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The Black Market Update (v1.5.0) is the fifth update of Asphalt Xtreme


The following text was published on the Apple Store:

Gear up for more cars, more power, and more high-speed excitement with Update #5 for Asphalt Xtreme!

  • 4 NEW CARS: Get your speed fix with the 2017 Bass 770, Bentley Bentayga, Chevrolet El Camino 1980 and Mini All4Racing X-Raid.
  • MORE MASTERIES: Overcome 4 new Mastery challenges -- one for each of the new cars.
  • THE BLACK MARKET: Check in on this shady new shop every day to find a fresh selection of cards... but only for a limited time!
  • NEW BOOSTER: Grab the Boosted Wheels to plow through any kind of hindering terrain at top speed!

New Vehicles[]

Class C

Class A

Class S

Game Changes[]

  • The Black Market was introduced, a place where the player can buy missing car and tech cards, but only certain cards that are on offer.
  • Vehicles that have an upgrade ready to be installed now have a green arrow indicator in the vehicle list from the previous yellow "ready" tab.
  • New Booster: Boosted Wheels that grants immunity from rough terrain.
  • The size of the cards in Inventory has been shrunk and now the name underneath it.

Cosmetic Changes[]

  • New loading screen of a 2017 Bass 770 in Thailand.
    Asphalt Xtreme -4



  • When the update is first installed, the prices in the Black Market will say FREE but still deduct Credit / Tokens from the player.
    • Rebooting the game will fix this.
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