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This page contains a list of common "myths" based on players' own observations, together with links to pages where the topics have been dealt with.

Important preliminary remarks

Average relative frequency (%)
of V8 Engines per Box


A8Box Advanced Biker KitIcon critical Advanced Biker Kit0.00
A8Box Engine Box 1-5Icon excellent Engine Box 1-510.33
A8Box Finish Line BoxIcon excellent Finish Line Box2.13
A8Box Multiplayer Pro BoxIcon ok Multiplayer Pro Box0.65
A8Box Optimal Shuffle BoxIcon excellent Optimal Shuffle Box0.39
A8Box Optimal Split BoxIcon excellent Optimal Split Box0.32
A8Box Parts Box 1-5Icon ok Parts Box 1-50.00
A8Box Random Box 1-5Icon excellent Random Box 1-51.03
A8Box Rookie Biker KitIcon warning Rookie Biker Kit0.00
A8Box Tech Box 1-5Icon ok Tech Box 1-50.00

Most of the "myths" result from a player's personal feeling that the game does not grant certain cards deliberately, especially when the player "needs" them. Before proceeding, it is therefore important to get the dimensions right.

As V8 Engines are needed by many cars and in large amounts, the frequency of this card is one of the most debated topics among players. The table to the right shows the current average relative frequencies of V8 Engines in the most common boxes.

Most of the boxes in the table have a sufficiently large sample size so that the shown frequencies can be assumed to be close to the expected values (=drop rates). For example, a player can expect that on average, 2.13 % of the cards from Finish Line Boxes are V8 Engines.

The weighted average of all drop rates from the boxes to the right is 1.69 %. The weighted average takes into account that some boxes are more frequent than others (with the weights based on WikiProject Statistics data of 16,554 cards from these boxes since the last changes). This has the following implications:

  • On average, only 1.69 cards out of 100 will be V8 Engines.
  • A player can even have a streak of 197 cards without V8 Engines. If 3 V8 Engines follow, the drop rate is still the same.
  • Even then, it is not sure that the 3 V8 Engines will follow. The law of large numbers does not guarantee that. (See gambler's fallacy)
  • Another aspect is the number of cards needed to get a certain amount of V8 Engines. Supposed that a car needs 50 V8 Engines, a player would have to reveal 2,959 cards to obtain an average (still not guaranteed) of 50 V8 Engines.
  • A player needs a minimum of 136 cards to get at least 1 (one!) V8 Engine with a probability of 90 %. See Minimum card requirements for a detailed overview.

All this has to be considered if players think that they get "unfair" amounts of desired cards. The above-mentioned 2,959 cards are not an exception. They are the rule.

List of myths

Icon explanation:

  • Icon ok Verified and true
  • Icon warning Test ongoing
  • Icon critical Proven wrong

Claims with no icon have not yet been investigated.

Cards come to those who have them.

Icon critical This has been proven wrong twice, for engines and for part cards. There is no "golden rule" that players have to keep a certain number of specific cards they need most. See V8 drop rate study for V8 Engines and the blog entry Asphalt 8 Myths: Cards Come to Those Who Have Them for part cards.

Cards for events are always limited.

Icon critical This has been proven wrong twice, for engines and for Drivetrain. The game does not grant less cards needed by the featured vehicle during events. See V8 drop rate study for V8 Engines and Drivetrain is always limited during events (Asphalt myth) for Drivetrain.

Drop rates are dependent on a player's garage.

Icon critical This has been proven wrong. The game does not analyze a player's garage and decrease the drop rates for needed cards to make it harder to pro vehicles. See V8 drop rate study.

Drop rates decrease for recently upgraded vehicles.

Icon critical This has been proven wrong. There is no such algorithm that withholds cards a player may need to further upgrade recently upgraded vehicles. See V8 drop rate study.

Electric Engines are much more frequent than Serial Racing Engines.

Icon ok This is true. Electric and Hybrid Engines are nearly as frequent as common engines. See Rarity: "Felt" drop rates

V8 and i4 Engine cards are so rare, they shouldn't be of common rarity.

Icon critical This is wrong. V8 and i4 Engines are actually among the most granted engines in the entire game. See Rarity: "Felt" drop rates

V12 Engines are almost impossible to get.

Icon critical This is wrong. The frequency of V12 Engines is typical for legendary engines. See Rarity: "Felt" drop rates
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