Lab .001.

  • Test .001.: The herald of BMW's electric fleet is here... and if you're skilled enough, it could be yours to call your own.

  • Test .002.: The mountains of Romania are your stage. Show what the i8 can do.

  • Test .003.: Once a concept, now a reality. Make the BMW i8 Coupe YOUR reality... if you can conquer this track.

  • Test .004.: Straight off the assembly line in Leipzig, east across Europe, and straight to you. Take the driver's seat and impress us.

  • Test .005.: As a hybrid car, the BMW i8 is exempt from congestion charges in London... but you're unlikely to face a traffic jam in this race.

  • Test .006.: It may be a sports car, but the BMW i8 Coupe is as green as the South American jungle. Drive like the future is already here.

  • Test .007.: You've got speed, handling, and consistency. Head over to the Azure Coast and see how you fare against our AI!

Lab .002.

  • Test .008.: For this upcoming R&D session, we'll examine the i8 over its full history... starting with an introductory race through Tenerife.

  • Test .009.: In 2009, the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept car was unveiled -- the predecessor of the i8. Pay tribute to it with a race through London.

  • Test .010.: The concept version of the BMW i8 was unveiled in 2011 -- and featured in a blockbuster action movie. Ensure that this race is similarly spectacular.

  • Test .011.: The BMW i8 Concept Spyder, released in 2012, was truly award-winning -- just like you'll have to be.

  • Test .012.: A coupe prototype of the BMW i8 was unveiled in 2013, at one of the company's test tracks. Be sure to test yourself this time, too.

  • Test .013.: Series production of the i8 began in April 2014 -- a car model featuring a lovely pair of butterfly doors. Make sure this race is just as beautiful.

  • Test .014.: The first-ever i8 rolled off the assembly line with a 2015 model year... though it was ACTUALLY released in 2014. Calm your confusion with a race!

  • Test .015.: By 2016, the BMW i8 was the world's top-selling plug-in electrified sports car... but how popular are YOUR racing skills?

  • Test .016.: Also in 2016, a special Protonic Red Edition of the BMW i8 was unveiled in Geneva. Know what mountains are close to Geneva? We'll give you one guess.

  • Test .017.: The 2018 roadster variant of the i8 is practically futuristic -- just like this track. Drive accordingly.

  • Test .018.: ... Which brings us to the present, and back to Area 51 -- pitting you against the production car itself. Don't fail it -- or us.

Lab .003.

  • Test .019.: Are you ready to go globetrotting? Because in this series of tests, we'll be celebrating the BMW i8's global influences -- starting with a spin through Switzerland.

  • Test .020.: San Diego Harbor! You'll have time to soak up the sun after you win. Burn up that track!

  • Test .021.: Rio might be known for its festivals, but this race is no party. Get serious and get moving!

  • Test .022.: Iceland's national sport is handball... Think you can change any minds with your racing prowess?

  • Test .023.: China was one of the first countries in which the prototype for the BMW i8 was unveiled. Speed along the Great Wall, and find out why.

  • Test .024.: The UK is the largest market for BMW i8's in all of Europe. So don't sell yourself short... you can dominate this race!

  • Test .025.: French Guiana is a very private circuit. Getting in proves something, but winning proves a lot more. Do it!

  • Test .026.: The 2014 American launch of the BMW i8 was commemorated with a charity auction on the California coast... but this race is just a little further inland.

  • Test .027.: ... And THIS race takes place just a little further inland than the previous one. Probably. The location is classified, but that's our best guess.

  • Test .028.: It's back to China for the Gate Drift challenge... just like when the BMW i8 returned to Beijing for its 2012 roadster premiere.

  • Test .029.: In 2012, the BMW i8 concept won a major award in North America. Will you do the same this year?

  • Test .030.: BMW i8-themed luggage was once on sale in Dubai boutiques... but you're not here to shop, are you?

  • Test .031.: Vikings settled in Iceland in order to find greener pastures -- and long tracks of asphalt for their races. Trust us; We're history buffs.

  • Test .032.: Tenerife is a land of many hairpin turns. You'll need a steady hand and quick reflexes to finish first. You got what it takes?

  • Test .033.: Can you come out ahead of the AI in the perilously hot deserts of Nevada? There's only one way to find out.

Lab .004.

  • Test .034.: We here in Lab 4 know what REALLY matters: cold hard statistics. We'll be making sure the BMW i8 lives up to each one of them -- starting with this race.

  • Test .035.: With the BMW i8's total range of 330 miles, you might even be able to run this race a few dozen times. Let's start with "once."

  • Test .036.: The BMW i8 has a drag coefficient of 0.26 -- and it's a good thing, too. Low air resistance will be crucial during this race.

  • Test .037.: Push every last one of the i8's 236 pound-feet of torque to the limit. The car can take it.

  • Test .038.: The BMW i8's 1,499 CC I3 turbo engine is truly a thing of beauty. This race, be sure to do it justice.

  • Test .039.: Imagine 228 horsepower at your disposal... Starting now, you don't have to imagine it anymore.

  • Test .040.: Feeling electric today? Just lean on the BMW i8's 7.1 kWh lithium-ion battery pack It'll see you through to the finish line.

  • Test .041.: Today's statistic is "41%": as in "you are approximately 41% done with the races in this series, so here's an AI challenge."

  • Test .042.: In Sport mode, the BMW i8 can go from 50 to 75 mph in 2.6 seconds... but WILL it, this race? Only you can say.

  • Test .043.: Time to put every one of the BMW i8's 3,274 pounds to their best possible use: momentum.

  • Test .044.: In electric mode, the BMW i8 can lay down 184 pound-feet of torque. Time to shock the competition with another win!

  • Test .045.: Want to go from a dead stop to 62 mph in 4.4 seconds? You're in the right car.

  • Test .046.: The BMW i8's acceleration potential is incredible. Push your engine to its limits and emerge victorious.

  • Test .047.: The weight distribution of the i8 concept is perfect: an optimum 50/50. How perfect can you be?

  • Test .048.: Three races to go... and the question on our minds now is whether YOUR statistics measure up to the BMW i8's. Impress us.

  • Test .049.: Two races more... and the math may well be in your favor. Prove it.

  • Test .050.: Only one number matters in this final race "#1." That's what you'll have to be to take the BMW i8 Coupe home for good...
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