A card is a random currency in Asphalt Nitro. It can only be obtained from dedicated random containers, the Kit Boxes. The system has been taken over from Pro Kits in Asphalt 8: Airborne, with the name of the cards being shortened to simply Kit as there are not pro upgrades in Asphalt Nitro.

As in Asphalt 8, Kit cards mark the introduction of simulated gambling as the cards are only granted by random processes. Now a player's progress in the game is no longer only dependent on skills and playing frequency (or money to buy resources), but also on pure luck.

Cards, together with Credits small an Credits, are needed to upgrade vehicles.


Cards have two distinctive properties: type and rarity.


There are three card types:

  • Part cards
  • Tool cards
  • Engine cards

A vehicle upgrade requires a certain amount of cards from one, two or all three types, combined with a sum of Credits small an Credits.


Main article: Rarity

Rarity is an arbitrary classification of cards in

  • common,
  • rare, and
  • legendary.

It provides a rough orientation about the probability of getting a card from a Kit Box.


Kit Boxes

Main article: Kit Box

Cards can only be obtained through Kit Boxes. The four permanent Kit Boxes can be bought in the shop:

If a time-limited box is offered, it replaces the Specialist Kit Box in the store during the offer.

Kit Boxes are also rewarded for high leaderboard positions in competitions, mostly for reaching the first place in Time-Limited Events or at least the top 50 in Rivals. Some selected Career races also reward a Kit Box when all five Stars full an Stars are obtained.

Drop rates and probabilities

Main article: Most common boxes (Asphalt Nitro)

Every card as a drop rate which is the expected value of how many of this card players will get in the long run, when a large number of boxes are opened, expressed in percent. If a box has no official or hidden guarantees (for example "at least 1 will be Legendary"), a drop rate is also the probability of getting a card.

Asphalt Nitro does not publish drop rates except for Fuel small an Fuel and boosters, but WikiProject Statistics provides weighted averages of the statistical frequencies for each card which reflect both the probability of getting a card and the fact that some boxes are more frequent than others. Whenever a card's drop rate is mentioned on this page, it is a statistical value, not an official one.

Exchange system

See also: Currencies in Asphalt Nitro § Exchange Points
Exchange system an

The blue bar shows the player's current amount of Exchange Points. The green bar indicates the amount of Exchange Points that would be added if the currently selected cards were exchanged with the Exchange button.

Exchange bar an

Note that the balance bar is not proportional. If it reflected the real amounts of cards needed to obtain a box, it would have to look like this:

Exchange bar correct proportions an

Cards can be exchanged to form new boxes. They have different values and are converted to internal unnamed and undocumented units. The Asphalt 8 equivalent for these units would be the former subsidiary currency Fusion points small a8 Fusion points. Due to the lack of an official name, Asphalt Wiki uses "Exchange Points" for the Asphalt Nitro version. Transactions between Cards and Exchange Points are always lossy.

Although the game does not display numbers, the value of a card can be deduced by measuring the difference on the balance bar of the Exchange screen. The bar has five sections marking the thresholds for each of the five Boxes that can be obtained for Exchange Points. When a card is selected, the bar is extended by a certain amount of pixels (px). Sometimes several cards have to be selected to determine whether the pixel progress is an integer or not.

The following table shows card values in pixels at a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 px. Exchange Points have been defined as the number of pixels multiplied by 2 in order to get integer values.

Card Pixels Exchange
Engine Tool Part
Common Common 3.5 7
Rare Rare 7 14
i4, V6, V8 9 18
Hybrid, F6 11.5 23
V12 14 28
Forced-Ind. V8 Legendary 17.5 35
V10 20.5 41

When players have accumulated enough Exchange Points, they can exchange them for Exchange Boxes. The amounts of required common Part cards and the prices in Exchange Points for each box are listed below:

Box Common Part
cards needed
per box
Exchange Points
per box
Exchange Points
per card
D-Class Box an D-Class Box (8 cards) 28 196 24.5
C-Class Box an C-Class Box (8 cards) 32 224 28
B-Class Box an B-Class Box (8 cards) 36 252 31.5
A-Class Box an A-Class Box (8 cards) 60 420 52.5
S-Class Box an S-Class Box (8 cards) 79 553 69.13

Tip: Holding the finger or mouse button on a selected card will select all cards of this type instead of having to tap separately for every card.


Asphalt Nitro does not display card names like Asphalt 8. Cards are only mentioned as Part cards, Tool cards and Engine cards. The description of some time-limited Kit Boxes also mentions Engine names which are the same as in Asphalt 8. Therefore Asphalt Wiki uses the following conventions:

  • Part cards are named after the upgrade section they are used for (acceleration, top speed, handling and nitro).
  • Tool cards are named after their rarity (common, rare, legendary).
  • Engine cards have the same names as in Asphalt 8.

Drop rates in this section are weighted averages of current relative frequencies based on 1,545 cards from the 10 most common boxes since the last changes.


Common tool card an Common Tool
Drop rate: 23.88 %
Rare tool card an Rare Tool
Drop rate: 10.03 %
Legendary tool card an Legendary Tool
Drop rate: 2.78 %


Acceleration part card d an
Acceleration - D
Top speed part card d an
Top speed - D
Handling part card d an
Handling - D
Nitro part card d an
Nitro - D
Drop rates
Class D: 15.41 %, ≈3.85 % each
Class C: 12.68 %, ≈3.17 % each
Class B: 14.69 %, ≈3.67 % each
Class A: 7.38 %, ≈1.85 % each
Class S: 5.5 %, ≈1.38 % each



Required by
Electric engine card an Electric Engine 0.39 % Mercedes-Benz Silver Lightning (x20)
Renault DeZir (x4)
F6 engine card an F6 Engine 0.97 % BMW M3 Sedan (x12)
RUF CTR 3 (x?)
W Motors Lykan HyperSport (x?)
Forced-induction v8 card an Forced-Induction V8 0.39 % Koenigsegg One:1 (x?)
Hybrid engine card an Hybrid Engine 0.64 % McLaren P1™ (x16)
I4 engine card an i4 Engine 1.04 % Lotus Exige S Coupe (x8)
Mini Cooper S Roadster (x4)
Renault CLIO R.S. 200 EDC (x8)
V6 engine card an V6 Engine 1.36 % Geely GC9 (x16)
Nissan 370Z (x12)
Nissan GT-R (R35) (x16)
V8 engine card an V8 Engine 1.17 % Ferrari 308 GTS (x?)
Pagani Zonda R (x?)
V10 engine card an V10 Engine 0.65 % Lamborghini Sesto Elemento (x12)
V12 engine card an V12 Engine 0.84 % Ferrari F12berlinetta (x12)
Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 (x?)
Lamborghini Veneno (x12)
Pagani Huayra (x16)
W16 engine card an W16 Engine 0.19 %

See also


  • Kit Box – main article with an overview of all boxes available in Asphalt Nitro


  • Most common boxes – table sortable by card, with realistic drop rates of cards regardless of their rarity, based on the most common boxes
  • Average card frequencies – tables sortable by box, indicating which box grants most of a specific card
  • WikiProject Statistics – a project investigating random processes in the Asphalt games
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