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October 27, 2016 (Android, iOS) [Soft Launch]
November 3, 2016 (Windows) [Global Launch]





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Single Player, Online Multiplayer


Apple: 12+
Google: 7+

Asphalt Xtreme, also known as Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing, is a 2016 racing video game, published and developed by Gameloft and the second spinoff in the Asphalt series. The first off-road racing iteration in the series, the game features a lineup of rally cars, monster trucks and a vast amount of off-road tracks. The visual interface, angular camera view and vehicular design of the game concept have a strong visual resemblance to the Motorstorm video game series. But unlike Motorstorm, Asphalt Xtreme doesn't have any Bikes or ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles, aka Quads).

This game received updates regularly until September 2017. During the last quarter of 2017, 6 vehicles have been added through the soft-update mechanism. From 2018 onwards, Asphalt Xtreme no longer receive updates.

Race Modes

※ Available in the World Series


Career Mode


Asphalt Xtreme has 20 seasons with each containing 15 races, and each race has 3 goals, which will be rewarded with an increasing amout of A8Credits Credits. Goal 1 is finish first, goal 2 is "Beat lap time / Drift distance / Knockdowns / Flat spins / Barrel Rolls", goal 3 is "Finish first with Vehicle Category/Specific Vehicle". Upon achievement of all three goals, the player is rewarded a Box, generally Iron, however every 5th box is Bronze, Silver or even sometimes Gold.

Main article: Asphalt Xtreme Seasons


In parallel to the usual Career Mode Seasons, the Masteries offer at least 15 races per car which give various rewards such as A8Credits Credits, A8Tokens Tokens, Nitro Recharger, Extra Tank, Boosted Tires, Visual Customizations and occasionally Double Credits.

The Masteries are the only possibility to get Decals, they cannot be bought in Asphalt Xtreme.

Special Projects

Main article: Special Projects

A series of races available during a limited time, allowing the user to earn a car if all objectives are fulfilled. Similar to Research & Development, participation in a race needs fuses, which are periodically refilled (three fuses every 4 hours, refills only when empty).


Asphalt Xtreme has 63 cars, with 7 car Categories:

The vehicles are also sortable by the same 5 Performance classes from Asphalt 8: Airborne: D, C, B, A, S. The button to switch from the Category view to Performance view is a looped directional arrow in the detail view of a car.

See this page for a list of cars.

Vehicles in Asphalt Xtreme
Category Class D Class C Class B Class A Class S
Rally Car Ford Focus RS
Suzuki SX-4 S-Cross
Lynx Mad Cat 2018 Turbo
Mitsubishi R5 Volkswagen Polo R
Peugeot 208 WRX
Mini John Cooper Works WRC
Porsche Cayman GTS
Ford Fiesta ST GRC
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
Volkswagen Beetle GRC
Porsche 911 SC
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51
Buggy Predator X-18 Intimidator
Polaris RZR XP 1000 EPS
Rage Comet R Lynx DCC 2016-J SMG Buggy Dakar Ariel Nomad
Peugeot Hoggar Concept
SUV Land Rover Defender
Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force
Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4²
Peugeot 2008 DKR
Porsche Macan
Range Rover Evoque
Bentley Bentayga
Hummer HX
Muscle Car Mercedes-AMG C 63 Touring Car 2016 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Chevrolet Camaro SS
Lynx Raider
1968 Chevrolet Camaro
Equus 2017 Bass 770
Bailey Blade XT4
Dodge Challenger SRT8
Pickup Chevrolet Colorado Z71
Chevrolet C10
Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Ford Super Duty F-450 Platinum
Nissan Titan XD
GMC Sierra 2500 HD
Ford Racing Ranger Dakar Chevrolet Colorado ZR2
RAM 1500 Rebel
Truck Mercedes UNIMOG U 4023 H&H Bulldog Extreme 4X4 Perlini 105F Red Tiger MAN TGX D38 Mercedes-Benz Zetros
Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Monster Chevrolet Bel Air Volkswagen Type 2 (T1) 1980 Chevrolet El Camino
Chevrolet 3100 Pickup
Ford Mustang Mach 1
GMC Vandura
Ford 3-Window Coupé
Hummer H1
DeLorean DMC-12

Game Elements

Many of Asphalt 8: Airborne's game elements are brought over:

  • Credits and Tokens:
    • Credits is the main means of payment buy car upgrades (and, prior to Blueprints, also cars) while Tokens are used to speed up oil changes and upgrade times, purchase Pro Boxes, Event tickets and Special Event Fuses.
    • For car upgrades, Tokens can replace Credits, and the exchange rate is A8Tokens 1 to A8Credits 700-780, whereas in in A8 it is A8Tokens 1 to A8Credits 170-190, thus Tokens are 4 times more valuable in Asphalt Xtreme compared to Asphalt 8.
  • Blueprints: After the introduction of Blueprints in the Asphalt Xtreme Coachella Update, all vehicles now only require Blueprints. Blueprints are acquired from Boxes (see Car Upgrades below). Once enough Blueprints are collected, the car can be built instantly without any further costs.
    • Car Prices were initially subject to change as the player advances, but no longer since the introduction of Blueprints.
  • Garage: Vehicles are now sorted by 2 categories: (performance) Class, and Category.
    • Oil: Every car has an Oil indicator, with 20 segments. Every race uses some oil, and when the oil status falls below 6 segments (30%), the performance of the vehicle will be degraded. Changing the oil will cost credits and takes some time, during which the car is unusable. Oil degrades "live" as you race, meaning if you start your race with just above 6 segments, you will soon be slowed down as you progress in the race.
      • This is functionally identical to the Vehicle Condition bar for Elite Cars in Airborne but with significantly shorter waiting times and cost.
        • The minimum for an oil change costs A8Credits 150 and takes 2 minutes. In comparison, the minimum in Airborne costs A8Credits 1,200 for a 90 minute duration. Oil change duration is higher for higher class cars, for instance ranging from 14 to 45 minutes for a C class car and 60 minutes minimum for an A class car.
  • Nitro: Nitro is no longer 1 large bar but instead 3 segments (4 with the Extra Tank booster). A nitro boost will only last for 1 segment even if a 'Long nitro' (Identical to a Perfect nitro) is activated, but can be extended by firing again when in the marked zone. A Long nitro is also no longer locked once activated as the player can still activate a 'Level 3' nitro.
    • Stunts, obstacles and knockdowns no longer directly refill nitro but now towards a white fill up bar that only grants 1 segment whenever it is fully filled up.
    • Since Long Nitro has to be triggered at the right moment after every Segment (Tank), the nitro bar needs much more attention than in A8. Each vehicle category has a different nitro consumption rate (each vehicle in a category has roughly the same nitro durations), meaning you cannot rely solely on reflexes. Even with an audio cue, this adds a considerable distraction to the main challenges (staying on the track, paying attention to the opponents, picking up nitro refills), making the game much harder than Asphalt 8: Airborne.
  • Car Upgrades: Upgrades require Blueprints, Tech Cards, Credits or Tokens, and time. Whilst a low level class D upgrade can take a few seconds, a level 50 class S upgrade will take 25 hours to complete.
    • Boxes: Boxes are a means of obtaining Blueprints and Tech Cards. There are five type of Boxes: Gold (Class S), Silver (Class A), Bronze (Class B), Iron, and 1-Card-Box. All boxes can drop any card, however certain boxes have a higher probability to drop certain type of card.
    • PRIOR to Blueprints: All upgrades needed cards, with levels 1 to 10. Four car specifications are subject to upgrades: Top speed, Acceleration, Handling, Nitro.
      • Cards: Upgrades can need up three different card types: Material Card, Part Card, Tech Card. In order to access upgrade level 5 and 10, a special card of type Elite Card is necessary, which can only be applied if all other specifications are at level 4 or 9 respectively.
        • This is functionally identical to the Pro Kits system in Airborne of requiring cards to install upgrades.
        • The selling price for all cards has been reduced to ~10% of the prices in Asphalt 8 Airborne.
      • Boxes: There are special occasion boxes, as well as a Daily Box (free), a 4-Hour-Box (free), a Champions, Specialist, and Expert Kit Box. Boxes will be opened as soon as they are purchased / obtained due to the lack of a Pro Kit inventory limit.
      • Inventory: An overview of your Cards available. Unlike in A8 Airborne, the Inventory does not have a limited card capacity.
      • Daily Login Rewards: A reward which can be claimed on every day of a month.
  • Vehicle Classes: Each vehicle class has its own unique racing style. Each class is explained in-game from the 'i' button next to the vehicle's name.
    • For example: Buggies gain more nitro from performing stunts while Trucks and Monster Trucks can smash through otherwise impervious marked walls for a shortcut.
  • Track Terrain: The alternate routes on all tracks will slow down the player's vehicle to balance out the shorter driving distance. The speedometer will flash in red while driving over it. Truck and Monster Truck vehicles are not affected due to their larger wheels and higher ground clearance.
  • Boosters: The Double Credits and Extra Tank boosters have been carried over from Airborne but have significantly shortened durations and/or effect. This is balanced out by the cheaper purchase costs
    • The Double Credits only lasts for 4 hours and costs A8Tokens 50 (which is equivalent to A8Credits 37,000).
    • The Extra Tank only lasts for 2 hours and only gives a 30% capacity boost instead of the 100% and costs A8Tokens 25 (equivalent to A8Credits 18,500).
    • The Nitro Starter is not brought over directly but is replaced by the Nitro Recharger which shortens the duration for the fill up bar to be refilled and grant a nitro segment.
    • The Overclock booster from the Nepal Update serves as Xtreme's equivalent of Tuning Kit's
  • AI Racers: In addition to each vehicle class having varying ease of dealing knockdowns, AI races can pose more of an obstacle than in Airborne. Attempting a grinding knockdowns against an AI will result in them driving straight ahead into a wall, even at a turn and causing a Wreck for both vehicles or a considerable slowdown.
    • Additionally, if the player has an under-ranked vehicle or sufficiently difficult race (i.e. series showdown races), the AI will often have vehicles that are several performance classes ahead of what the player has. This adds another level of difficulty as the AI can easily keep up and take the lead from the player.
  • Solo player mode
    • Stars: Stars can be earned by participating in the Career Mode. They reflect your advancement level.
    • Career Mode: There are 5 Series, which is divided into 9 Seasons, each containing 4 to 7 races. Each Series or Season requires a certain amount of stars or car to be unlocked.
    • Masteries Mode: For each vehicle, there are mastery races available, with the difficulty reflecting the cars upgrade status. Each race has a unique completion reward ranging from decals for the vehicle, Upgrades and Boosters and tokens.
      • Mastery Mode now requires a minimum of 3 vehicles to be owned to be accessed rather than a minimum star count.
    • The Infected race mode does not have the "Infection Overload" wreck but nitro pickups will cause an Infection. Instead, when the infection timer runs out, the virus is simply lost. Also, stunts and obstacles destruction will prolong the infected remaining time.
  • Online only:
    • The game cannot be played without an internet connection with a notice saying "No connection".

Teasers & Trailers

Asphalt Xtreme - Now Available on iOS, Android and Windows Platforms!

Asphalt Xtreme - Now Available on iOS, Android and Windows Platforms!

Asphalt Xtreme - World Premiere Trailer

Asphalt Xtreme - World Premiere Trailer


Version Updates

Updates in Asphalt Xtreme
(2016) Soft Launch (v1.0.3) — Winter Update (v1.1.0)

(2017) Mini John Cooper Update (v1.2.1/v1.2.2) — Alps Update (v1.3.2) — Coachella Update (v1.4.0)
Black Market Update (v1.5.0) — Nepal Update (v1.6.0) — Porsche Update (v1.7.0)

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