New event: Ferrari SF90 Stradale Festival [Edit]
Mar 27, 2020 – CarlRaven ASPHALT 8
The Ferrari SF90 Stradale Festival has been launched.
2020 Spring Update out now! [Edit]
Mar 18, 2020 – Minasakkayarouzeg2 ASPHALT 8
The 2020 Spring Update is here. You can check out what’s new here.
New event: Drako GTE Festival [Edit]
Mar 11, 2020 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT 8
The Drako GTE Festival has been launched.
Average Fusion Coin value [Edit]
Feb 29, 2020 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT 8 STATISTICS ASPHALT WIKI
Asphalt Wiki now displays Asphalt 8 Pro Kit Boxes with their average Fusion Coin value per card, based on statistical data. This may help players who open boxes for Fusion Coins and not for specific cards. An overview table can also be seen on Average card frequencies (Asphalt 8).

By the way, the current average value from the most common boxes is 843Fusion coins full a8 843 per card, so players should have no illusions about getting more in the long run.
New event: Lotus Evija Festival [Edit]
Feb 24, 2020 – WKPQ ASPHALT 8
The Lotus Evija Festival has been launched.
New event: McLaren Senna Festival [Edit]
Feb 8, 2020 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT 8
The McLaren Senna Festival has been launched.
Fusion Boxes and Daily Kit Box removed from list of most common boxes [Edit]
Jan 28, 2020 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT 8 STATISTICS
As the Fusion Boxes and the Daily Kit Box are no longer availabe, they have been removed from Asphalt Wiki's list of most common boxes. The Daily Kit Box has been replaced with the revived Parts Box. These changes have effects on all calculations on Asphalt Wiki where aggregated drop rates are displayed, for example on our front page.

The mini tables on Event pages still list the old boxes as players may still have them in their inventory.
New event: Infiniti Project Black S Special Edition Festival [Edit]
Jan 23, 2020 – WKPQ ASPHALT 8
2020 Lunar New Year Update has been released [Edit]
Jan 22, 2020 – WKPQ ASPHALT 8
The 2020 Lunar New Year Update is out! You can check out what’s new here.
Leaderboard issues in Festival TLEs [Edit]
Jan 15, 2020 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT 8
Players who experience their leaderboard position massively going down after driving a Festival Cup TLE may have stumbled upon this statement on the Customer Care entry page: "Different results in leaderboard – Several players wrote that their final result on the leaderboard was changed after the Time-Limited Event had finished, and they then received less rewards. Please note that this is not a bug. Because of different time zones, not all players finished the race at the same time."

Players should note that this is deliberate disinformation.

The Festival TLEs end at 12:00 UTC, all over the world. All players do finish the race at the same time—stating otherwise is a lie. The real reason for the issues can be GL's new cheater detection algorithms that still produce lots of false positives. Players can test that by trying a Showdown or Multiplayer race afterwards. If they find no opponents, they are on the cheaterboard. Honest players are advised not to accept false accusations of cheating by Customer Care and to escalate the case. Unfortunately there is little hope that Customer Care will admit that the error is on Gameloft's side.
New event: Italdesign Zerouno Festival [Edit]
Jan 7, 2020 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT 8
The Italdesign Zerouno Festival has been launched.
Not recommended: Super Fusion Box [Edit]
Dec 22, 2019 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT 8 STATISTICS
It is strongly recommended not to buy the new Super Fusion Box. It is expensive, mediocre in almost every aspect and a waste of the new Fusion Coins which are much more important for pro upgrades. Although the box has a decent Engine drop rate, it grants no i3 and no V12 MPI Engines, no Advanced Tech and microscopic doses of Mid-Tech. As known from other boxes, the distribution of Part cards is unbalanced and has a clear focus on Tires and Suspension. See the box page for details.
New event: Lotus Elise Cup 260 & Koenigsegg Jesko Festival [Edit]
Dec 19, 2019 – WKPQ ASPHALT 8
The Winter Festival has been launched.
Patch Notes for next Update [Edit]
Dec 17, 2019 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT 8
The official Patch Notes for the 2019 Holiday Update will be released soon. You can already see them exclusively here.
New events: Ferrari 812 Superfast and Aston Martin DBS Superleggera R&Ds [Edit]
Dec 6, 2019 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT 8
The Ferrari 812 Superfast Research & Development has been launched. Furthermore, the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Research & Development has been restarted because of the server issues during the event.
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