R&D Mini Kit Box
A8Box R&D Box
"Grants 3 cards for the R&D BMW i8 Coupe!"
Official info
Last checked Feb 26, 2019
Description Correct
Sample space ? Incomplete
Drop rates ? Incomplete
Price A8 tokens full 75 (A8 tokens full 25 per trial)
Drop rates Common: 83.52 %
Rare: 8.24 %
Legendary: 8.24 %
Availability Research & Development
(only during the BMW i8 Coupe R&D)

The BMW i8 Coupe R&D Mini Kit Box is a Pro Kit Box in Asphalt 8: Airborne. It has continued the concept of event Mini Boxes from the McLaren Championships and is available exclusively during the BMW i8 Coupe R&D event.

Hidden rules

Like the A8Box Lamborghini Centenario R&D Mini Kit Box R&D Mini Kit Box † of the Lamborghini Centenario event, this box seems to grant at least 1 i3 Engine in almost every box. Strangely, this box also grants Advanced Tech cards sometimes, even though the BMW i8 Coupe doesn't require it for its Pro Kits. Perhaps the BMW i3 Mini Box is a direct, but careless copy of the Centenario box.

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