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Overall performance[]

The Arrinera Hussarya GT has exceptional and well-balanced performance, achieving lap-times inferior to the Aston Martin Vulcan and McLaren MP4-31 by only a split second. Despite achieving worse lap-times, the Hussarya GT still has extraordinary performance merit, with performance statistics that are almost identical to the Vulcan's (aside from minuscule differences).

The Hussarya GT is much easier to drive than both vehicles, with smoother and stabler handling than both vehicles, and a sharper steering radius than the Vulcan (but wider than the MP4-31), along with less extreme drifting than both vehicles (reducing the risk of "oversteering"). The Hussarya GT is the least likely to skid out of all of these vehicles, although it does suffer from the Vulcan's problem of doing unusual (either fatal or incomplete) barrel rolls (this is still nothing compared to the MP4-31's tendency of doing 15 barrel rolls in one jump on a regular basis).

Multiplayer performance[]

In Multiplayer (esp at rank 1800), the Hussarya GT is better than the MP4-31, Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport (+Aventador SV), BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage, and McLaren Mercedes MP4-25 (+NEMESIS) for the following reasons:

  1. The Hussarya GT is much more stable than the MP4-31 and has a better nitro efficiency. The MP4-31 is much more likely to skid and wreck in seemingly random places and it's also very easy to "stuff up" a run with the MP4-31, while the Hussarya GT can easily adapt to any situation. The Hussarya GT, however, does have inferior acceleration, handling and drifting by small margins; the speed of the two vehicles is virtually equal. The MP4-31 becomes more of a threat on tracks like Dubai, Sector 8, and Tenerife, especially with only 1 lap.

  2. The Hussarya GT accelerates much quicker than the Corvette GS. It also has better handling, steering and drifting. However, the Corvette GS has a higher top speed (by a decent margin, though not huge) and a slightly better nitro efficiency. The Corvette GS becomes more of a threat on tracks like Tokyo, Barcelona, and French Guiana, especially with 2-3 laps. (The Aventador SV is similar except that it's slower than the Corvette GS and has better acceleration.)

  3. The Hussarya GT is much more stable than the Hommage, accelerates much quicker, has slightly better nitro efficiency, and has better steering/handling and drifting. However, the Hommage is slightly faster and is a threat on similar tracks to the Corvette GS/Aventador SV.

  4. The Hussarya GT is much more stable than the MP4-25 and has a slightly higher top speed. However, the MP4-25 has much better acceleration and otherwise similar statistics. Overall, the MP4-25 is possibly the Hussarya GT's strongest and most consistent opponent, even more so than the Vulcan. (The NEMESIS has similar performance but is inferior to the MP4-25.)

The Vulcan, of course, is superior to the Hussarya GT, but only slightly. The Vulcan is very slightly faster and has slightly better nitro efficiency, at the cost of being more difficult to drive and much more expensive to obtain.

Obatining difficulty[]

Notably, the Hussarya GT is very easy to obtain, being available from a Championship. The challenges within the Championship are very easy and it's not too difficult to complete it entirely (all trophies), although there is still the obstacle of upgrades costs which must be overcome. The McLaren MP4-31 also has a very easy Championship, although one or two of its challenges are nearly impossible to complete (among them, a notoriously difficult challenge in a small stretch of Venice Reverse, where the driver must complete four barrel rolls with the use of only two extremely steep and awkwardly positioned curved ramps which face each other at a right angle from a very close distance and around a corner).

Both the Hussarya GT and MP4-31 are easier to obtain than the Lamborghini Aventador SV and Porsche 918 Spyder with Weissach Package, two other high-end Class S vehicles which can be obtained from non-R&D Events (from the perspective that R&Ds are the most difficult Event, thus giving little advantage over simply purchasing the vehicle from the Garage). These two EDD cars also both have slightly inferior performance on the track and are Elite, hindering their continued usage. All four vehicles are some of the best alternatives to the Vulcan, and are commonly referred to as "Discount Vulcans", due to their cheap prices and performances which are nearly as good as the Vulcan. Two other Discount Vulcans are the TRION NEMESIS and Mosler Land Shark; both vehicles cost Credits and consume Forced-Induction V8 Engines.

Final verdict[]

Overall, the Hussarya GT is an extremely useful vehicle for "newbie" players and it's the best Discount Vulcan in the entire game, with price, performance, and ease of driving considered. If the player is somehow able to collect all 20 of its Legendary Blueprints (this can be done my participating in the seasonal Championship/TLEs) and manages to acquire 56 V8 Engines (this is easily done over half-a-year, if the player doesn't use any V8s on other vehicles), along with 4-5 million Credits, the Hussarya GT can become much more viable than any other Discount Vulcan.