Asphalt Overdrive is a 2014 game developed and published by Gameloft. It is the eleventh game in the Asphalt series, along with being the series' first spinoff. The game was launched on September 24, 2014 for iOS, Android, and iPhone 6 mobile devices. The game was officially retired in Feb 2015 because events were closed. In 2016, the game has been closed by Gameloft.


The game takes place in a rerendered 80's style of Southern California, similar to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (which take place in a fictionalized 1980s Miami named Vice City). You can race in the place at both day and night. Daytime starts at the beginning of the game, but nighttime starts at when the player reaches Turf 3.


Just like previous games in the series, cars in Asphalt Overdrive auto-accelerate. But unlike previous games, players are limited to a fixed, endless path with 3 lanes, and 2 lanes in detour. But once you reach Turf 2, there are 4 lanes. There is a storyline where you can play getaway, jump stunt, takedown, restricted races and daily races, and in a storyline, if you gain enough stars, you are challenged to a boss. You can access to the next part if you win the boss, and if you win the car twice, you can win the boss car which adds up 50% of league points and can give access to the next area's restricted races. There is a joyride mode, which was originally supposed to be in a part of the storyline, but was made instead into a standalone mode. Joyride mode and fighting the boss for the first time requires two energy points, while other modes require one energy point. Using a car that has the bonus "Fuel Injection" sometimes offer you a ride without energy point usage, and registering the gang of 5 or more members reduce energy replenishment time. You can also pay some amount of gold to get energy points.

The game tends to share similarities with Subway Surfers, as the game requires swiping fingers to turn lanes and perform stunts, unlike other games in the series.


The game cars auto accelerate, like previous and main games of Asphalt. However, Unlike other games, this game is played vertical (instead of horizontal control many Asphalt games in the past did), and the player are fixed in an endless path with some lanes, and the player must swipe the car, either the right or the left, so that he can change the lane.

When the player reaches the ramp, then he can perform two actions- Swipe up to fly higher(bird flight) or swipe left or right to turn lanes while jumping(twister).

When on a curved ramp, the player must do a barrel roll, and there are no choices beyond it, no matter where the player swipes their finger.

When the player reaches Turf 2(Episode 2), there are a double-steep jump. If you swipe up, or any other direction than down, the vehicle just performs a back flip(360).

However, you can turn the lane while doing a jump stunt by swiping a finger during a jump. With this, the player can turn the lane even airborne.

There are also some more controls. When in a tunnel, you can do a loop twister which can be done by the driver swiping a finger to the rightmost part of the tunnel. This can only be done on one direction.

There is grinding, which begin appearing at the beginning of Episode 3. This requires your car be balanced during a grind, or your car may wreck.

At the beginning of Episode 4, you start to learn a trick called two wheels. The player can be safe when it tilts left- if right it is dangerous. This stunt can only be recognized when you make the stunt to the end and balance your car back.

There is a trick called drifting, which appears at the end of Episode 1. However, this is never special and the player just controls the car as if the player is driving normally. However, the car will change lanes slower than usual when drifting.

Pickup items

Asphalt Overdrive packs some items that can be collected during a race.

Cash pickup - this adds a cash bonus of 1000$, which cannot be changed, no matter what mode you are playing.

Nitro pickup - this adds a specific amount of nitro in your tank. Upgrading the nitro tank of the car can boost the amount of nitro you can obtain. There are a normal variant and a bigger variant. The bigger nitro pickup adds more nitro than a normal-sized one. Upgrading Nitro stats in the car increases the amount of nitro you can obtain in a nitro pickup.

Time extension pickup - this is added in the joyride update. It is only seen in Joyride mode, and is shaped of a clock. It adds 4 extra seconds to the clock.


Turf 1

Turf 2

Turf 3

Turf 4

Turf 5



  • Ladia Takie (Control Lada) - agent and companion of the player, helps in some situations and informs about tuning of the car characteristics. In first turf, if the energy gauge is empty for the first time, she helps with refill it for free. She also comments the current race events (Quotes: "Oops!", "C'mon get us outta here!" etc.)
  • Boss X - unknown person that appears at fifth turf. Gives 30 gold when Frank Millieous (see "Antagonists") is beaten.


  • Rickie Chung
  • Debbie Lords
  • Jonnie Bateman
  • Kelly Rodriguez
  • Frank Millieous - the boss of the gang, who stolen player's Ferrari 308 GTS at first turf.


Also a part of the controls in Asphalt Overdrive, there are traffic scattered around the road. There are five traffic variations(six if boss or police is put in consideration)-

  1. Normal traffic cars(or pickup trucks). Normal cars and pickups can be near missed or taken down, and help the player obtain nitro and score. Cars with roll cage ability obtains extra score when taking down cars as well. When bumped, the traffic car slows down the player's vehicle. This is not very harmful and Invincibility is not turned upon hitting these vehicles.
  2. Buses (or big trucks). Big vehicles can only be near missed, and cannot be taken down. If you try to take down these vehicles, they just stay normally. Although they don't shift lines, they pose a threat because when these cars are bumped, your cars wreck and waste time significantly. Invincibility is turned upon impact with these vehicles.
  3. Cargo trucks. Cargo trucks cannot be near missed(although they can be, if you closely dodge the trucks and loads), and like normal trucks, your car wreck when hitting these vehicles. These vehicles' freight can also wreck your vehicle. These trucks appear in the end part of Episode 1 and the beginning of Episode 2, and pose a significant threat when you are in detour. Invincibility is turned on when you hit either the truck or it's freights.
  4. Police cars(or taxis). Their physics are just like normal cars and pickups, and it's difference is that they change lines frequently and make them crash. They can distract you, especially when in destruction missions. It's appearing in the mid part of Episode 2, and it's first appearance is the Taxi. These vehicle in police form appear in the end part of Episode 3.
  5. Police barricade vehicles. Their physics are different from most vehicles. They can neither being taken down or near missed. If these cars are touched by you, your car may wreck. This car may pose a big hazard when driving, especially on a fast car. It appears at the midpart of Episode 3.
  6. Police pursuits(or boss vehicles). They appear in getaway(police car) or boss missions(Boss vehicle). They are hostile towards you and in these missions you are being chased by them. They differ in form in different areas. In Episode 1 and 2, they are normal police vehicles. However, in Episode 3 and 4, they become Ford Mustang Boss 302s. In Episode 5, they become Lamborghini Countachs (and Ford Mustang Boss 302s in parts of missions), which is different from yours. Boss vehicles also change by Episodes.


  • The shortcut of the game upon installing reads "Asphalt O". This is purely to shorten the name.
  • The "Overdrive" font and colours are very similar, if not identical to GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories style. The underline makes it even more similar.