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Asphalt Urban GT 2 also known as Asphalt 2 Urban GT, or simply as Asphalt 2, is a racing video game developed and published by Gameloft for the Nintendo DS, N-Gage, PlayStation Portable, BREW, Symbian and Windows Mobile. A 2.5D Java ME version for mobile phones was also released.

The game features special appearances from The Pussycat Dolls in various loading and result screens, and a sample of Moby's single "Lift Me Up" is also included. The Nintendo DS version was released approximately a year after the N-Gage version, with improved graphics, sound, and dual screen compatibility. The PSP version, released some months later, features further improved graphics and sound alongside a completely different soundtrack. The BREW, Symbian and Windows Mobile versions use the same graphics from N-Gage version.


The gameplay of Urban GT 2 is often compared to other arcade racing titles such as Need for Speed, Burnout and Ridge Racer, as the game improves upon the original by featuring new collision physics, where players can eliminate opponents by ramming into them, particularly by using maximum nitrous or pinning them against walls around the track. The police is a new aspect to the game, being extra adversaries that raise the stakes of the gameplay. The game also features the ability to earn extra prize money by driving through money collectibles and performing various actions throughout the race.

There is a wanted meter which determines the awareness level of the police, much like the wanted level system in Grand Theft Auto, although instead of a star rating, the wanted meter is determined by how much the "WANTED" letters are highlighted.

Performing certain actions such as using nitrous or other acts of reckless driving will fill up the meter, often spawning a variety of police vehicles that will chase after the player, and if the meter is high enough, the police will then issue a bounty which is often dictated by the speed of the player's car, and is added to the player's prize pool. There is also the possibility of helicopter chases as well, should the wanted meter be close to being full, in which players must avoid them at all costs; getting caught by the helicopter's spotlight will lead to the player getting instantly busted.

Crashing and/or getting busted will lead to a severe loss of prize money, offset by a loss of time.

The nitrous system has been revamped in which players can use up to a maximum of three successive boosts, which also gradually increase the car's speed even further. The driving physics have also been enhanced compared to the previous game, allowing for more responsive braking and sharper cornering on the more technical tracks.

The single player modes are identical to the previous game, such as Arcade and Evolution. Evolution mode remains unchanged from the previous game, except that it has been updated to reflect the new cars and tracks introduced to the game. Money in this game uses generic dollars ($) instead of Euros.

The game also features a wider variety of cars and tracks compared to the original, including a larger selection of motorcycles, and certain customization items such as vinyls, neon lights and custom wheels are introduced and available on specific car models, as with body kits, which can now be interchanged or removed at will. Cars can still be upgraded as usual, but throughout Evolution mode, there is the possibility of unlocking rare tuning kits which enhances their performance even further, after completing certain specific championships.

Arcade, however, works differently, as money earned from that mode is required to unlock new cars and content. The single player modes are as follows:

  • Single Race - Regular races with no unique modifications to the rules. Races usually last three laps.
  • Time Trial - Players race against the clock to set their fastest lap times, and as such, there are no opponents and traffic cars.
  • Cop Chase - Expanding on the original, Cop Chase allows players to use a variety of police vehicles to hunt down and arrest rival racers before the time expires.
  • Bandit Chase - A survival-type game mode where players must drive for as long as possible while evading and destroying police vehicles. Players have up to three lives in this mode, and each one is lost whenever the player crashes, and/or is subsequently busted, with the session ending after all three lives are lost. The police will get even more aggressive depending on how many cops were destroyed, with chances of occasional helicopter chases as well. This mode requires $40,000 of Arcade currency to unlock.
  • Elimination - Similar to Golden Races from the previous game, any players in last place after every checkpoint are eliminated. This mode requires $60,000 of Arcade currency to unlock.
  • Time Ride (PSP only) - Taking inspiration from Elimination, tracks are broken down into checkpoints, in which players must cross these segments of track before the timer runs out.

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Asphalt Urban GT 2
Race tracks in Asphalt Urban GT 2
Paris Colombia Airport Ukraine Deadzone Cuba Texas Speedway Las Vegas Miami New York Hong Kong Rio de Janeiro London Dubai San Francisco Tokyo Baghdad (Java exclusive)


Asphalt Urban GT 2
Vehicles in Asphalt Urban GT 2
Aston Martin DBR9
Cadillac XLR 2004
Chevrolet 1969 Camaro1967 Corvette Stingray
Confederate Hellcat
Dodge 1969 Charger RT-SE 440Ram SRT-10Viper GTS-RViper SRT-10
Ducati 999RMonster S4R
Ecosse Heretic
Gameloft Grand Prix RacerNitrous Sand BugPrototype 93-WT DDThe CollectorT-Fin 609 SpeedsterLow Ridin' Road HogConcept WK-10
Hummer H1H2H3
Husqvarna SM 610
Infiniti FX45G35 Coupe
Kawasaki VN2000ZX-10 R
Lamborghini Countach 1985GallardoLM002Miura 1973MurciélagoMurciélago R-GTMurciélago RoadsterPolizia
Mercedes-Benz CL65CLS CoupeSL65SLK 55 AMGSLR
MINI Cooper S
Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS
Nissan 350 ZR34 Skyline GT-R
Police Hong Kong PatrolNYPD MarshallParis PoliceTexan Armored SUVCHP Cruiser
Pontiac 1967 GTO
Saleen S281 CoupeS7 Twin Turbo
Shelby Cobra 427 1967
Subaru Impreza WRX STI
Triumph Speed Triple
TVR Sagaris
Volkswagen Golf GTI MkV


  • Fictional vehicles made by Gameloft can only be used in Arcade mode, and each have unique unlock requirements.
  • The Aston Martin DBR9 cannot be used outside of Evolution mode.
  • The Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS uses a different model depending on the version of the game. The Nintendo DS and N-Gage versions depict it with the body of the much later Eclipse GT while the PSP version uses the actual Eclipse GTS.