• Its Mr Job Reborn

    I just discovered this tonight, I've just found out that I can't drift in Asphalt 8,  here's the proof:

    See? I can't even drift in Asphalt 8, I think Gameloft is tricking me, this needs to be fixed for me,

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  • CarlRaven

    You all knew this day was coming. After 5 years of playing, since I started in September 2014, I am officially retiring from Asphalt 8.

    The end of my journey started since the 2019 Holiday Update rolled out. When I first found out about Fusion Coins prior to said update, I thought to myself that hopefully the apply prices would remain. Turns out they inflated the apply costs! As if buying tokens weren't bad enough, now I have to keep my Fusion Coin supply up to Pro Festival vehicles!

    Then the Drako GTE Festival brought along another scummy practice from GL. Putting the Festival Pass behind a paywall! Buying bundles, and now buying Premium Passes with real money? Seriously, this is way too much!

    Farming changed with the massive reduction of cr…

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  • DaAz14900





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  • Minasakkayarouzeg2

    Asphalt 9 is a video game from Gameloft and the newest for Asphalt series. Features a lot new events and cars that players can have more fun and enjoy the game. But would you know, a game from EA (Electronic Arts) is very similar to A9? That's the newest mobile game in their series: Need for Speed.

    Need for speed: No Limits features some of the features that's the same as Asphalt 9.Such as blueprint system (obtain from events to build a car), reputation and events. But it release earlier than A9, currencies, modes are slightly different.

    Although need for speed similar to A9, but this game is boring like A9. The control for NFS is hard. Swipe up for nitro and down for drift. Also, it is terrible that the game follows Asphalt 8, engine sound …

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  • GranTurismoFANXDXD

    Should new Vision cars from Gran Turismo Sport appear in R&D events? We all know that the Infiniti Vision GT was the first car to be part of Asphalt 8 from a different sim-racing platform. Should we include some other cars from the same group? Share your thoughts!

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  • Hgffgj


    April 18, 2020 by Hgffgj
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  • EliteEesa

    Asphalt 8

    April 17, 2020 by EliteEesa

    Asphalt 8 id: EliteEesa

    Platform: Android

    MP Car: D8 GTO

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  • Minasakkayarouzeg2

    Stay Safe

    March 27, 2020 by Minasakkayarouzeg2

    This is a little off-topic I'll admit but I definitely want to address the craziness going on in the world right now. Yeah, this virus is a real pain but remember it will hopefully won't be around too long and there are still things to appreciate at home! I do still work here and done other stuff. So, of course I'll still be a bit busy myself but for others that have a lot more free time, definitely spend it having fun while you can! Watch some television, youtube videos, play the game or marathon your favorite anime or book. Any one of these could help you pass the time! Even editing this wiki or having fun around the threads is another good way to enjoy yourself! Well, that's all I can say for now before doing some edits. Stay safe and h…

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  • Minasakkayarouzeg2


    Finally ended the class A banner collection (for cars, not motorbikes)......

    After three month's research for these banners with some recolour technics and classifications, finally finish these work!!!

    I can take a little rest........😂😂😂

    Class A

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  • Daboi768

    The Evija Killer

    March 22, 2020 by Daboi768

    As you know, most Festival cars are weak at low ranks. I used this to my advantage to make an Evija Killer, the Ford Shelby GT500.

    Upgrades: [2222] [3333]

    Rank: 1406

    Acceleration: 3.06 s

    Speed:213.5 mph

    Handling: 1.211 Gs

    Nitro: 13.8 mph

    It is great at beating, well, Evijas. Specifically Evijas at Stage 1 upgrades as they have similar ranks to the Ford Shelby GT500, but are way slower. Even my own Evija, which is [3343] is slower. However, most other cars around the Shelby’s rank are capable of beating it, especially the Audi R8 e-tron Special Edition. It is also good at beating the Drako GTE.

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  • Minasakkayarouzeg2

    Have you guys ever heard that the car collections? These can earn more tuning kits, upgrades and . BUT I THINK ITS DEAD.

    Well, brand new cars are introduced to this game one by one in every updates but Gameloft is so lazy 😑. The car collection collum has not been updated once after the Munich Update. That's quite a long time...

    New cars especially Ferrari FXX-K or 2018 McLaren X2 are not included😑😑😑. So that section is fully dead.......

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  • Guy Bukzi Montag

    Non-VIP Forever! came up with a very interesting approach to the question:

    Can we deduce the distribution of 3, 5 and 8 Coins from TLE results if we only have the number of Coin Packs and the number of Coins they granted?

    The proposed solution was: Each Coin Pack grants at least 3 Coins, so we can multiply the number of Packs with 3 and subtract this from the total number of Coins. The remaining number has to be a combination of 5 or 8 Coins.

    If this method always leads to one single solution, if there is only one possible combination of 3, 5 or 8 Coins that leads to the total, we will be able to generally add TLE results to the statistics database. In the three provided examples, the conjecture holds. are involved.

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  • Minasakkayarouzeg2

    Have you guys playing old games such as Asphalt Urban GT ? Now you can play every asphalt series on your smartphones ! Such as the GT2!!

    Playing Asphalt Urban GT 2 needs to require a PSP, NDS or Java mobiles. How about smartphones (especially higher Android/iOS system?) Well, that game can run it , but needed a PSP emulator. It looks surprise to play these classic games. Great graphics are redistribute again with classic cars reappear again in new generations.

    In some cases especially editing not hottest tracks such as Mumbai are written by YouTube videos. Yesterday when I search some videos about that kind of game, I saw that this game can download on Android devices with a size of 77 MB. I just watched that and try to download it with the …

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  • Minasakkayarouzeg2

    Just a little survey there after I got a nightmare on the game and blink this idea.

    I've got sleepy after my homework. Stop playing Asphalt 8 and 9 temporarily and got to bed. I've got a nightmare for that game. Isn't a curse??

    That nightmare was:

    I take my phone and play Asphalt 8 for a while when I saw a mystery tracks of 4. I jump inside and saw "How it looks like that?", no straightaways, no shortcuts avaliable and all hairpins and S-bends with a background of the Chernobyl! How was it? I play with my Spano and wreck anywhere because of that, it looks like as a difficult and dangerous track for the game! How crazy!!

    Anyway, just a fictional dream but got an idea of that. 

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  • Minasakkayarouzeg2

    At the New Year Festival, I've try to keep hard to reach my goal to tier 20. BUT I FAILED AFTER COMPLETING EVERY QUEST DURING 8 DAYS PLUS PAYING A PREMIUM PASS!!! WHAT A SHAME!!!

    This question also seen when I was playing during the winter festival, which I want to get the top tier. But it lack of tools to get it. I ONLY REACH TIER 18 at that time with a full quest, but HOW DID IT FAILED??? After that time, what a waste!!!

    Now I get a revenge on the New Year Festival. My goal is to reach tier 20. I've complete all quest and had pay a premium pass, BUT STILL STUCK AT TIER 18!!! Also it came a lack of for upgrade that piss car, and use it in the Festival Cup for more . BUT IT RANKED THE LAST PLACE!! 😥 MAMMA MIA!!!😠


    TELL M…

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  • CrazyTriangle333

    A8 Moments 2019

    January 29, 2020 by CrazyTriangle333

    WARNING: As this page contains lots of images, it might eat a lot of your (mobile) data!

    This is a small screenshots-based retrospective of year 2019 (or so). Asphalt 8 moments which I found interesting / funny. Maybe you, reader, will find interesting / funny something completely else, but yeah, that's life... :)

    And that's all, folks!

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  • Minasakkayarouzeg2

    After the Six Anniversary Update, the blueprints start to leave and say goodbye. Others are doing the same thing. It's quite happy about these bluprint cars finally sack and can purchase afterwards. But it also quite sad.

    Firstly, blueprint vehicle sack out their blueprints and can purchase in the garage. But some of them are very exclusive. Buyers have to move quickly for buying these cars. I think it is a waste of money to buy tokens fot it. Especially high classes with high rank car, the price are fully , that it needed over $HKD700!!!Thats very expensive!!! If not use real money, it can be lose their time. So, that waste lots of money and time!!!

    Secondly, blueprint can be useful before the showdown, but now it become a trash or rubbish …

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  • Minasakkayarouzeg2

    Lunar New Year

    January 25, 2020 by Minasakkayarouzeg2

    Above many times, more new creations are created. As now, I've finish more and more tracks on Asphalt 6, Asphalt Nitro and mini edits on other pages. That's a great work and make a great conclusion at the end of 2019.

    Well, at the new year, I'm very busy for many subjects on my first exams. But I still work some mini edits on it and force my study. After that, I receive someone's message and start hard working with my promise before reaching the end of February. After making a huge success on my first try and everyone forcing new discovery. It's time to keep more harder for my secod try!!!

    At this time, is the year of the rat. Everyone were happy on their events but I'll never forgot my schedule on my creations and edits. Just say " Gung Hei…

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  • Audi R8 tyke

    So, SE cars are just another Vivendi's excuse to make us pay?!

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  • Audi R8 tyke

    I say that there's NO NEED to study the Fusion Coins. Just remove them already!

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  • CrazyTriangle333

    Here's a simple to use editor for preparing and converting plain text data contributions, with autocomplete! I created it because of my favorite motto: "if it's repeated, manual and tedious, try to automate it". Hopefully, someone will find it useful and who knows, maybe one day it will become an official part of the Statistics project... ;)

    Below is the editor's source code (a plain HTML with JavaScript). All you need to do is to store it as a ".html" file on your local PC:

    1. Create a new file in your favorite text editor (like Notepad).
    2. Copy the code below and paste it into your file.
    3. Save it e. g. like "data-editor.html". Don't let the editor give it the ".txt" extension.
      • As the HTML code is declared as encoded in UTF-8, you need to tell your …

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  • Minasakkayarouzeg2

    Banners Wreck

    January 16, 2020 by Minasakkayarouzeg2

    After the exam today, I've got ready to work again my promise. I've saw a mess. The car banner is very messi! Letting me forget these car's classes!!

    After I end my dinner with my family, I've check these pages for the first time after a week and 3 days struggle in the Half-Yearly Exam. I've notice someone leave a message on my second Blogpost. It is written by Audi R8 tyke. It said that:

    So that I gotta go to see what happens. The page gallery still didn't fix and quite messy. Also I found the old banner of McLaren MP4-31 with the comments from him 2 years ago. It says:

    I've got shocked and surprise!!! I've probably known how he is much angry about that one,for two years!!! The gallery of that page is still odd and messy. So that's how I sta…

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  • Avengersman1420


    January 15, 2020 by Avengersman1420


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  • InZaneX3651

    I have 1,961,700 credits, should go for the Koenigsegg One:1 or something else?

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  • Audi R8 tyke

    Goddangit. Since Fusion Coins were added to the game, I seriously doubt that how much worse A8 can get. You need to sell half of your V8 stack to get just a few thousand Fusion Coin. Just WTF?! Even coins are a better option to pay for your PRO costs. Just if that wasn't worse enough, Class S cars' PRO upgrades can cost MORE THAN 400,000 Fusion Coins (THINK OF IT. To buy the final PRO kits for tyres of a Lykan, you only need to pay ~100,000 credits). If that wasn't milking from the game, I couldn't think of anything else.

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  • Minasakkayarouzeg2

    It's the exam time! It'll be very busy to study my exams! Afterwards, I'll continue my work to edit new pages as follows:

    1. Tracks that didn't discover yet

    2. Photos for car banners on Asphalt 8.

    3. Edits on some car manufacturer pages eg.Mini

    These edits coming soon!!!

    9th January,2020

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  • Minasakkayarouzeg2

    Just after the new year in 2020! I'm very happy that the Asphalt 6 tracks are finished!!

    Before I join this wiki as an editor, I still playing that game with my old android phone, the game still realistic and classy. I recently saw that the Asphalt 6 track pages are still nobody add it ,so I've try to add it since I join this wiki in October last year that I'm a new comer. From Nassau to Shanghai, cost 3 Months with other edits .Finally finish in the end of the day before 2020. Thanks to other editor, especially WKPQ that he helped me to correct my words and so on. Let these pages are "full colored". 

    In 2020, although the finish of my first series edit, other tracks will add on by following months. Especially older version tracks and upload…

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  • Jskylinegtr

    Our game has been ruined severely by Vivendi after they bought Gameloft in 2016. Since the hostile takeover, our game was destroyed by severe updates like many items becoming token only, and rewards gradually becoming small amount of Credits.

    • Car Mastery would have their rewards increased to the rewards before they were reduced in the Research & Development Update.
      • Mastery Races would become replayable again, and the credit payouts are reverted to the pre-R&D or pre-FLU Updates
    • would be removed,
    • Free Upgrades would have been restored in Research & Development.
    • Rank Lock Requirements would be heavily nerfed
    • Car Kits would be likely extinct and turned to regular upgrades
    • Credits would be used again to apply Pro Kits, and the cards would not be foun…

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  • Jskylinegtr

    After 6 years, i have called it quits on the Asphalt tracks, and revealed some of my true identities. The Sixth Anniversary Update is the update i have decided to call it quits, so i let Gameloft launch some of the A8 community and some of their cars to the Orbital Loop and leave them behind

    NOTE: The game was awesome and enjoyable until somewhere in the late 2010s, which was caused by Vivendi's hostile takeover of Gameloft in 2016.

    • Back before the game became freemium, i bought the Class D Car Pack for $1.99 dollars.
    • With the 20 Free Class D upgrades from the Dodge Dart GT wipeout incident in the Decals Update, i used to buy the Ferrari 308 GTS and MAX it with the 20 free upgrades.
    • In the Car Mastery Update, the Audi R8 LMS Ultra's price was…

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  • Jskylinegtr

    On the launch day, Gameloft and Vivendi commands the A8 Community to go to outer space to take a first look at the Orbital Loop track. They also deploy a rocket to launch some road cars to space.

    Fabien: Our boss has told us to force our A8 community to go to the Moon to be able to continue their opportunity to participate in our Festival.

    Mina: We alert you, community, any of you going to the moon must wear space suits to be safe in outer space.

    Pepper: We are ordering you all to get suited up before going to space.

    Gameloft employees order the space center people to suit up the A8 players that are going to race in the Orbital Loop.

    Jskylinegtr continues to leave GL behind and decides to avoid the Orbital Loop mission.

    After the A8 players are …

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  • Guy Bukzi Montag
    This blog entry is part of a series on Gameloft Customer Care. Be sure to check the first part for an introduction.


    • Solved, closed.
    • Very satisfied—not at all with Gaspar, but with the unbureaucratic help of Ekaterina.

    During the Volkswagen I.D. R Festival, there was a Festival Cup TLE that granted large amounts of , especially for higher ranks. Until one day before the Cup was over, I was in the top which would have rewarded 60 Coin Packs, resulting in an average of .

    The last morning I slipped down to the top which would have granted 20 Coin Packs less. I still had easy quests to complete ("Use any booster x times"), and there were more Kit Cards waiting as a tier reward, so I was sure I'd be able to upgrade the car further, achieve …

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  • Jskylinegtr

    As i continue enjoying my retirement from Asphalt 8: Airborne, I have decided to make a story on how i decided to retire from this game. My decision to retire was likely caused by the extreme greediness of the devs.

    • Gameloft Community managers
    • Vincent Bollore (Vivendi president)
    • Gameloft/Vivendi's rocket

    • Cornerstone Entertainment Inc.
    • Star Magic

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  • Guy Bukzi Montag
    This blog entry is part of a series on Gameloft Customer Care. Be sure to check the first part for an introduction.


    • Not solved, closed.
    • Not really satisfied. It took ages until Gaspar understood what I was talking about. Also I would have liked to get feedback if and when the wrong text will be changed. They simply forwarded the mail and thought this was enough to close the case.

    Now this is a simple one. Since their introduction in the Fifth Anniversary Update in August 2018, the German description of the and the reads

    “Enthält 2 gewöhnliche Karten!” (Contains 2 common cards!).

    This is wrong—the box does grant rare and legendary cards, as also indicated by the drop rates in the box info. All other language versions of the game show the…

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  • Guy Bukzi Montag

    Thanks for voting!

    As the poll did not show a consensus for the new style, the regular heading font has been reactivated. (Results as of Nov 22, 2019: 6 votes for, 5 against)

    Those who liked the new style can keep it by changing their personal settings as follows:

    • Go to . If this page doesn't exist yet, create it.
    • Copy the following lines to your common.css file and publish it:
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  • Guy Bukzi Montag

    “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here”
    Dante, Inferno

    This page is an overview of what you can expect if you contact Gameloft Customer Care. It is based on the experiences I have made over the years, exchanging many many mails in a variety of cases.

    • If this is the first time you plan to contact Customer Care, you will find a few tips how to not let this drive you insane.
    • If you already have some experience with Customer Care, you can regard it as a funny round of bullshit bingo. You are guaranteed to win.

    There are quite a few help desks and customer services I had to deal with in my life. I know that there usually is a data base that automatically suggests possible solutions according to keywords found in the customer's mail. Good systems alread…

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  • Stark Jegan

    I am conducting a year-long test on Asphalt 8's Showdown Mode, to investigate whether car colouring affects your position after finishing a race.

    In theory, colouring your car black will make it harder to spot (by camouflaging with the road), confusing opponents or enabling you to sneak up, or past them. However, I cannot conclude if this is a fluke or if it actually increases the chance of you finishing first. I am currently seeking to confirm the following hypothesis: 

    "Colouring your car black increases the chances of you finishing first in a Showdown Race."

    To take part in this experiment, you can simply play Showdown Mode TLEs, but colour your car black for the 1st race and a more obvious colour choice for the 2nd, and take note of your …

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  • Jskylinegtr

    I have totally quit Asphalt 8 and given up on the game due to the aggresive monetization this game has had since Vivendi's hostile takeover of Gameloft. I revealed that Yengsters is one of my true fandoms. I started playing Asphalt 8 in 2013, and enjoyed it for most of the pre-Vivendi era of the game. Once Vivendi bought Gameloft, things just started getting worse. And the Fast Lane Update killed A8 and made it pay to play. Do you know why Fast Lane Update is also known as the FLU?

    • Extremely nerfed rewards. This was first worsened in the Fast Lane Update/FLU by removing Mastery farming/nerfing Mastery Rewards. Then the 2019 Spring Update worsened the rewards by nerfing Career payouts to low credit amounts and Moto Blitz to only reward Biker…

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  • Jskylinegtr

    After 6 years, i retired from Asphalt 8: Airborne after Vivendi has murdered the game and ordered Gameloft to be very greedy, this caused the forced rank requirements, conversion of many career-required cars to token-only purchases, and even to come. I am rather having Philippine Showbiz than this game that has been murdered by microtransactions. I would rather buy a ticket to Zephanie Dimaranan's first concert, than to use the time and money on the Acura NSX GT3 Evo's R&D that is infested with a MAX PRO requirement and -only upgrades.

    I have decided to quit after the Sixth Anniversary Update, one of the bad things to happen in this update is the forced rank requirements.

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  • Jskylinegtr

    It all started when the Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4 arrived on Asphalt 8, in which it costs $99.99 for Level 4 and 5 upgrades combined, and it's R&D had no free upgrades. The cheapest collection to complete, Glimpse into the Future is plagued with the McLaren P1™, a previously credit car, having it's price changed to without a Credit option, means that Vivendi is making Gameloft very greedy. This game has gone more pay to play and littered with token only payments, and gaining tokens is harder for NMS players since Vivendi's hostile takeover of Gameloft in mid-2016, which started all the bad things. The Centenario is an example, if i would choose to buy a ticket for Yeng Constantino's concert, or this Centenario, i would take Yeng ove…

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  • Jskylinegtr

    After 6 years of play, i started the game around late Septmeber 2013, i have officially called it quits from playing Asphalt 8: Airborne, The reason of this is due to the high amount of forced payments that the game has gone since Vivendi's hostile takeover in mid-2016. I never blame GL for those, i always blame Vivendi for why this game sucks now, everything was increased in costs, and even credit-purchasable items got turned into Tokens.

    • 25 Collections cleared (23 maxed
    • Completed all career seasons (exclduing token-only cars, got the 2015 Mustang GT S550 for free from an old TLE)
    • Getting the 9FF GT9 VMAX from it's giveaway event, and maxing it out.

    • Research & Development/Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4 - Makes you spend more than $99.99 to c…

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  • Audi R8 tyke

    Recently, A8 has added the Lambo Terzo, which, annoyingly, has a car-specific kit card. Rumors have that the Ferrari FXX-K has those car-specific kit cards too. Seriously, WTF?! I always know that A8 is P2W, but recently, we can see that they've pushed their utter greed up onto another level. It has degraded from 'bearable' to a f*cking hassle. Compounded with the probable loss of Exclusive Deals, the (apparaent) death of the BP system, the inhhumanely expensive cars and forced rank requirements for getting them, getting new cars at this point is narrowly possible without sacrificing everything your life. Honestly, even Mario Kart Tour, the new Mario Kart game which was being criticized by it's 'loot box' system, is far more forgiving and …

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    Good car

    September 27, 2019 by TOPGEARPG3DSTIG

    DS Survolt 2010 0000 op for mp

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  • Jskylinegtr

    Here is a story of how my future of Asphalt 8 is being, now that Asphalt 8: Airborne has added the Orbital Loop track.

    Vincent Bollore: We are about to launch a rocket that will take our A8 players to the Orbital Loop! Several Earth Cars are also being deployed to the Moon.

    Me: What, i would have to go to space if i want to continue Asphalt 8, i would rather want to go to Showbiz realm!

    Fabien: A8 players,whoever gets to the rocket will be continuing Asphalt 8!

    Mina: Well, Fabien, we are launching the rocket, we must follow Vivendi's orders!

    A8 Players get into the rocket that will launch into the Orbital Loop

    Stéphane Roussel: We are ready to launch in just 1 and a half hours to liftoff!

    Zephanie Dimaranan: Justin, i should help you, Gameloft/Vi…

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  • Jskylinegtr

    VVL-918, Launch Day at the Vivenloft: Explorers, We are waiting for the launch in an hour, get suited up now, Vivenloft people.

    This story was made because of the new Orbital Loop track, and how i am likely to uninstall than update and take the Terzo from the Festival. The lift off to the Orbital Loop is a way for me to uninstall the once great, turned pay to play game because of Vivendi's hostile takeover.

    The crew suits up Mina and Fabien, along with some other GL people that work on A8 as they get ready to explore the Orbital Loop, where a Lamborghini Terzo Millennio and a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ await them.

    I am getting ready to choose whether to update or uninstall Asphalt 8, but i decide my time for the R&Ds will waste my time and mon…

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  • Damian103

    Editing shortcuts

    September 11, 2019 by Damian103

    Asphalt Wiki:New news item

    NOTE: Asphalt 9 Career Chapter 1 is a mess, will need fixing when possible. Rewards need to be reorganised as someone added them incorrectly.
    NOTE 2: Actually, after checking 2 more contributions by pongmai, there is a lot of incorrect things. Make sure to check Category:Unconfirmed Info when possible.

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  • TransportFan2014

    And here it is, the absolute last episode of my MultiVerse stories from the AsphaltLand chapter. Maybe the series from my point of view would continue, but one sure thing is that any sort of racing will NEVER be featured (unlike P1 Boy's, R8 Tyke's and Azelfland's), but rather, it would be based on a concept of a game consisting of my favourite games (FSX, GTA EFLC, PUBG) and some other non-racing related games being integrated into one (Halo, Driver: Parallel Lines etc).

    Title of this episode is obtained directly from a quote in PUBG (the only non-open world game I would enjoy playing), and the fact that by this point, I have successfully left the racing scene, and would no longer be anywhere there.

    The following will be depicted:

    • The journe…

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  • Audi R8 tyke

    Woo. A new school year has started. That means... yeah. 3 episodes left, and I'm going to quit A8. I got less time to care for racing anyways. Also, A8 has become sh*t in quality recently.

    Anyways, preview time! This time, we have clips from the newly announced 'Super Derp Daisy Stories', here the preview goes:

    Holly Tanaka: Hello, folks! I’m going to do some mythbusting today! Today’s first myth is: Can humans survive after being rolled over by a train!

    (Camera pans to the train tracks in the Kalimari Desert track in Mario Kart 64, with Daisy tied onto the tracks. Train noises can be heard getting progressively louder AKA the train is coming.)

    Daisy: SOMEONE CALL 9-1-1 NOW!!!

    Holly Tanaka: LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEE!!!!!!!

    [The train rolled …

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  • Jskylinegtr

    This story is all about making the 2019 Autumn Update, which will hit the track soon for Asphalt 8: Airborne, However, since Gameloft and Vivendi only cares about money, a girl group from my home country decides to take over for Asphalt 8: Airborne and make everything available than locked behind expensive real-money paywalls.

    • DIVAS
      • Kyla Alvarez
      • Yeng Constantino
      • KZ Tandingan
      • Angeline Quinto

    • Moira Dela Torre
    • Zephanie Dimaranan
    • Asphalt 8 Players
    • Isabela Vinzon
    • Jayda Avanzado
    • Maja Salvador
    • Janella Salvador

    • Vivendi
      • Vincent Bollore
    • Gameloft (when forced by Vivendi to prioritize profit over gameplay experience)
      • Mina

    Gameloft: We are about to make an update that will be hitting the track soon!

    Vivendi: Gameloft, we need a lot more money, so how about making more i…

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  • TransportFan2014

    Within this episode, I scramble all around AsphaltLand to send the last few cars on my wishlist to a UNSC D96-TCE Albatross dropship, which will in turn send the cars to my garage (which had been isolated from AsphaltLand as depicted in the previous episode). And nope, unlike other event boss vehicle procurements, this episode won't feature any sort of racing (especially since I have plans to permanently abandon my racing career). The episode that will be released after this one would be the final episode (I have made a preview about what is going to be depicted in that episode, though).

    This episode is primarily based on the GTA SA mission "Cop Wheels", mixed with references to other similar missions, such as GTA IV's "Easy As Can Be" and …

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  • TransportFan2014

    Just a preview of my final episode of the Multi-Universe Stories. Only events within the vicinity of AsphaltLand would be depicted in this preview. Scripts won't be revealed, though. Depicted scenes here are NOT listed in the same sequence as in the actual episode itself.

    Scene 1: All of us loading our weapons

    Scene 2: Fending off goons who are camping on a bridge to clear our way

    Scene 3: Jumping off a bridge into the waterr to evade the goons

    Scene 4: Opening an air drop crate, which reveals an M395B DMR similar to the one Fred-104 uses.

    Scene 5: Luring Vivendi goons into a narrow alley of unstable buildings, with the buildings falling onto the goons

    Scene 6: Leaving the castle with the Chrysler 300C that was used as the getaway car

    Scene 7: Na…

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