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Awesome VIP Box (4.2.0)
Awesome VIP Box (4.2
"Grants 60 Cards. At least 15 will be Rare or Legendary!"
Official info
Last checked Apr 20, 2019
Description Not checked
Sample space Not checked
Drop rates Not checked
Price -
Drop rates Common: 59.26 %
Rare: 36.63 %
Legendary: 4.11 %
Availability VIP level reward
This is an old box version. See Awesome VIP Box for the current version.

The Awesome VIP Box is a Pro Kit Box in Asphalt 8: Airborne. Since the 2019 Spring Update, it does not grant any blueprints or bike-specific cards any more.

Availability []

The Awesome VIP Box can only be obtained by reaching VIP level 5 (x1), 8 (x1), 9 (x2) and 11 (x4).

Previous versions[]