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Azure Coast is a race track in Asphalt 8: Airborne.

In real life, the Azure Coast is based on the Côte d'Azur (French Riviera), which includes the independent microstate of Monaco, a small city-state that borders France, famous for Formula One races that take place inside.

Asphalt 8: Airborne Asphalt 8: Airborne


Azure Coast has two race track variants:

Azure Coast Azure Coast The regular route. Races here run across the track in a clockwise configuration.
Azure Coast Reverse Azure Coast Reverse The reverse route. Races here run across the track in a counter-clockwise configuration.

On both versions, the races begin halfway across a scaled-down but widened version of the Avenue Prince Rainier III de Monaco, with the starting direction facing towards Les Serriers on the regular version, and towards Monaco Ville on the reverse version.

Azure Coast is notorious for its long straights where high speeds are reached, and for the total absence of ramps, perhaps due to being based on a Formula One race track. The track is 6.06 mi (9.75 km) long. In the middle of the track, a set of hairpin curves similar to those found at the beginning of Iceland appear. The track's layout is partially based on real life Formula One race track Circuit de Monaco, complete with a lack of ramps, although air time is still possible, usually with a very fast vehicle or via a glitch.

The following vehicles have their banners depicted in Azure Coast:



  • The banner for the Azure Coast showcases the Les Serriers/La Turbie area on the regular version, and Monaco Ville on the reverse version.
  • Azure Coast shares its track layout with the Monte Carlo and Alps tracks from Asphalt 6: Adrenaline and Asphalt Nitro, respectively.
  • Azure Coast is the last original track to be introduced to the player.
  • Azure Coast is the only original track to not have any ramps at all.
    • Despite the lack of ramps, Air Time, Air Knockdowns and Vertical Knockdowns are still possible, especially if using a fast vehicle. They can be best achieved (in either direction) where there is a huge dip in the road just after the Bus blockade (in the Les Serriers area once the player exits the first tunnel) although they do require precise timing and skills.
    • Air Time can also be attained by bouncing one's vehicle off the sides of the second tunnel(or third, if the the player turns left before the Bus blockade) between the dip in the road and the sharp hairpin S-turns. As above, this also requires precise timing and skills, as this may very likely result in a wreck.
  • Since the Bus blockade is effectively part of the scenery, Near Misses, Traffic Downs and Traffic Controls cannot be achieved using these stationary Traffic vehicles.
    • Azure Coast and London both have Buses as part of their sceneries. The former uses regular coach-type Buses, and London has a double-decker Bus that can be seen parked a short distance away from London's City Hall.
    • On both of these tracks, the Buses appear regardless of whether Traffic is enabled or disabled.
    • The Buses on the Azure Coast track can cause wrecks if run into by unsuspecting players. The double-decker Bus in London is blocked off by a barrier, and cannot be interacted with.
    • Tokyo has one crimson Bus that occasionally appears on one of the roads in the urban area (where the Start Line is located on the regular track). Unlike the aforementioned Buses, this one can be used to achieve Near Misses, Traffic Downs and Traffic Controls.
  • There are no variations in time of day on this track, regardless of whether the variant is regular or reverse.
  • This track is commonly used for for the Credit Catch Starter Race while downloading the data for the new updates.
  • A billboard showing the loading screen of the game can be seen at one route of the track.
  • Prior to the Championship Update, Azure Coast was named Monaco.
    • The name change was presumably due to the addition of Formula 1 racing cars into the game and to avoid conflict with the FIA on the track’s name.
    • Despite the name change, the new pre-race cutscene added in the Eighth Anniversary Update still shows the original name.
  • In the Car Blueprints Update, some billboards in the track were changed.
  • Azure Coast's background sound effects are reused for Rio de Janeiro, particularly at the inland/beach area.
  • From August 3 to August 30, 2018, an advertising campaign for Asphalt 9: Legends was featured in the form of billboards in various locations across both versions of the track.
    • These billboards re-appeared on December 13, 2018, however the extra pre-race cinematics featuring said billboards are no longer present.
  • Azure Coast is the most frequently recurring track in Research & Development, as it is often used in the final Ultimate AI Challenge of an R&D event, starting with the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage's event.
  • During Gate Drift races, certain sections of the track are blocked off with concrete barrier(s). Once the race is finished and the AI takes control, the player's vehicle will attempt to cross the barrier(s) and wreck. This is due to the AI directing the vehicle through what would otherwise be its normal route, and not recognizing the obstructions in its path.
    • In some cases, the vehicle will re-route itself onto the alternate path (only to return and wreck again at the same spot), and in others, it will run into the same barrier(s) indefinitely.


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