Cape Town is the capital of South Africa. Colloquially named the Mother City, it is the primate city of the Western Cape province. It forms part of the City of Cape Town metropolitan municipality.


Asphalt 6: Adrenaline

Ah! Cape Town! Haven for comedians fleeing success, the loudest kazoos ever made, and a mountain so steep your engine will sound like the roar of a crowd at a soccer game. So look for shortcuts to speed things up.
The track starts with a long corner followed by two tight corners. A straightaway makes up the second section with a middle portion being two medium corners. The third section starts with a medium corner before splitting into the main path and shortcut. Both shortcuts offer a straight route with either cash pickups, nitro bottles or a speed boost. The shortcut for the third section has fixed obstacles in the form of underground pipes, dumpsters and concrete barriers.


  • Vehicles with excellent handling, drifting or top speed are recommended.


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