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Bust all of the racers before the timer runs out!
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Gameplay of Catch mode in Asphalt Nitro. Here, a McLaren P1™ knocks down a suspect Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA in Nevada.

Catch is a race mode in Asphalt Nitro.


Similar to the Beat'em All mode from Asphalt 6: Adrenaline and the Hot Pursuit mode from the Need for Speed games, Catch involves the player in a special version of their car colored matte black and outfitted with lightbars against a suspect (or a group of suspects). In the case of the Pagani Zonda R and Pagani Huayra, a panda-esque black-and-white paintjob is used. The W Motors Lykan HyperSport uses a similar paintjob to the Abu Dhabi police one.

The player starts at a different position on the track than normal and has to bust the racers by damaging their vehicles in various ways until their health bars are at 0%:

  • Knockdowns
  • Simply touching them
  • Firing an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) blast onto a racer

Given the AI's lack of intelligence when it comes to avoiding walls, racers can also commit suicide by just touching the walls and wrecking themselves, thus reducing the amount of work for the player.

The EMP does a huge amount of damage and stuns the target by knocking them down. The player is given only a few EMP blasts at the start (up to 5) before running out, and they cannot be replenished, whether or not they are used successfully. EMPs are considered failed if either the racer is out of range or the player's car wrecks.

Racers leave behind shock mines as their only line of defense against the player. Driving over a shock mine left behind by a racer not only temporarily slows the player's vehicle down greatly and causes it to do a grounded pseudo-Flat Spin, but also disables nitro and EMP usage, thus canceling any EMPs the player may have been trying to use at the time. Even then, the player's car has unlimited health. Knocking down a racer also cancels any EMP in use if the canceled EMP targeted that racer. Any canceled EMPs are still usable.

The player is on a time limit and must bust all of the racers before the timer runs out.

Winning + Stars[]

Catch events grant 3 stars only when the player has eliminated all the suspect racers in the allotted time frame.


Winning a Catch event for the first time unlocks the Good Cop achievement.


The concept of EMPs and Shock Mines later reappeared as "Pulsewave" and "Disruptor" in the Showdown mode of Asphalt 8: Airborne, with the difference that the Showdown equivalents wreck opponents instead of slowing them down.

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