Asphalt 9 rarity text color templates available [Edit]
Sep 12, 2019 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT 9 EDITORS
Uncommon, rare and epic items can now easily be formatted with the {{A9uncommon}}, {{A9rare}} and {{A9epic}} templates.
The Arrinera Hussarya Car Hunt has begun! [Edit]
Sep 11, 2019 – Damian103 ASPHALT 9
The King Of The Fall I event has begun today. It contains the Arrinera Hussarya car hunt, alongside 500 tokens up for grabs if you have the required cars. Good luck!
The McLaren Senna Special Event has started! [Edit]
Sep 6, 2019 – Damian103 ASPHALT 9
The McLaren Senna special event has begun! Check out more information in the main article here.
Asphalt 9 font now available on Asphalt Wiki [Edit]
Sep 1, 2019 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT 9 EDITORS
Rajdhani, the official ASPHALT 9 FONT, can now also be used on Asphalt Wiki. Simply assign the CSS class "font-a9" to the element you want to be rendered in Rajdhani. You can also download the font for free at Google Fonts. Asphalt 9 fans from India may appreciate that the font is also capable of displaying Devanagari characters.
The new update for Asphalt 9 has just been released! [Edit]
Aug 27, 2019 – Damian103 ASPHALT 9
The Tune It Up Update has been released today. For more information check out the respective wiki article.
New update: Summer Update [Edit]
Jun 18, 2019 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT 9
The Summer Update has been released.
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