Asphalt 9: Legends is an arcade racing video game developed and published by Gameloft as part of the Asphalt series. It was released on February 26th, 2018 for iOS in the Philippines as a soft launch, and it was released worldwide on July 25th, 2018.


Asphalt 9 Legends - Soft Launch Preview

Asphalt 9 Legends - Soft Launch Preview

Take on the most fearless drivers and become the next Asphalt Legend in this brand new arcade racing experience. In Asphalt 9: Legends, players will be able to take the wheel of over 50 prestigious dream cars across the most amazing real world locations. Complete hundreds of events in the solo Career mode and face up to 8 players in real time in the multiplayer mode. You can even create your own Race Club and recruit players to compete as a team to be the best in the world!


Immerse yourself in this hyper-realistic arcade racing game, with meticulously detailed real cars, HDR techniques and stunning visual and particle effects that turn every race into a real blockbuster movie.

Collect over 50 of the world’s most amazing speed machines. Each vehicle has been carefully selected based on its aesthetics and high performance to create the most desirable line-up of any Asphalt game to date.

Use the new car editor to define the exact colour and materials for your car. You can also pick the colour of the Rims and Brake Calipers and add carbon parts to fully customise your rides.

Feel the thrill of gravity-defying races across 70 tracks in the most amazing real-world locations. Race around giant tornados in the American wilderness, avoid landslides in the Himalayas and hit the ramps to perform awesome stunts.

Charge your nitro to unleash the ultimate Nitro Pulse and break the sound barrier. Double-tap on the brake to do a 360° at any time and take down your opponents in style.

Start your journey in Career mode by completing over 60 seasons and 800 races. Become a real Asphalt legend by racing against up to 8 players in real time through the different leagues of the World Series Multiplayer mode.

Master the innovative TOUCH DRIVE, a new control scheme that streamlines steering to let players focus on the fun of racing. You can also switch to manual controls (tilt or tap to steer) and learn how to drive like a pro Asphalt racer.

For the first time in the Asphalt series, you can create your own community of like-minded racers with the Club feature. Collaborate with your Club members to unlock Milestone rewards and rise up the ranks of the Club leaderboard.

Race Modes

Classic: In Classic mode, the goal is to win the race (come in 1st, 2nd or 3rd depending on the race's goals).

Time Attack: The race has a time limit. To win the race, the player has to cross the finish line before the timer runs out. More time is added to the timer when a checkpoint is reached or by collecting green clock pickups on the track.

Hunted: The race has a time limit. To win the race, the player has to escape in time or will be busted. Police vehicles are more durable than regular cars but can be taken down with a shockwave-knockdown, an aerial takedown, a landing knockdown or a 360. At the end of the race, the player has to successfully perform a stunt to finish the race. Failure to do so has the player's car crashing into a police barricade and losing the race. Any wreck instantly results in disqualification and the game mode is a mixture of "Time Attack" and "Flawless" races.

Slipstream: In Slipstream mode, the car behind can fill up the nitro tank by following the slipstream trail of the car ahead, allowing them to catch up easily.


Car Tuning

"Tuning" a car is required to get a car to higher stats. In addition to the performance rating, each car has a star rating that increases the maximum performance rating and is unlocked by collecting model-specific blueprints.

All cars in the game can be upgraded with blueprints called "Import parts." Every car has a base price for upgrading with these parts, and regardless of how many were already used, these do not increase in price. The 3 different import parts are as follows:

  • Blueprint uncommon a9 Uncommon
  • Blueprint rare a9 Rare
  • Blueprint epic a9 Epic

Uncommon import parts are parts that are shared with every car in the game. These parts can be used to upgrade any car without a class restriction.

Rare import parts are parts that are class-specific. There are still 4 different parts but now vary between each class. Some parts are only used for Class C, while others are only used for Class B.

Epic import parts are the most expensive parts, most of them being at the Credits small a9 100,000 range, and they are car specific parts. Some cars in the game, especially cars that are high in their class, or are high in class (i.e. Lamborghini Centenario, Ford GT, Pininfarina H2 Speed, W Motors Lykan Hypersport, Porsche 918, etc.) are cars that commonly require these parts to level up. They are mostly found within specific packs, such as event packs, and are needed only when a car has reached a certain star rating.

Career Mode

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Car List

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Asphalt 9: Legends received "mixed or average" reviews on Metacritic getting a metascore of 61/100 on Nintendo Switch[1] and 74/100 on iOS.[2]

Chinese Version

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