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Car Search Filters are a introduced in the Porsche Update for Asphalt 8: Airborne.


Car Search Filters serve to allow the player to more easily find a car they are looking for, with five filters:

  • None: The default filter that shows all available cars in the Garage.
  • Owned: Shows only cars that the player owns.
  • Sale: Shows only cars that are discounted as special offers. Only shows up if special offers are available.
  • Blueprints: Shows only cars that the player doesn't own but can be assembled with Blueprints.
  • Motorcycles: Shows only motorcycles
  • Brand: Allows the player to select from a list of brands and choose the brand they are looking for. If the only car from a certain brand (e.g. Falcon F7) is not viewable in the Garage, the brand is grayed out.