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The whole comment system on Fandom will be replaced with the introduction of the Unified Community Platform. See section Article Comments (Fandom) on this page.

Please do NOT rename the remaining Special Event pages listed below and any other page with more than 100 comments until the Unified Community Platform has been introduced!

Maximum possible number of comments

Current tested number of comments that causes no problems when being moved: 141. Next to test:

All following pages will most probably cause problems.

Reminder: What do we do with Championship/Asphalt 9 Championship? It is not really an event that belongs to a car.

Pages with problems

  • When adding a link, please provide
    • the new page and
    • the remaining redirect page containing the unmoved comments (full link from URL bar with ?redirect=no).
  • Add
    • {{icon status|critical}} (Icon critical) for unsolved cases,
    • {{icon status|warning}} (Icon warning) for cases in process, and
    • {{icon status|ok}} (Icon ok) for solved cases.

Pages with unmoved comments

Update pages with unmoved comments

Other pages with unmoved comments

Other problems

Protected pages

In addition to the aforementioned at-risk pages, the following pages have been protected for their large comment count:


Contacted Fandom for help. I suggest we don't rename special event pages with more than 100 comments until we get an answer from them. I'll keep you informed. Guy Bukzi Montag (talk) 02:07, September 8, 2019 (UTC)

Got a reply from Fandom, they will forward my request to the technical team. Guy Bukzi Montag (talk) 18:13, September 9, 2019 (UTC)


This section has automatic status icons. As soon as a page is added to a category that should contain zero pages, the icon turns red. [Refresh counters]

Template usage

Deprecated categories to be cleaned

Mastery and event subpages to rename

Page titles in italics are redirects that do not have to be renamed.

  • Don't rename sub-subpages like /Quotes or /Rewards; always rename the main event page and check Rename subpages.
  • Add {{icon status|ok}} (Icon ok) if all pages in a category have been renamed and only redirects are left.

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