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Box info Daily Kit Box

Box info showing the drop rates of a Daily Kit Box as of May 11, 2019. See box page for current drop rates.

The box info (unofficial term) is a gameplay element first introduced in Asphalt 8: Airborne with the Fall Out Boy Update. It shows the drop rates of a Pro Kit Box when a player taps on its info icon (A8BoxInfo or A8BoxInfoYellow).

As the screen only shows percentages without further information on their meaning, the box info often leads to misunderstandings among players.

  • The displayed drop rates are the average ratio of a card type (usually its rarity) to the total number of cards in the box in the long run, when a large number of boxes is opened. Formally speaking, they are expected values of average relative frequencies.
  • Drop rates are not the same as probabilities, except when the box content is completely random (i. e. when the box has no official or hidden guarantees[1]).
  • Drop rates do not guarantee the same percentages for every single opened box. Exceptions are, to a certain extent, Championship, R&D and EDD boxes.[2]

Asphalt 8: Airborne[]

Standard boxes[]

The info of most boxes has a blue icon (A8BoxInfo) and divides the box content by rarity: common, rare and legendary.

Guarantees like "At least 1 will be Rare!" or "one V8 Engine card guaranteed" are already included in the values.

Festival and World Tour boxes[]

Festival Bundles and World Tour Supplies have a yellow info icon (A8BoxInfoYellow), and their content is divided into Blueprint Boxes, Pro Kit Boxes, Tokens and Credits.

Bundles and Supplies cannot be stored in the pending boxes list of a player's inventory. Instead, their content comes as "box in the box". This can be counterintuitive.[3]

Asphalt Nitro[]

Box info Expert Kit Box an

Box info showing the drop rates of an Expert Kit Box as of December 7, 2019.

Introduced in the 2019 Winter Update, box infos in Asphalt Nitro can be displayed by tapping on the Box info icon next to boxes on the "Get Boxes" tab or in the shop on the "Boxes" tab.

Unlike in Asphalt 8,

  • tapping on the box instead of the Box info icon will not display the box info but buy the box without further notice.
  • infos for unopened boxes in the inventory cannot be displayed. Tapping on a box will open it immediately.

Asphalt Xtreme[]

The box info in Asphalt Xtreme has a purple icon (Box info) that is displayed next to the box name when a player taps on a basic box in the shop. Instead of displaying the drop rates for the chosen box, it leads to overview tables of drop chances, a term with a different meaning than drop rate, introduced and used exclusively in Asphalt Xtreme.

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