Asphalt Wiki has a new front page [Edit]
Aug 31, 2019 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT WIKI
Our main page has been completely reorganized and redesigned. The focus was to make it a good starting point and provide all important information right on the first page. A small version of our news feed has been integrated, as well as recent wiki activity and blog posts which were somewhat lost at the bottom of the page in the previous version. Tell us what you think!
We've grown too big to be ignored [Edit]
Aug 31, 2019 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT WIKI
Gameloft has officially contacted the Asphalt Wiki admins and will consider the site as having influencer status from now on, like the youtubers. This means that we will hopefully get some information earlier than official releases and can share it on our pages. Let's see what the future brings. We have made clear that a collaboration will in no way change our style of publishing or let us follow any rules other than our own.
New feature: Asphalt Wiki news feed [Edit]
Aug 25, 2019 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT WIKI
Asphalt Wiki has its own News now! Every player can contribute. See how.
New article: Gambler's fallacy [Edit]
Aug 17, 2019 – Guy Bukzi Montag STATISTICS ASPHALT WIKI
Gambler's fallacy – How your mind plays tricks on you when it comes to randomness.
New article: Law of large numbers [Edit]
Aug 6, 2019 – Guy Bukzi Montag STATISTICS ASPHALT WIKI
Law of large numbers – The principle behind drop rates, or: Why a box seldom grants what drop rates imply.
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