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Beyond is the last of the regular nine Career Mode seasons in Asphalt 8: Airborne. There are 965 stars (579 podium finish + 386 Bonus Stars) available through 177 races. This season has a race for every car in the game, including the McLaren Championship cars (McLaren M14A, McLaren MP4/8, McLaren Mercedes MP4-25, and McLaren MP4-31) & Ariel Atom V8. This season requires 600 stars to unlock and grants Credits 5,000 upon being unlocked.

Basic Information

To play a race in Season 9, a car must be maxed out in order to be able to play its Season 9 race. Attempting to play it without Upgrades makes the race unplayable along with the message "Maxed-out vehicle required". However, there is a workaround to this. Going to Asphalt Tracker and challenging a friend's new ghost in Season 9 allows you to play that race, so long as you have the car they set their new record with. If they set a record with a car that isn't available for sale (e.g. the Car Mastery reward cars and the 2015 GTA Spano), the race will not be accessible. The only exceptions to the "maxed-out car" rule are the McLaren Championship-unlockable cars, the Ariel Atom V8 and Festival-unlockable vehicles, which instead use Pro Kits solely for their upgrades; despite this, their banners in Season 9 still show the "MAX" badge.

All races in Season 9 are single-lap Classic races with traffic enabled (except in French Guiana and Sector 8, and as of the Championship Update until Fifth Anniversary Update, Iceland and London), and because of the short race times, Season 9 is excellent for farming Credits. However, as of March 2020 in the 2020 Lunar New Year Update, the base credit rewards were massively reduced. To earn five stars in every race the player must win the race within a certain time limit and reach another objective. As of the Tenerife Update, all new cars released have two target race times to beat, several of them exceedingly difficult or even impossible with just a maxed out car, thus forcing the player to rely on Pro Upgrades (and Boosters) this time around. All races have 6 racers. Further info about farming Credits in Season 9: Beyond can be found on the Farming / Rewards Page and Base Credits Accumulation Rate in Season 9: Beyond and Asphalt 8: Airborne/Car List - pages. Also the race times of Season 9 races are discussed in Forum thread What are your average race times for Season 9 races and on Dj458's User Blog Maxed car times in season 9.

In many cases, the recommended rank of the event is usually equal to the car's MAX rank. As of the Car Mastery Update, though, there are now exceptions to this:

Season 9 Races

As putting all races in one page makes the page too long to comfortably navigate through, Season 9 races have been categorized by year of debut.