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As news can appear at different places on Asphalt Wiki, they are stored in a modular template system. Every news item has its own template which contains the relevant data. The Create news button above uses the name given in the input box to create a predefined template where you can fill in title, text, author (you) and categories.

Naming conventions

Every template is named

News YYYY-MM-DD ##
  • YYYY-MM-DD: Date of the news item. Month (MM) and day (DD) are always zero-padded, for example
  • ##: Number of the news item on that day, two digits, zero-padded. The first item of a day has 01, the second 02, and so on.

This page automatically checks if previous numbers already exist and suggests the next possible number in the input box at the top.

  • This works up to 10. If 10 is suggested, editors should use the Check manually link to see if there are even more than 10 items in the News templates category for that day.
  • To add a news item of a past day, change the name in the input box manually.
  • If the Create news button leads to a template that is already filled with content, a template with this name already exists. Go back to this page and check manually for the next available number of that day.

When you are on the newly generated template page with a valid template name, copy the name without the "Template:" prefix to the templatename parameter. This is important because the date of the news item is calculated from this parameter as well as some other features.


  • Be responsible! Once you have published the template, your news item goes live immediately and will be visible on all news pages throughout the wiki.
  • Use of links:
    • A news item should contain one link that leads to a page with further details, for example, the Update page if a new update is announced.
    • Links in titles are ignored. Provide them in the text parameter.
    • A link should be placed within the first 200 characters of the text parameter if you want it to remain visible in the compact news feed view where the text is cut off after 250 characters.
  • Categorization:
    •  ASPHALT 9  (a9 = 1): Asphalt 9 updates, events, gameplay changes etc.
    •  STREETSTORM  (as = 1): Asphalt Streetstorm updates, events, gameplay changes etc.
    •  EXTREME  (ax = 1): Asphalt Xtreme updates, events, gameplay changes etc.
    •  NITRO  (an = 1): Asphalt Nitro updates, events, gameplay changes etc.
    •  ASPHALT 8  (a8 = 1): Asphalt 8 updates, events, gameplay changes etc.
    •  STATISTICS  (statistics = 1): Box changes, new studies, statistics topics etc.
    •  ASPHALT WIKI  (wiki = 1): New wiki articles, new or changed wiki features
    •  EDITORS  (editors = 1): New or changed wiki editing and coding features

Technical details

  • After you click the Publish button for the first time, the news will not be displayed correctly on the template page, and it will appear in all categories instead of the ones you have chosen. You always have to click the Edit button again and publish the template a second time.

See also

  • Help:News modular system – if you want to know more about how to use news templates
  • Category:News templates – the category for all news templates