete it.

  • Test .047.: Keep racing to keep your skills intact to eliminate this last threat!

  • Test .048.: The alps are the perfect place to run circles around this... "Clonemaker." Once we can find it, that is.

  • Test .049.: We're sensing that we're closing in on the Clonemaker. Keep it up!

  • Test .050.: OK, we've isolated a unique signature that's staying in a constant location -- we're closing in!

  • Test .051.: Almost there! We have to defeat this Clonemaker to put an end to all this for good. Now race!

  • Test .052.: We've traced the source of the virus signature to right here in London! We're 99% certain you're about to encounter the Clonemaker!

  • Test .053.: OK, OK. You're doing great -- but apparently your last win wasn't against the last clone. It was against the last clone of the clone. So keep going.

  • Test .054.: Your recent AI win finally isolated the remaining virus left in the system. This gave us the location of the Clonemaker at last. We're almost there.

  • Test .055.: The Clonemaker has stopped producing clones -- it's focusing all its energy on defeating you. Defeat it and we're done here. The time is soon upon us.

  • Test .056.: Wanna consider kitting out your bike one last time? You will be shortly facing your ultimate opponent.

  • Test .057.: The Clonemaker is taking its previous defeats personally -- this isn't going to be easy. Hope you're ready!

  • Test .058.: If we can get rid of the Clonemaker, we'll have this virus completely eliminated! Keep up the good work!

  • Test .059.: The Clonemaker has decided enough is enough. It is one race away from emerging. Win this race and it'll show itself.

  • Test .060.: OK, racer. It's go time. Let's see if you can teach this AI virus some new tricks and defeat it for good! Asphalt Labs is counting on you!

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