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If you want to add a Pro Kit Box to Asphalt Wiki, you should consider not only to mention it on one page, but to fully integrate the box into the modular system. This can be done by creating a template which contains all the relevant data on your Pro Kit Box.

The advantage of creating a template: Pro Kit Boxes can appear at different occasions on Asphalt Wiki:

  • They can be mentioned in the flow of an article text, for instance: Champion Kit Box Champion Kit Box.
  • They can be listed in overviews like the Pro Kit Box article or in tables.
  • They can be used on Championship, R&D, and other event pages.

If you find that some given information on your Pro Kit Box was incorrect or if the data changes (new drop rates, for example), you would have to search the whole Asphalt Wiki for pages where your box is listed or mentioned—a procedure that means a lot of work and is highly error-prone. If templates are used, it is sufficient to change the data in the template, and all Asphalt Wiki pages will display the changes.

There are predefined "half-ready" pages that help you. You can use the buttons below to go through the steps and follow the instructions given on the respective new page.


This special template is the "data container" for your Pro Kit Box. Before creating a template, you may want to check the Pro kit box templates category if the template already exists. Editors can insert your box in an article by typing the box name surrounded by curly brackets {{ }} which will retrieve the data directly from the template you are creating now. Your template will also be used as a source for Pro Kit Box overviews. If you need to change the data of the box later, change this template.

  • Use the input box below to create a new template for your Pro Kit Box.
  • When you click the Create Pro Kit Box template button, you will be asked to specifiy a template type. Choose "Design".
  • On the new template page, change the parameters you want and click the Publish button. You do not have to fill in all box data now; you can do it later. Return to this page when you are done.
  • Follow the next step.


If you don't provide an image for your box, a placeholder is shown. If you want to upload an image, you may first want to go to the Box images category to check if the file already exists. If so, you can simply add the filename to the file parameter.

If you want to upload your own image, please follow these rules:

  • The filename should be A8box Name, where Name is the exact name of the box as given in the game, for instance: A8box Example Box.png.
  • Do not use whole screenshots. The image will be mostly displayed as an icon, so it should at least be cropped. Transparent background is even better.
  • You can add the filename to the template prior to uploading the image. Thus, a red link is produced which you can click and easily upload the image.
  • Box images should be categorized. For example, the Super Split BP Box Super Split BP Box † has the following categories:
[[Category:Purchasable box images|Super Split BP Box]]
[[Category:Blueprint box images|Super Split BP Box]]
[[Category:Split box images|Super Split BP Box]]
[[Category:Asphalt 8 images|Super Split BP Box]]

When adding a catetory, please add a pipe (|) followed by the name of the box without the prefix A8box. This prevents box images from being listed all under A which would make the category index letters useless. In the above example, the image will be listed under S instead.

For the same reason, leading item numbers as in the 2-Mid-Tech Box 2-Mid-Tech Box should be put at the end of the name like in the following example:

[[Category:Tech box images|Mid-Tech Box 2]]
[[Category:Asphalt 8 images|Mid-Tech Box 2]]


This is the main page for your Pro Kit Box. It contains the infobox and everything you want to write about the box.

  • Use the input box below to create a new article for your Pro Kit Box.
  • This creates a predefined Pro Kit Box article. On the new page, replace the two appearances of [Enter box name here] in the first lines by the box name. Follow the other instructions and comments.
  • You can work on your article now or edit the infobox data in your new template.
  • Note: The infobox on your article page is only a different style of your box template. If you want to change infobox data, always do it in the template.
  • Setting the article parameter of the template to the article name will cause the box name to link to the article whereever the template is included. Example: article = Example box.

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