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Car-specific packs are a type of Card Pack in Asphalt 9: Legends.


These items contain the same drop rates, and are usually released coincidental to a car-related event such as a Car Hunt or an Unleashed event.

For the Bugatti Chiron and Lamborghini Veneno Special Events, car-specific packs were also available, as well on all Grand Prix events. Starting from Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 (special event car) and Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 (Season Pass car), special conditions were added before a Special Event or Season Pass car could be purchased (completing a set number of Special Event conditions - 165 in case of the Sián - and owning the car, respectively); the Special Event condition requirement continued from the BXR Bailey Blade GT1's special event, with a minimum of 175 conditions completed before the pack is unlocked; different events have different condition requirement before the packs can be purchased.

Drop rates

Featured Item Blueprints
Featured Item 10 % Uncommon Blueprints Uncommon 30 %
Rare Blueprints Rare 50 %
Epic Blueprints Epic 10 %


  • x15 Blueprints for featured car(s)
  • x3 Blueprints for the featured car(s)
  • Epic Blueprints come in amounts of 3 and 1.
  • Rare Blueprints come in amounts of 4 and 2.
  • Common Blueprints come in amounts of 6 and 3.