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The Car Blueprints Update (v3.0.0) is the twentieth update of Asphalt 8: Airborne. It was launched in late March 2017. Added in this update is the Blueprints feature which then soft-launched spinoff game Asphalt Street Storm Racing earlier explored.


CBP Update Banner.png

A high-octane spring is coming with Asphalt 8's brand-new update! Coming soon!

Collect car Blueprints to build exclusive cars using the new Car Assembly feature.

Have you experienced the fastest McLaren ever? Find out if you have what it takes to master its raw power in the new McLaren Championship, coming soon!

Visit the Exclusive Deals section to discover special offers and items you can't find anywhere else. The deals change regularly, so you're sure to find what you're looking for if you check often.

Check in regularly to catch 5 new rides arriving throughout the coming weeks, including the Ferrari GTC4Lusso, SIN R1 and more! And don't miss the 2 new EDDs and 1 new R&D event you can master to win some of these speed machines.

New Cars

All of these cars are purchasable with tokens only, except for the Ferrari GTC4Lusso (from January 19, 2018 onwards)

The new cars will need the following engine cards:

  • V6 Engine
    • Lotus Evora Sport 410 (x16)
  • V8 Engine
    • Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport (x16)
    • SIN R1 (x20)
  • Hybrid Engine
    • Sbarro Sparta (x8)
  • V12 Engine
    • Ferrari GTC4Lusso (x8)
  • Custom Racing Engine
    • McLaren MP4-31 (x52)

Game Changes

Car purchase new camera angle.png
3.0.0 Pro Boxes.png
  • Added Blueprints, which forms the basis of the Car Assembly feature.
  • Added Exclusive Deals.
  • New Collection "Top Tier" added.
  • Car Mastery no longer has its own icon in the main menu; instead, it is placed in the "More Racing Options" menu.
    • Accessing Mastery through the garage now redirects back to the main Mastery menu.
    • A new sound effect now plays when a Mastery Challenge is unlocked. This sound effect was part of the Car Mastery Update but later became unused until this update.
  • Additional Car Mastery rewards of Pro Kit storage.
  • Elite Cars now have a turquoise "ELITE" icon to the right of the MAX and PRO icons.
  • "Open All" option for Pro Boxes. Should the player run out of storage slots, the player will be asked to open only a few of the boxes or pay tokens to increase their storage in order to open all of the boxes.
  • A green Pro Box icon now appears on the Tuning tab for all cars that do not have any upgrades available, as well as cars that the player doesn't own.
  • The advertisement for free Tokens, Double Credits, Boosters, etc. now says "Play Ad!" instead of "Watch" or "Watch Video".
  • Any box that the player obtains is now automatically opened if the player has free storage left, depending on how many cards the box has.
    • This is only for boxes obtained in Championship, Research & Development, and Enduro Double Down events, as well as purchasable boxes and boxes from the Asterion video offer.
  • Patagonia has been altered:
    • New post-race camera work
    • Recolored ramps
  • Patagonia was added to Exclusive Metal Events.
  • The Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG Special Edition now has faster acceleration when compared to its acceleration during its debut.
  • The Lamborghini Aventador SV's wheels have been changed to its exclusive design. Its banner has also been updated to accommodate the change.
  • The McLaren MP4/8 is now placed between the Chevrolet SS and BXR Bailey Blade GT1.
  • The McLaren Mercedes MP4-25 has become more stable than in previous updates.
  • Graphics have been optimized.
  • The Chevrolet Corvette C3 was no longer purchasable due to its extremely low popularity, making it the first car to become completely unobtainable outside of hacking.
    • This resulted in Licenses 44, Credits 150,605, and Tokens 200 in terms of Car Mastery Rewards becoming completely unobtainable due to the C3 being removed from sale.
    • However, as of July 3, 2017, in the Porsche Update, the Corvette C3 is now available for purchase once again.
    • However, the RUFs, the 9FF GT9 VMAX,  and the Rinspeed zaZen in the Porsche Update, were the first cars to become permanently unpurchasable, as the Corvette C3 was only temporarily made unpurchasable.
  • Certain in-track billboards were changed.
  • The Donkervoort D8 GTO now sounds like a regular car: its constant redlining has been removed.
  • The "Corrado VR6" engine note has been slightly amplified.
  • In Enduro Double Down, the goal for Ace Races has been changed to say “Beat the Ace Racer!” instead of “Beat the ghost's time!”.
  • The game no longer immediately informs the player about required storage in order to open a box when selecting it, instead informing them when they actually try to open the box. This is only if the box adds more cards than the player's current total storage can hold.
  • Trophy Events now show the player's leaderboard rating above the trophy requirements.
  • When buying or obtaining a car, the camera angles used are now the same as those when a decal is purchased.
  • Iceland's unique post-race camera angles are now mixed with the normal post-race camera angles for most of the tracks added during the game's release.
  • A new engine sound, "Yamaha Superbike 1000cc" (1000cc_yamaha_superbike), has also been added. It is used by Yamaha YZF-R6 and Yamaha FZ-10, both of them being added in Fall Out Boy Update.
  • Support for Google+ integration on Android was changed following the new Google Play Games format.
    • Facebook and Xbox Live integration (the latter for Windows only) remain the same.
  • The Arash AF10's Research & Development event was revived after the Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport's EDD event.
    • The AF10's R&D event now correctly awards an R&D Professional Kit Box at Test .056. instead of a McLaren Mercedes MP4-25 Championship Pro Box.
  • The compensation reward for owning the McLaren 570S upon reaching VIP Level 12 is now Credits 299,997.
  • Attempting to view the leaderboard for an Event that has finished is no longer possible and the "Event Expired" pop-up box will be shown.
  • Many cars have had their prices raised by up to 50%:
  • At the end of each race, when collecting the earned Credits, an offer to earn Tokens 2 promoted by Simple Mobile sometimes appears. This is even more frequent in races where the player earns at least Credits 11,000 (especially Credits 100,000).
    • This is exclusive to players in the U.S.


  1. McLaren MP4-31 Championship March 29, 2017
  2. Sbarro Sparta EDD April 12, 2017
  3. Earth Multiplayer Season April 13, 2017
  4. Lotus Evora Sport 410 R&D April 25, 2017
  5. Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport EDD May 8, 2017
  6. Garden Multiplayer Season May 11, 2017
  7. Arash AF10 R&D May 19, 2017

Bugs / Glitches

  • Missing Tracks in Quick Solo Race: Area 51, Rio de Janeiro, and Patagonia are still unplayable in Quick Solo Race.
  • Missing Elite Car Status: Certain Elite Cars may lose their Elite Car status due to a bug in the update.
  • Incorrectly Rendered Lights: The headlight and taillight units for all cars are now casted as a shadow overlaying the actual lights. This is only visible on dim or nighttime conditions. For instance, the McLaren P1™ GTR's headlight lamps show up as a silhouette overlaying the actual headlight illuminations. This bug was fixed in the Porsche Update.
  • Misplaced AI: At Crystal Lake, if the race has at least 24 racers, the first-place AI racer starts much earlier than normal, meaning that even if the player has a much faster car, in order to win first, they cannot make any mistakes.
  • Missing/Misplaced Metal Effects: The aerial Metal graphic effects that show when a car is in mid-air are either gone altogether or placed too far behind the car.
    • A solution to this is to update the device to a newer firmware.
    • This bug was fixed in the Porsche Update.
  • Unloadable Ghosts (Android): For unknown reasons, probably owing to the change in Google+ support following the new Google Play Games format, ghosts can no longer be loaded on the Android version of the game. Attempting to load up a ghost will bring up the "Failed to load ghost!" message.
  • Quick Solo Race Glitch (Android): If the player lingers in the Quick Solo Race screen for too long, the game may make the "Select" option unselectable, even if the player's race mode and race track combination otherwise allow a race to occur. Exiting out of the Quick Solo Race screen and reentering it fixes it.
  • Championship: With a weak connection, tires will still show as being purchasable for 5 tokens even after the timer has run out. Attempting a race will still have the Error 3000x/3100x message.
  • Cheaterboard issues (Windows): Legit players may be sent to the Cheaterboard without cheating or hacking. One possible trigger is to use Elite cars in any mapping different from the default one. Some players reported that using the Ferrari GTC4Lusso puts them on cheaterboard. The real reasons are still unknown but every affected player can be removed from the cheaterboard by contacting Customer Care or posting their game ID in the Gameloft forums.
  • Cars Switching Places: For some reason, the Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG Special Edition and SIN R1 switch places with each other when selecting them in the Garage. This does not affect the cars in any way other than placement. This bug was fixed in the Motorcycles Update.
  • Expensive Exclusive Deals Cost: The cost for 1 V6 engine card in Exclusive Deals is shown as Tokens 1,565 while 2 only cost Tokens 380.

The following bugs and glitches have been fixed:

  • The "No Temple Drive" bug where Temple Drive became Buddha's Teachings after the countdown
  • Teleportation glitch at Crystal Lake
  • "Non-stop background noise"
  • Post-race non-stop out of bounds glitch at The River Fort
  • Bugged Engine Sounds
  • No R&D Professional Kit Box in Arash AF10 R&D

Post-Update Screen


  • The feature of building cars with blueprints was first used in Asphalt Streetstorm.
  • The feature of automatically opening boxes when claimed was first used in Asphalt Xtreme.
  • This update once again reuses the Research & Development Update icon for the sixth time featuring the McLaren P1™ GTR.
  • This is the third update to not feature any cars with engine cards that do not match their real-life engines, after the Daily Bonus Update & Fuel Events Update back in January 2014 & June 2014 respectively.
  • This is the first update to only add token cars.
  • This is the final update to add vehicles that have selectable decals of any type.
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