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Asphalt Urban GT is a racing video game for keypad-based mobile phones, the Nokia N-Gage, and the Nintendo DS and handheld video game console. It was developed by Gameloft and published by Ubisoft, and released on November 21, 2004, making it one of the DS launch titles. It has support for wireless multiplayer with up to four opponents, and takes advantage of the DS's support for 3D graphics (while showing unaccelerated N-Gage's power to match DS's graphics), showing the action from three camera angles. Replays are also available. The bottom screen of the DS is utilized to provide strategic tips and player information.

The game's 23 cars are licensed from real manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Hummer, Volkswagen, and others, and can be enhanced with over 30 addons.

A sequel to the game, Asphalt Urban GT 2, was later released.

Development Team

  • Game Designers: Guillaume Descamps, Stanislas Dewavrin
  • Creative Director: Stanislas Dewavrin
  • Lead Programmer: David Nicolier
  • Programmers: Jean‑Sebastien Mouret, Olivier Francoeur, Alexandre Begnoche, Rejean Cote‑Charpentier
  • Art Direction: Christophe Latour, Eric Marradi
  • 3D Artists: Christophe Latour, Eric Marradi, Mathieu Michel
  • Additional Illustrations: Etienne Perin, Maxime Neko
  • Sounds & Music: Romain Gauthier, also known as Nino Mojo, sometimes credited as Nino Gauthier
  • Executive Producer: Philippe Laurens

Java Version

There was a mobile version of Urban GT which was realeased on December 2, 2004; the difference between the Java version and the N-Gage/DS version is that the game runs with 2D graphics with a 3D perspective for the gameplay.

This version features 9 licensed cars, which also appeared in the N-Gage/DS version, and also features 8 tracks, only 2 of which were also in the DS/N-Gage Version (New York and Paris). The rest are different tracks that were only featured in the Java version which are:

15th Anniversary

May 5th was the 15th Anniversary of Urban GT's mobile version; in memory to that, the Asphalt 9: Legends website was updated for the 15th anniversary, including a playable remake of the Java version of Urban GT. Link: 15th Anniversary Page


Asphalt Urban GT
Vehicles in Asphalt Urban GT
Aston Martin DB9Vanquish
Audi TT Roadster 3.2 quattro
Chevrolet 2005 Corvette C6
Concept Cars DashibaraHutch 70PitbullRaptorTerror
Ford Cobra ConceptGT
Gameloft Gamelati 1000 SS
Hummer H1H2
Jaguar XKR
Lamborghini Diablo GTRDiablo RoadsterGallardoMurciélagoMurciélago R-GT
Lotus Exige
Morgan Aero 8
Nissan 350 ZSkyline GT-R R34
Saleen S7
Shelby GT500
TVR SagarisT 440 R
Volkswagen Golf V GTINew Beetle RSI


Asphalt Urban GT
Race tracks in Asphalt Urban GT
Original tracks Las Vegas USA Speedway Cuba Miami Bogota Airport New York Paris Ukraine Deadzone Hong Kong
Additional tracks (Java) London Tokyo Siracusa Luxor Vladivostok Route 66