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This page provides a few guidelines to ensure that your data contributions can be included in the database.

Important note for Asphalt 8 contributors: After the Fifteenth Anniversary Update, the old boxes ("Legacy Boxes") will disappear from the game and will therefore no longer be taken into account.
Boxes that need more data
Asphalt Nitro
Name Trials
A-Class Box an A-Class Box 16
B-Class Box an B-Class Box 24
C-Class Box an C-Class Box 16
A8Box Champion Kit Box Champion Kit Box 30
D-Class Box an D-Class Box 16
A8Box Super Racer Kit Box Expert Kit Box 168
Mystery Box an Mystery Box 30
S-Class Box an S-Class Box 24
A8Box Specialist Kit Box Specialist Kit Box 135


  • Do not open several boxes at once!
    • It is necessary to have separate data for each box. Otherwise hidden rules like "Every box contains at least one [...]" cannot be verified.
      Exception: Boxes that contain only 1 single item.
  • Do not group items!
    • It is necessary to have the exact number of each different item.
    • Grouping items like "4 Class A Parts" makes your contribution useless.
  • Post your data in a comment under the respective box article.
  • Add the text {{new data}} somewhere in your comment.
    • This shows as New statistics data and categorizes your post under Category:New data contributions so that project members can find it and include your data in the database.
  • Provide the date when you opened the box.
    • The date can be omitted if you post the data on the same day you opened the box.
    • If you open the box around the release of a new game update, please provide your current update version so we can track changes made by updates.
  • Data contributions can be posted as a
  • CrazyTriangle333 has created a useful autocomplete tool for Asphalt 8 boxes to type in your box data. See his blog post for details.


Asphalt 8: Airborne

  • Exception Split Boxes: When you open one of the following boxes, please list all offered cards, not only the ones you choose.
  • You don't need to include extra cards from ads.
    • They follow the same rules as the other cards.
  • Daily ads: Please include all 10 ads of a day.
  • Daily Tasks: Please include all 3 rewards of a day and provide the section each reward is granted for (Vehicles, Events, Multiplayer).

Asphalt Nitro

  • Please also provide the amount of Fuel small an Fuel and boosters granted by the box.
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