Tier 1-10

Dylan: You must be one of the new contestants. The name's Dylan Carrington -- I'm the money and mind behind a whole new televised racing competition! For the release of Fall Out Boy's newest record, "M A N I A", we're setting up a racing league like no other. This baby's gonna be a hype beast! The Ultimate Winner of this competition will go on to be Fall Out Boy's official racer, and earn themselves a brand-new BMW M2 Special Edition. Right! Macy, get the kid started.

Macy: My name's Macy -- I'll be the show's producer. I'm the one who really gets things done around here. If this racing league is truly going to be the "hype beast" that Dylan says it will be, we'll need a REAL driver behind the wheel. You think you got what it takes? We're streaming this race out to millions of people around the world. Show them how a real racer drives. Let's get this Broadcast started!

Macy: Fan Points will help you upgrade your car. You can exchange your Fan Points for supplies filled with better rewards and blueprints.

Macy: You can always check the event details and how things are working around here by tapping the "info" icon.

Macy: So you've run out of the Streaming Passes. Don't worry; I like your style. I believe you can manage spectacular racing. So, these Stream Passes are on the house. Go get it champ.

Macy: You've got a long road ahead of you, racer! To be crowned the Ultimate Winner, you'll need to use your Streaming Passes to enter races. Once you're behind the wheel, you've got one goal... WIN! The more you win, the more Fans you'll have in the stand! Keep winning to garner more hype from the media -- and use that hype to your advantage by gaining more Fan Points with each win! Enough talking... let's get on the track and see how good you really are!

Macy: Solid work, racer. I'll call Dylan and set up a meeting. This may be the start of something huge... just don't get cocky!

Dylan: Macy showed me footage from that racing showdown you had earlier. Not too shabby, racer. Not too shabby at all. You'd be perfect as Fall Out Boy's official driver! Unfortunately, I already have another driver in mind. He's green but he has raw talent, just like you. And he was trained by the best of the best. Yeah, his mentor is Adam Knowles -- hacker, genius and owner of the most expensive luxury car collection in the world. More importantly, he says he's Fall Out Boy's biggest fan and doesn't think anyone else can represent them. He's one of the most talented racers I've ever seen. But guess what... so are you! Drive hard and win big!

Dylan: Are you even real?! That kid had the best VR training and the backing of a millionaire, and you just blew him away. Knowles isn't going to like this, but you know who will? That's right... Fall Out Boy!

Patrick: So you're the racer Dylan sent over huh? We've got high standards for drivers over here. Only the best of the best can represent us. Are you ready to take on one of the toughest racing challenges in the world... the Fall Out Boy Racing Gauntlet? Every member of Fall Out Boy has arranged a racing challenge. Complete each challenge, and you'll be our driver. Sound good? Great! Let's get started.

Patrick: Whoa, whoa, whoa! That was amazing. Joe has to see you in action. He'll lose his freaking mind!

Joe: Hey, hey, hey! You must be that driver Patrick's been raving about. Don't be too proud of yourself... Patrick will compliment a dog for barking. He's not too hard to please. Me, on the other hand...

Joe: One of our biggest fans, Adam Knowles, designed a racing AI to challenge you. He told me that this AI will make you rue the day you ever "got in his way"... whatever that means! If you can beat this AI, I'll send you on to Andy. But be warned... this sucker drives hard. If you want to beat it, you'll have to pull out every trick in the book!

Joe: That was absolutely stupendous! Patrick was right... you've got the stuff! You've only got two more band members to impress. Good luck!

Andy: Hi, I'm Andy. I'm the drummer. Racing isn't really my scene, but after meeting that creep Knowles, I'm ready to back anyone who's trying to take him down. Good luck!

Andy: Cool. You nailed it! Pete was asking about you. I wouldn't keep him waiting. See ya!

Pete: What's up? I'm Pete. You impressed the rest of my crew, but without me, you're going nowhere. For my challenge. you've got to defeat the newly upgraded Racing AI!. Adam told me this car is at peak performance -- nearly unbeatable. He says you'll regret ever getting behind the wheel... Man, he really doesn't like you, does he? If I can be frank, though, I'm rooting for you. Something about that Adam guy gives me the creeps. Just stay focused, put the pedal to the metal, and this race will be all yours!

Adam: Beating my flunky was one thing, but you defeated my racing AI twice as well? That makes it personal. I don't normally like to get my hands dirty, but... Oh, but I haven't introduced myself. Not that I need to. My reputation precedes me. You may have defeated my creations, but you'll find that racing the genuine article is an altogether different challenge.

Adam: Face me one on one, if you have the guts. Winner earns the right to race for Fall Out Boy. Are you ready to race, or are you too chicken to even try?!

Adam: How... how could I fail? I was supposed to win. This wasn't supposed to happen.

Macy: I wasn't sure we could get this far... Well done, racer. Nothing stands between you and the finals now!

Dylan: Oh no! How could this happen?! We were so close... so close! Oh man... how am I going to tell Fall Out Boy? Someone hacked into my bank account. They took everything. There's no way we'll be able to continue with the Fall Out Boy Tour now! We might as well shut everything down.

Macy: Hold up! There's still a chance. We're going to do one final broadcast. The money we earn will be used to fund the finals, so get out there and show the fans what you're made of. You deserve it, so get out there and show the fans what you're made of.

Macy: That was amazing. You blew the competition away! All the fans are behind you and the finals are on!

Dylan: This is it. You've reached the finals of our racing competition. I appreciate everything you did for me, racer. It's just... there's a catch. Without that cash, we can't fund the tour and someone else has stepped in. Rumor is that Adam creep is swooping in. He's going to rep Fall Out Boy after all... just like he wanted. He's in the crowd today, hoping to gloat when you lose.

Macy: Time to rock this track! Show Knowles we've still got it!

Macy: You won it all! You're the Ultimate Winner of our racing league.

Patrick: Hey guys. We heard about your problem with your bank account... and as long as we know you're still in the game, we're with you all the way.

Pete: Better than seeing a grin on Adam's face.

Macy: And guess what... I just got a phone call from the guy who stole our money. And he wants one thing: a chance to race against you!

Macy: Keep it up! You're almost there. Just a few more races and the BMW M2 Special Edition will be yours!

Adam: You must feel pretty good about yourself. Well... do you? Do you think you've won? Well... I've got some bad news. This is far from over. For I am the only one who deserves to be Fall Out Boy's official racer! While you were distracted with my little deception, chasing after the money, I was using all of my genius to create the Ultimate Racing AI. It has the knowledge and skills of every champion that ever lived! This is the greatest AI I've ever created!

Adam: If you can beat it, I'll admit defeat and you can take that money back.

Adam: But you won't defeat it! Nobody can! And when you lost, I'll take my rightful place as Fall Out Boy's official driver.

Macy: We have no choice, driver. We can't let Adam get away with this. The Fall Out Boy Racing Tour depends on it!

Dylan: We've got a big future ahead of us. Something tells me this is not the last time we meed.

Fall Out Boy: Welcome to the Fall Out Boy family, racer. You're an official part of it now. Let's finally get this show on the road and see ya on the [Missing section]

Macy: We've still got drivers to beat, and more rewards to rake in! Don't stop until you win everything you can win!

Supplies & Blueprints

Macy: Fan Points will help you upgrade your car. You can exchange your Fan Points for supplies filled with better rewards and blueprints. As a starting bonus, we're giving you your first supplies for free. Let's see what you got!

Macy: You've been doing some stellar work for us so far. We've decided to invest in your potential. This new box should help you take the next step toward greatness.

Dylan: Boy oh boy. You got what we need. I'm bringing in some prototype tech from our laboratory. This box should give you the edge you need! Good luck.

Macy: You're already a third of the way there?! Looks like Dylan was right... you've got what it takes to win! Don't stop now... get out there and drive!

Dylan: Look at you! Already gathered all the blueprints, racer. You've still got a number of challenges left to beat, though... But for now, consider this BMW M2 Special Edition as a small token of my appreciation.

Macy: Now what are you waiting for? Let's get that sucker on the road! And remember: You can still get exclusive rewards in this event. Keep it up!

World Tour

BMW M2 Special Edition (CarEvent)


McLaren 720S (CarEvent)

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