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Introduced in 2015 as a more off-road oriented version of the Ariel Atom, the Nomad comes in 2 versions, the Nomad Sport and the Nomad Tactical. Differentiating from the Sport varian, the Tactical version sporting increased ride height and clearance, as well as a more off-road biased tire-selection. The Tactical retains a lot of internals from the Atom, but notable differences are the Honda 2.4L VTEC engine, winch, Light bar and kit, and a high mounted spare wheel and tire.

With its lightweight roll cage structural design, the Nomad Tactical weighs only 1750 pounds, and with its 230 hp engine, it comes to 60 mph from a standstill in 3.5 seconds, and reaches a top speed of around 120 mph. A supercharger with a performance clutch can be included as an option to increase the power output to 300 bhp.

The Nomad still remains in production as a road legal dune-buggy variant to the Atom, and now has a high performance version that delievers 335 bhp called the Ariel Nomad R.

Asphalt Xtreme Asphalt Xtreme[]


The in-game rendition of the Nomad is the Tactical variant and it does not have any custom visual modifications that deviate from what the Tactical already has, making it one of the few vehicles to not have any custom modifications done to it.

Pre-Netflix era[]

Being one of the original vehicles as well as the highest ranked buggy in the base game, the Ariel Nomad was initially a Class A buggy before eventually being upgraded to Class S post Coachella Update. The Ariel Nomad needs Class-S Blueprints 10 to unlock, and has the lowest starting rank of all the Class S vehicles, a rank of 20. Oil changes cost Credits 200 each, and take an hour and a half to be completed.

Netflix era[]

The Ariel Nomad was removed in 2021 when the game was licensed to Netflix.


The Ariel Nomad is one of the worst buggies in the game, and is one of the slowest vehicles in the game. Despite having a decent top speed within the archetype, responsive and drifty handling, and has very good acceleration with nitro, the Nomad is made completely uncompetitive due to its nearly non-existent drift-boosting capabilities and a horrible drift radius. Airspeed capabilities that the Lynx DCC 2016-J and Polaris RZR XP 1000 EPS excel at are completely missing in the Nomad, and because achieving airspeed through drift-boosting is the most important factor a buggy can have, the Nomad is completely helpless in the face of the top performing buggies in the game. While it is possible to maintain all-in nitro through performing flat-spins and barrel rolls for a decent amount of time, this is a strategy that any buggy can do, and is much more beneficial if the buggy is capable of airspeed, which still ultimately leaves the Nomad at a severe disadvantage compared to other buggies. While its quick acceleration might allow the Nomad to evade knockdowns in multiplayer races, the severe lack of pace means that whatever benefit the acceleration may give will be rendered useless as more viable vehicles catch up later during the race.

Being a Class S vehicle, the Nomad can be upgraded to Level 50 without the use of rank up tools, but no matter which rank the Nomad is, it will always be the bottom of the barrel on many tracks due to its poor performance. On tracks where buggies normally dominate, the Nomad will still struggle to make consistently good runs due to its crippling flaws, and even with a decent run it will still ultimately be a very slow vehicle on almost every track in the game.

Speed Modifier Approximation[]

Modifier: 97.7 %* km/h mph
Real Displayed Real Displayed
No Nitro 233.3 km/h 238.8 km/h 145 mph 148.4 mph
Long Nitro level 1 259.9 km/h 266 km/h 161.5 mph 165.3 mph
Long Nitro level 2 264.8 km/h 271 km/h 164.5 mph 168.4 mph
Long Nitro level 3 271.2 km/h 277.6 km/h 168.5 mph 172.5 mph
Long Nitro level 4 Extra Tank 276.5 km/h 283 km/h 171.8 mph 175.8 mph
All-In Nitro 289.2 km/h 296 km/h 179.7 mph 183.9 mph
All-In Nitro Extra Tank 297 km/h 304 km/h 184.6 mph 188.9 mph
Max Airspeed 349.8 km/h 358 km/h 217.3 mph 222.5 mph
Max Airspeed Extra Tank 353.7 km/h 362 km/h 219.8 mph 224.9 mph

* when using the Land Rover Defender as 100 % benchmark

With one of the worst speed modifiers for the archetype, the top speed of the Nomad is around the same levels of the Lynx DCC and Polaris. While this would be great if the Nomad featured the powerful drift-boosting capabilities the two mentioned have, the similar top speeds means that the Nomad does not excel in any significant regard compared to them. Extra Tank Extra Tank will increase the top speed, but the same can be said for the Lynx and Polaris, and they also have the added benefit of being able to reach higher airspeeds than without boosters, whereas the Nomad is unable to reach the new limit whatsoever.

In terms of time-limited events, the Nomad is virtually useless, it does not appear in any championships whatsoever, and is only usable on solo challenges.

With its extremely poor performance, high requirement of Class S tools for upgrades, lack of viable usage in both multiplayer and time-limited events, and far superior and practical options within and outside of the buggy archetype, it is a poor choice to upgrade the Nomad to Level 50, the only reason of doing so would be the unlikely event that the player has nothing better to max whatsoever.


Ariel Nomad Blueprint Ariel Nomad Blueprint – Last checked: Jul 5, 2020
Price: Tokens 712
Rarity: Class S
Vehicle: Ariel Nomad (10 to build, 1 to overclock)
Availability: Boxes, Black Market


The Ariel Nomad is required for a Stars Star goal in the following career race:

  • Race 287 (Class S, levels 47–50)
    • Recommended level: 48
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