This article is about purchasable item combinations. For the Asphalt 8 Festival Bundles, see Discontinued Pro Kit Boxes

A bundle is a combination of virtual in-game items that can be bought mostly for real money, sometimes for in-game currencies. These can be vehicles, Pro Kit Boxes, boosters, in-game currencies or other items.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

In Asphalt 8: Airborne, Bundles were introduced with the 2020 Lunar New Year Update and slightly modified with the 2020 Spring Update. They are offered in the "Bundles" section of the shop. Prices in € and US$ are the same. Purchases also grant VIP 1-5 full a8 VIP Points that count to a player's VIP level.

Basically, all Daily Bundles are variations of the Free daily bundle a8 Free Daily Bundle and contain multiples of its Pro Kit Boxes, plus multiples of A8 tokens full 100 and boosters. The prices of the other bundles are linked to the price of a Token Pack with the corresponding number of Tokens, so that players basically buy the Tokens for the standard price and get the boxes and boosters "for free".

The Booster Bunde and the Weekly vip bundle 11 a8 Weekly VIP Bundle were added later in the 2020 Spring Update. Both are available 7 days after being bought or claimed.


Bundle Content Price VIP 1-5 full a8 VIP Points
Booster bundle a8
Booster Bundle
7-Day Tuning Kit, 7-Day Nitro Starter, 7-Day Extra Tank 5.49  VIP 1-5 full a8 500
Champion daily bundle a8
Champion Daily Bundle
300 Tokens, 3x Engine Box 1, 3x Parts Box 5, 3x Tech Box 1, 3x Random Box 3, 3x 1-Hour Double Credits, 2x 30-Min Extra Tank, 2x 30-Min Tuning Kit, 2x 30-Min Nitro Starter 2.99  VIP 1-5 full a8 300
Master daily bundle a8
Master Daily Bundle
200 Tokens, 2x Engine Box 1, 2x Parts Box 5, 2x Tech Box 1, 2x Random Box 3, 30-Min Extra Tank, 15-Min Tuning Kit, 30-Min Nitro Starter 1.99  VIP 1-5 full a8 200
Beginner daily bundle a8
Beginner Daily Bundle
100 Tokens, Engine Box 1, Parts Box 5, Tech Box 1, Random Box 3, 15-Min Tuning Kit 0.99  VIP 1-5 full a8 100
Free daily bundle a8
Free Daily Bundle
Engine Box 1, Parts Box 5, Tech Box 1, Random Box 3 Free -
Weekly vip bundle 11 a8
Weekly VIP Bundle
60,000 Credits, 36,000 Fusion Coins, 3x Random Box 5, 1-Hour Nitro Starter, 3-Hour Double Credits Free,
VIP only: VIP 1-5 full a81+


As the bundle prices follow those of Token Packs, they show the same "irregularities" with different prices depending on players' career progress (Stars small a8 Stars) and probably also from their VIP 1-5 full a8VIP Level. Below are a few examples from different countries as of February 29, 2020.

Stars VIP Level Beginner Master Champion
AUD (Australian Dollar)
Stars small a8 1,485 VIP 6-14 full a814 $1.49 $2.99 $4.49
CAD (Canadian Dollar)
Stars small a8 145 VIP 0 full a80 $1.29 $2.49 $3.89
Stars small a8 1,256 VIP 6-14 full a87 $1.39 $2.79 $3.99
Stars small a8 2,161 VIP 6-14 full a88 $1.39 $2.79 $3.99
Stars small a8 2,554 VIP 6-14 full a812 $1.39 $2.79 $3.99
EUR (Euro)
Stars small a8 1,621 VIP 0 full a80 1.09 € 2.29 € 3.49 €
Stars small a8 1,737 VIP 6-14 full a811 0.99 € 1.99 € 2.99 €
HKD (Hong Kong Dollar)
Stars small a8 976 VIP 1-5 full a85 $8.00 $15.00 $23.00
PLN (Polish Złoty)
Stars small a8 890 VIP 1-5 full a85 4.99 zł 8.99 zł 13.99 zł
TRY (Turkish Lira)
Stars small a8 2,110 VIP 1-5 full a83 ₺ 2.75 ₺ 5.75 ₺ 8.50

Asphalt 9: Legends

Main article: Special Offers

Asphalt Nitro

Bundles in Asphalt Nitro are offered on the "Special Packs" tab of the shop and are named "Packs" or "Bundles". Prices in € and US$ are the same. Purchases also grant VIP coins small an VIP Coins that count to a player's VIP level.


  • The Mercedes-Benz Silver Lightning which can be bought with the S-Class Car Pack is also granted for free on day 90 of Daily Reward.
  • The Luxury Pack is the only way to obtain the McLaren F1 which comes equipped with automatically activated An icon absolute armor Absolute Armor.
  • Although the Online Bundles have Kit Box icons like the Engine Box an Ultra Engine Box, they do not contain cards.
  • Buying the Online Bundles grants more currencies than buying them separately on the Tokens or Credits tab.
Bundle Content Price VIP coins small an VIP Coins
Luxury pack an
Luxury Pack
109.99  VIP coins small an 1,500
Multi-pass unlock an
Multi-pass Unlock
  • Unlock all seasons at once
    (regular rewards for unlocking every season will be kept)
6.99  VIP coins small an 90
A-class car pack an
A-Class Car Pack
9.99  VIP coins small an 135
S-class car pack an
S-Class Car Pack
13.99  VIP coins small an 195
Online bundle an
Online Bundle
  • Credits small an 30,000
  • An tokens small 350
4.49  VIP coins small an 60
Online bundle an
Online Bundle
  • Credits small an 65,000
  • An tokens small 485
6.99  VIP coins small an 90
Online bundle an
Online Bundle
  • Credits small an 180,000
  • An tokens small 225
10.99  VIP coins small an 150
Online bundle an
Online Bundle
16.99  VIP coins small an 225
Online bundle an
Online Bundle
29.99  VIP coins small an 405
Online bundle an
Online Bundle
36.99  VIP coins small an 495

Asphalt Xtreme

In Asphalt Xtreme, the Bundles tab is part of the shop. There are three Bundles; prices in € and US$ are the same.

Bundle Content Price
Gold bundle ax
Gold Bundle
  • 35x Class-S Tool
  • 5x Gold Box
Silver bundle ax
Silver Bundle
  • 20x Class-A Tool
  • 15x Class-B Tool
  • 3x Silver Box
Bronze bundle ax
Bronze Bundle
  • 35x Class-C Tool
  • 25x Class-D Tool
  • 5x Bronze Box
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